Coffee Shops and Green Arrow; Comic Haul

Last Monday, I was shopping at Marshall’s with a gift card the boyfriend bought me. I enjoy buying clothes for a bargain plus I needed to mature my wardrobe for my full time job. I randomly popped into my local comic shop after I spent my gift card and bought a couple different comics. One mini goal of mine is to go to my local comic shop once a week or every other week to keep up with a variety of comics. Here is my haul from last Monday:

Moon Struck by Grace Ellis and Shae Beagle


Thanks to dePepi for this comic recommendation! dePepi is a female geek blogger who sometimes writes about comics to add to your pull list. I hadn’t heard of this comic, but it looks like a lovely body positive indie comic. Julie is the barista trying to serve all of those fancy coffee drinks with her centaur best friend Chet. Apparently a magical conspiracy occurs so now Julie needs to manage working as a barista and save her friends.

Green Arrow #1 by Benjamin Percy, Otto Schmidt and Juan Ferreyra

Green Arrow

My sole reason for purchasing this is Benjamin Percy is from Minnesota! Plus I just finished Red Hood & the Outlaws Rebirth #1 which was pretty decent. I must admit that I am loving Rebirth versus DC’s New 52.

Jade Street Protection Services #2 by Katy Rex and Fabian Lelay

Jade Street

I bought the first issue of this comic at Convergence 2016 and when I saw Katy Rex at MCBA Comic Con this past May, she was sold out of the second issue of her comic. In Jade Street Protection Services Kai, Saba, Noemi, Divya, and Emma are rebellious students at Matsdotter Academy, an elite private school for girls with magical abilities. This comic is about following these punk rock sailor scouts attending a school similar to Hogwarts.

KaijuMax by Zander Cannon

Kaiju Max

Kaijumax is a comic that I have been missing out on and I was able to score this first issue for a dollar. Kaijumax is a prison filled with Kaiju monsters and vicious guards. I haven’t read this comic, but I have heard it’s somewhat violent so this comic isn’t for everyone.

I always need new comic recommendations so feel free to comment below with some of the comic series you’re enjoying so far. I plan on taking some much needed time on Tuesday, which is my day off from work, to read and get caught up on all the comics I have bought for this haul.



“You Have Failed This City” Arrow Season #5

My fourth post in “Bizarre Brunette Binges” spotlights another DC superhero TV show. Arrow was the first DC superhero show to air on the CW in 2012 during my freshman year of college. I already briefly explained how I became hooked on Arrow in my Flash Season 3 Review, but I have yet to watch the current seasons of Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. The boyfriend couldn’t stop talking about the Arrow season finale so I made watching Arrow a priority. My all time favorite season of Arrow was season #2 with Deathstroke and so far the most recent seasons of Arrow couldn’t top season #2. However, this season was epic and I’m still shocked about the season finale.

Wild Dog

Photo by Screen Rant 

Season #5 starts with Oliver Queen attempting to assemble a new team after Thea and Diggle quit. Laurel died in the last season and her void means there needs to be another Black Canary. At first I was skeptical of new team members as I was attached to the old team. The new crew includes Curtis the tech genius, Wild Dog the rebel, Evelyn the one obsessed with revenge and Rory the survivor of the nuclear attack Damien Darhk launched. Wild Dog is someone who I originally despised, but after learning his back story and how he connects with Quentin throughout the season, I really think he adds to the Arrow team.

While Oliver is recruiting team members, Star City is being plagued with a series of murders by an archer titled Prometheus. He is specifically targeting Oliver and reminding him of his past. The season revolves around uncovering Prometheus’s identity and reminding Oliver why he became the Green Arrow.

The reason why I rave about season #2 so much is because Slade Wilson was terrifying. Oliver felt his family was constantly unsafe because Slade killed his mother so his sister could have been next. Slade with the mirakiru became a formidable enemy for Oliver to fight and the back story of how Slade evolved into Deathstroke was told brilliantly. I will say Adrian Chase who is Prometheus is as horrifying as Slade Wilson which I wasn’t expecting.

