Road Trip / Back to Blogging

Today marks the morning after getting home from my epic U.S road trip. For the past two weeks I have been taking my new car around the U.S on a longer road trip. This road trip meant a lot to me because I made new memories and saw a new part of the U.S. Chattanooga, TN was one of my favorite cities I visited and I highly recommend traveling there this summer. The idea to take this road trip came to me because I wanted to go somewhere as a reward to graduating from college. I could have gone overseas, but my philosophy is there is so much to see in the country I was born in.

I’m happy to announce my return to blogging with some book reviews, comic reviews even some gaming themed articles hopefully. I also have a new goal with my blog to write when I want so blogging become a chore. I wanted to leave a couple pictures of my trip, but if you’re looking for more definitely follow my Instagram account: @bizarrebrunette0117.

ChattanoogaKauffman Memorial GardensKauffman Memorial GardnesSuperman StatueWolf Ridge Winery

Selling “Sally”; Embracing the One

My gaming has consisted of solving a murder in Murdered Soul Suspect and attempting to stop Ganondorf in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Sadly as I have gotten older, it’s much more difficult to play video games. I try my best to cram in 30 minutes for gaming on my 3DS, but working longer hours to pay bills gets in the way. Besides bills, moving home has made me busy along with organizing the boyfriend’s belongings. He moved home with me because he accepted a job in the Minneapolis area. The boyfriend is a huge gamer so he has his own Xbox 360 and Xbox One which means I didn’t need my thick white Xbox 360 *nicknamed Sally* from 2008. I had two options: I could keep my 360 because it does hold a lot of great gaming memories or I could sell it. I hate clutter, so I made the choice of selling my Xbox 360 to game stop.

Sally provided endless entertainment including online battles in Halo 3, exploring Rapture in Bioshock and fight the joker in Batman Arkham Asylum. I don’t regret selling my 360 because I genuinely didn’t need it anymore. I will never forget the excitement I had Christmas 2007 when I unwrapped the Xbox 360. I wanted this console so bad and my mom made comments about how expensive it was. Sure enough, it was the last present I opened. Thanks Sally for all the memories, but I am ready to accept the Xbox One.

Game Stop totaled the worth of my Xbox and I had $69 dollars store credit to spend. Check out my game stop haul:

Zelda Poster

Breath of Wild Poster

This poster is breathtaking! I actually got this for free because the Gamestop employee found it in the back and gave it to me. I plan on buying a frame for it and hanging it in my future apartment.

Code Name: S.T.E.A.M

Code Name Project Steam

This game features the voice work of Wil Wheaton and the art is inspired by comics what more could you want from a video game?



I don’t know how great this game will be, but it looks like Wolverine and Psylocke may appear at some point so I’m looking forward to that.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Lego Marvel Superheroes

Lego games are underrated and usually keep me busy for a good chunk of time.

Life is Strange

Life is Strange

My friend played this game on Steam and loved it. This means a lot since my friend typically isn’t a gamer, but her boyfriend let her play it. After Murdered Soul Suspect, this is the next game that’s going in the Xbox One.

Sonic Boom Fire & Ice

Sonic Boom Fire and Ice

The last game I purchased is this Sonic game. I remember being a young kid watching my brother play a Sonic the Hedgehog PC game. I thought he was the coolest creature and I have a soft spot for any Sonic game.

De-cluttering can be stressful, but I have no regrets in selling my Xbox. I just need to get better at managing adult time with gaming.




MSP Comic Con 2017


The 2017 convention season has begun since last weekend I attended my first con of the season on May 21st at the St. Paul Grandstand. MSP ComiCon is run by volunteers which is pretty impressive. I always sit with the Twin Cities Geek table so I am considered an exhibitor at the convention. I have never paid to get into this con and I get free lunch that’s cooked by the volunteers for this con. This con is one of my favorites and I always meet new creators each time I attend. I made sure to bring cash with me and I wanted to show off the comics and books I purchased.

Kim & Kim #1 by Black Mask Studios


Kim & Kim details the rebellious story of two young women who hijack some bounties and are in deep shit. This comic emphasizes powerful female relationships, creates trans/queer representation and it’s all taking place in this punk rock, sci fi adventure. I am always on the look out for representation in comics and independent comic labels do a great job at providing different characters.

Crawfish by Rachel Topka


To be honest, I’m not sure if I will like this. Apparently it’s about a man who wakes up as a craw fish? I picked it up because it seemed weird, but it might be too weird for me.