Lian Yu Season 5 Arrow Photo by IGN

Photo by IGN

Let’s talk about that season finale though, how did the Arrow characters make it off the island? Adrian Chase kills himself in the last moments of the season finale triggering the explosion of all the bombs on the island. Except all of Team Arrow and everyone Oliver cares about is still on the island. I don’t believe all of them were killed off, but the boyfriend has a theory where Cisco vived them off the island. I’m certain with the combined intelligence of Curtis and Felicity, they probably came up with some escape plan we don’t know about. Regardless, October cannot come around fast enough.

Arrow is my favorite DC superhero TV show. It has some fantastic seasons and some mediocre seasons, but Green Arrow is getting the TV show he deserves. My ultimate wish is for Green Arrow to appear in the Justice League movie coming out in November, but sadly, Green Arrow is only for our TV screens.




Minnesota Fan Fest!!

My convention schedule only includes Convergence in Bloomington, MN because frankly conventions are expensive. A new affordable convention has popped up in the St. Paul area titled Minnesota Fan Fest and I’m excited to attend this year. Minnesota Fan Fest has a similar convention in Phoenix, AZ which I have never attended. This is the first year that Fan Fest will be in Minnesota and I have high hopes that it will be a fun convention. By the way I have 50% off any day pass coupons that I can give out to anybody interested in attending. Comment on my post if you’re interested! 🙂 

Guest appearances include Zander Cannon, Dave Wheeler, Dan Jurgens and Barbara Shultz plus more that I haven’t mentioned. Zander Cannon created Kaiju Max a comic about monsters in a prison. I personally haven’t read Kaiju Max yet, but I know I’m missing out on a great story. Dave Wheeler has written comics about dinosaurs eating Nazi’s which sounds crazy however, I’m enjoying the comic Totem which is a native American superhero fighting crime. I only have the first issue and I’m anxiously waiting for more. Barbara Shultz is especially talented having written for Dark Horse, DC and Image Comics. The comics guest list alone is worth noting.

Dave Wheeler

Image from Minnesota Fan Fest

Zander Cannon

Image from Minnesota Fan Fest

Jason David Frank will also be attending who you may know as the Green Power Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The Power Rangers was one of the cartoons I would watch on Saturday mornings with my brother and even though I always preferred the pink or yellow rangers, the green one was still just as cool.

Like all conventions, I am prepared to spend some money on the creators and artists tabling. I’m still unsure if I’m going to meet Jason David Frank yet because usually I skip the celebrities because of the cost of getting a picture or an autograph. For all of my local readers near the MN area, I highly recommend checking out this convention. Also I do have coupons for 50% off any day pass for Minnesota Fan Fest given to me by Kristin Rowan Director of Marketing. Comment below if you’re interested and I hope to see you all there! Minnesota Fan Fest will be on August 19th – 20th at the Saint Paul River Centre.


Finally, a Female Doctor

I discovered Doctor Who in the summer of 2014 when I was bored at my house. I first knew of Doctor Who when I went to a convention and a Dalek was rolling around the floor of the con. My first reaction was what the hell is that robot with huge 3D polka dots on it. I got hooked on Christopher Eccleston’s sass and ever since then I have called myself a fan of Doctor Who. However, once Matt Smith left the role, I felt disconnected from the fandom because Peter Capaldi didn’t charm me as the other doctors had. In my excitement of this announcement, I wanted to talk about some of my most memorable moments of Doctor Who. 

My Doctor:


Image from BBC

Nine introduced me to the series and I appreciated the chemistry that him and Rose had throughout his whole run of Doctor Who.

Favorite Creature:

Whovian Con 2015

The Adipose is my favorite creature in Doctor Who! This episode is fun to watch because it relates to my major and the Doctor comes back to meet with Donna. I always wished I lived in a world where gyms would have adipose collecting sites and adipose would pop off every time you burned a pound of fat. My stuffed adipose is the cutest piece of Doctor Who merchandise I own.