Lake Lurkers by M.P. Johnson


Lake Lurkers is a scary tale about creatures living in Lake Harriet which is located in Minneapolis. I love the Cthulhu mythos so anything about undersea creatures is a 100% must buy for me. I can’t wait to read this, plus the author drew me a skull in my book!

Chapel by Anthony Hary

MSP 10

MSP 11

I don’t know that much about Chapel except that the main character is a former assassin. The way Anthony Hary talked to me about his comic intrigued me into purchasing it. When I purchased this comic I also got a free print. I don’t watch Archer, but I still think this print is awesome.

Big in Japan by Timothy Price

MSP 9.jpg

What would happen if a rock star/band traveled to Japan to fight a Godzilla like creature? Once I read this book, I’ll let you know how it turns out. My first impression of this book is imagining Led Zeppelin battling with the Kaiju from Pacific Rim. This seems like a cool premise for a book so I purchased it.

Outside by Kristin Tipping

MSP 12.jpg

This adorable and beautifully drawn book is made by Kristin Tipping who also illustrates a comic on tapastic called Evil Witch Allie. Evil Witch Allie is a great web comic to keep up on, so I added the link to this post. Anyway, this book is about a cat named Smudge awkwardly finding his way in the world. Can I just say that I want to name my future cat Smudge now because the name is cute.

Midwinter by Kayla Swain

MSP 13.jpg

I know we aren’t supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but I definitely did when purchasing this book. I was walking by her table and the cover caught my eye. I’m not exactly sure what it’s about because I bought this on a whim, but it seems like it would be a fun read.

RoboCatz vs. Thunder Dogs by Justin Cermak

MSP 14.jpg

Robot dogs are destroying robot cats and vice versa in this epic comic. I am rooting for the robot cats of course.

H.E.N.C.H (Helping Evil Nefarious Criminals Hire) by James Person & Chad Freund

MSP 15.jpg

Super villains usually always lose against the heroes, so how about trying to hire villains for other job positions. I’m doing a terrible job explaining this comic because it’s more interesting than how I’m describing it out to be. I am linking the H.E.N.C.H Facebook page so you can learn more yourself.

That is everything I purchased from MSP ComiCon this year. I am actually slightly overwhelmed at all the comics I have yet to read, but at least I can say I helped support MN artists.

Lying Cat + Soviet Superman; Comics I Read Recently

My comic to be read pile is ginormous! Last weekend I went to a convention where I bought numerous comics and graphic novels and today I went shopping and picked up DC’s Rebirth: Red Hood & the Outlaws Vol. 1 because I’m considering a female Red Hood cosplay in the future. In recent days I have finished a couple of series and I wanted to share one gigantic post with all the comics I read because I’m too lazy to write reviews on each series.

Also I won’t be going over the synopsis of each series or comic I write about. These are just my first reactions. If you head over to my goodreads page, it shows what I read and that’s where you can read about each of these series in detail. Otherwise google is a good source as well 🙂

Saga Volume #1: Saga was the comic book series that everyone couldn’t stop talking about. I felt like I was out of the loop so I purchased the first volume and overall it was decent. Lying cat is a majestic pet and I want one of my own because wouldn’t that make life easier? Having a creature by your side that detects dishonesty. . .  I think so. The relationship of the two main characters is told extremely well along and I like how each separate story line intertwines all the characters together. I will practically buy anything Image Comics puts out including this, too bad I was late to the party. (4 stars on goodreads).

Nailbiter Volume #2:  Nailbiter Volume #1 was my favorite series I read last year so I had extremely high hopes. Sadly, I felt a little let down. I felt like I read the trade paperback and nothing really happened. It seemed a lot of the stories were more filler information about the town than anything else. However, the ending did leave me wanting to keep reading on to the third volume so I’m hoping this is just a slump in the series. (3 stars on goodreads).

Superman Red Son: This graphic novel presents an interesting dilemma; what if Superman crash landed in Russia versus the United States? Obviously Superman would still fight for his country and his people, but now it’s on the side of communism versus capitalism. I liked how each of the DC characters were brought into the story including Batman as an anarchist to Superman’s reign. This was an interesting read, but not my favorite title I read this year, but if you’re a DC fan particularly of Superman, this is for you. My boyfriend loves Superman and probably enjoyed this more than I did. (3 stars on goodreads).

Moon Girl 2Moon Girl

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur Volume #1. Three quick words to sum up Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur would be: adorable, heartwarming and charming. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur establish this strong relationship right off the bat and seeing Devil Dinosaur’s facial expressions makes me laugh and feel sorry for him at times.. I promise nothing happens to the dinosaur, but you shall see when you buy this because you need to purchase this ASAP. Moon Girl is also a great comic to introduce to younger girls so I seriously want to save this for my future daughter I may/may not have. (5 stars on goodreads, go buy this right now.)

Finally. . . last, but not least.

Snotgirl #1: I was unsure of this series so I only purchased the first comic. This comic like Saga, had really good reviews so when I was browsing my comic book store on Free Comic Book Day, I bought it for a dollar so I could try the series out. I thought it was okay, but it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. I eventually will read the first trade paperback, but not for a while.

Phew, now I don’t have to write 6-7 separate posts since I crammed this into one. Let me know in the comments what comics you have been obsessing over lately and if you don’t follow me on goodreads, you should >>>> Bizarre Brunette’s Bookshelves!


April & May Thrift Haul

College has taught me to be frugal with the way I handle money. Thrift shopping at either good will or at TJ Maxx has taught me how to have great style on a budget. Thrift stores offer the cutest clothes for super cheap and each piece is usually in great condition. Plus if you’re looking for a new dress for that one occasion and you only wear it once; you feel less guilty spending $10 versus $60-$80. In these past two months I went thrifting twice so I wanted to share my awesome/geeky finds with you because I scored a great deal.


Star Wars Rogue One T Shirt.jpg

Star Wars Rogue One T-Shirt

For $3 I was the owner of this detailed Rogue One t-shirt. If you follow me on Instagram, I wore this shirt to my graduation rehearsal on May the 4th. This shirt is super soft and comfy and looks great paired with leggings or with a pair of my skinny jeans. I was in need of a new Star Wars shirt so when I found this at goodwill, I knew I had to purchase it.

Graduation Dress 4

Graduation Dress May 5th 2017

Graduation Dress 2

This was the dress that I wore for graduation. It was only $10 dollars and it has pockets on either side so I could fit my phone in the pocket. It made it easier to meet up with family & friends after the ceremony. This dress came from the Loft which I know sells higher priced clothing. I am so glad to have this dress hanging in my closet.

Maxi Dress.jpg

May 5th Graduation Day 133.JPG

This little maxi dress cost $15 and it was worth the price. It’s super soft and fits my body well. This was my dress I wore for Free Comic Book day and for bumming around La Crosse with my family the day after graduation. The tribal print is different from what I typically wear because I wear black all the time, but I’m forcing myself to adapt to having color in my closet.



Remote Controlled BB8

BB8 Selfie

So I actually didn’t purchase this because my friend was getting rid of the BB8 Remote Controlled toy. If I didn’t immediately grab this out of her hands I would have had to go to the thrift store and buy this so it sort of counts… right? I have found a purpose for this toy as I plan to use it to rile up the cat when I’m at home.


How to Train Your Dragon is such an underrated animated film partly due to Toothless the main dragon. Toothless honestly acts like a cat which is why I love him even more. This was a build-a-bear exclusive and he even has his wings attached on his back. He is so cuddly and I felt that he could guard my bed at night.

Spiderman Cards 2Spiderman Cards 3Spiderman Cards 4Spiderman Cards 5Spiderman Cards

These Spiderman trading cards are from the 30th anniversary of the creation of the character. I don’t know what these cards are worth, but they look older. There’s a whole stack to go through, but it’s cool they included a card about the Avengers, Mary Jane and Peter’s marriage and more. I plan on buying card sleeves for them so they don’t get wrecked or bent out of shape. I am not a huge Spiderman fan, but I want to read each card and find out more about the character’s publishing history.

So BB8, Toothless and Spiderman trading cards.. I would say thrift shopping has been a success. If you haven’t done thrift shopping, I highly encourage you try it. You may find unique clothes for your lifestyle or limited edition toys. I can’t wait to use BB8 to drive my cat crazy.


Guardians of the Galaxy Review

In one weekend I graduated from college, shopped on Free Comic Book Day and saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. #2 twice. Guardians of the Galaxy was that Marvel movie that didn’t give a shit. There’s a talking raccoon, a walking tree and other awesome characters to fall in love with. Vol. #2 was pretty decent, but there was one part of the movie that I absolutely hated.


Guardians of the Galaxy Volume #2.jpg

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. #2 focuses on the theme of family. Is family the people who are related to us by blood or the friends we meet along the way, or both? In the first five minutes of the movie, we see the Guardians defeat a supreme beast and protect precious batteries for the Sovereign nation. After Rocket steals these batteries for his own means; the Guardians attacked by the Sovereign fleet. This is when Star Lord meets his father, Yondu & Rocket connect and Gamora and Nebula form a sisterly bond.

Baby Groot is adorable throughout his entire sequences in this movie. I wish I could have my own Baby Groot sitting on my shoulder, but alas we haven’t discovered talking trees yet.

Gamora and Nebula’s relationship changes in this movie and for me, I like it a lot. It shows that they both had miscommunication in their relationship and they were able to come to terms with their circumstances under Thanos.

Now, there was one part in this movie that I extremely hated with a passion and that’s how the movie treated Mantis. Mantis was a character who was relentlessly teased for her lack of social experience.  Drax is another character who isn’t clear on social interaction, but he isn’t bullied unlike Mantis who is called ugly by Drax all the time. I had a problem with the way Mantis was treated because it wasn’t that she was seen as humorous, but that she was insulted all the time. That’s just how I feel and I was disappointed that Mantis who could have been a great character was demeaned too often in the film. This article goes into excellent detail about Mantis and her origin story too.

That was really my major problem with the movie, but the soundtrack is still bad ass.   Fox on the Run and The Chain are my two new favorite songs and I have the playlist on repeat in my car as I drive to work. I would love to hear your thoughts on Mantis and her portrayal throughout the movie. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. #2 is still a great sequel, but could have been way better.




Forever a WSU Warrior

Hello geek friends and blog followers! As you can probably tell.. my posts have been somewhat irregular. I actually really dislike when I go more than a week without blogging, but life happens. I am thrilled to announce that I officially graduated from college at Winona State University! My B.S. is in Exercise Science with a minor in nutrition and I am currently in the process of relocating with the boyfriend to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I wanted to reflect on my years at school and post plenty of pictures.

Freshman Year; Naive, Insecure and Excited (2012 – 2013)

August 21st 2012Freshman Year 2012September 15th 2012

First of all, I look like a baby in all three of these pictures. The first picture was right before my family left me at school. I remember seeing them leaving and crying my eyes out for a good hour. I was scared and I didn’t know what to expect. Eventually I grouped with my floor mates and I figured everything out.

The one thing I will miss about freshman year is how exciting everything is. I’m in a fresh town to explore, new people to meet and I took a lot of pictures. The last picture was with one of my very first friends I met in college. Unfortunately we don’t keep up anymore, but in this picture I was still incredibly happy that I met her. College just forces you to meet so many new people at once and it’s overwhelming in that way.

Sophomore Year; Lonely, Confused and Insecure (2013 – 2014) 

Astronomy Club August 2013October 2013Spring 2014

The first photo is confusing, but my sophomore year I felt alone. A lot of friends I made freshman year were nonexistent sophomore year. Some say that you find your “tribe” in college, but it wasn’t until junior year of college where I felt happy with my friend group. That’s okay. College is a different experience for everyone and I happened to have my own journey in meeting friends who had my back.

I did join Astronomy Club my sophomore year of college which I really enjoyed along with volunteering at the local humane society. These experiences helped get me through the toughest year of college.

Junior Year; Independent, Delighted and Spectacular (2014 – 2015) 

Juinor Year Party YearJunior Year Party Year

Junior Year Party Year 2

This was my absolute favorite year in college. I found my friend group, I started a new healthy relationship (the boyfriend & I have been together for 3 years in October!!!) and I started my new major. My favorite memories this year include: meeting my boyfriend, “welcome week 2014”, visits to the St. Paul science museum, homecoming parade, hiking in White Water National Park with a friend, Free Comic Book Day, Living in Winona for the summer and so much more. Thanks Junior Year for lifting my spirits.

Senior Year; BROKE (2015 -2016) 

It’s common for most college students to have that one year in school where you struggle to pay for food. That was my senior year. I took trips in the summer of 2015 that left me without much money. I really have nothing else more to say about this year so let’s move on.

Super Senior Year; (2016 – 2017) Bored, Impatient and Proud. 


I was impatient because I was taking a 5th year to complete my degree and bored with the college experience. I just wanted my degree and to move on with the next chapter of my life. I am so proud of earning my degree by myself! It didn’t feel like I was graduating until I walked into the gymnasium filled with loved ones. I waved to my mom as I found my seat and that’s when I had the epiphany of being done with college. I almost started to cry because I am sure in a couple months I will look back on these years and really miss each year. Eventually, I want to write a post about the life lessons I learned from college because I am a changed person in these 5 years compared to my shy 18 year old self.

That’s the basic summary of my college experience. I am so proud and am slightly tearing up writing this post. I am now an alumni and not a student. I am now a confident woman ready to take charge in the work force and change the world.