Creature I Fear the Most:

Weeping Angel

Image from BBC

Weeping Angels are the scariest creatures in Doctor Who because even though they don’t physically harm you necessarily, transporting you back in time away from your family is a hard thing to endure.

Favorite Doctor Who Character who was also in the Harry Potter Franchise:

Arthur Weasley

Image from Radio Times

No I wasn’t going to say David Tennent, that would be way too easy. I enjoyed seeing Arthur Weasley play Rory’s dad.

Favorite Color of Dalek:


Episode that Made Me Cry Ugly Tears:

Doomsday, Blink and Angels in Manhattan all made me use many Kleenex throughout their entire episodes.

Doctor Who Cosplay Inspiration:

I want to cosplay Amy Pond with the red plaid shirt and tally marks from the Silence because that would be easy to do. I also would love to do a female 11 cosplay with the blazer and a tight black skirt.

I cannot wait for Jodie Wittaker to take over the franchise because the Doctor can be anyone including a female. It offends me that many men are upset because of a female being the Doctor, yet if they can’t accept it than I don’t want them to watch the series anyway.


New Comic Book Day Comedy Show

Wednesday is a special day during the week because it’s new comic book day! Besides new comic book day, a brewery in downtown Minneapolis hosts a comedy theme comic show every Wednesday night. I have been wanting to go for a long time, but I had been away at college for most of the shows. I attended my first new comic book day at Day Block Brewing Company this Wednesday and it was hilarious. Since I decided to sit in the front row, I cheered for the comedian who noticed me and gave me a free comic.

[picture of two glasses diagonal from the table]

Me and the boyfriend enjoying a beer before the show.

New Comic Book Day is hosted by Eliot Rahal and Katy Rex who are prominent comic creators from the Twin Cities. Eliot Rahal has written numerous comics including the one-shot for Bloodshot by Valiant comics. Katy Rex is a freelance writer and editor working on Jade Street Protection Services a comic that I can only describe as “punk rock Hogwarts students in detention and saving the world.” Both Eliot and Katy are energetic hosts helping to pull this show together.

[man on stage with a baseball cap on talking with a microphone up to his mouth]

Eliot Rahal performing a sketch.

Each show has comedians who come on stage to crack some jokes before an onstage interview happens with someone in the MN comic scene. I didn’t know what to expect with the show, but I laughed so hard I almost cried during some of the sketches. After all the comedians perform, an interview occurs between the hosts and the featured guest. For this show, the featured guest was Adam Vermillion from the podcast Panels and Pizza.  At the show I met Adam in person and he’s a nice guy who has been essential in promoting the MN comic scene.

New Comic Book Day 3

Daredevil themed comedy sketch.

Plus I got a free comic!!!! I received issue #8 of Animosity thanks to Eliot Rahal. I did a google search and Animosity is about animals waking up and taking over the world. I’m interested in reading it and if I like it enough I may pick up issues #1-7.

If you’re in the Minnesota area, head over to Day Block to see this show. It was a whole lot of fun and Day Block has a great brew list too. My recommendation is to sit in the front because you’re more likely to get free comics.



The Slick Webslinger is Back; Spiderman Homecoming

Spiderman Homecoming Poster

Picture from Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki 

I’m sitting in the theater watching Captain America Civil War when I see the Spiderman on the big screen battling Captain America. My initial thought is finally Marvel comes to a deal with Sony to share the rights to Spiderman. We don’t see that much of him in this movie, but when Marvel announced that they would be redoing Spiderman with Spiderman Homecoming, I was skeptical. It hadn’t been that long since Andrew Garfield’s movies and I didn’t want to see another retelling of the spider that bites Peter. Thankfully, in Spiderman Homecoming there is no origin story because Spiderman is already established in New York. Spiderman Homecoming is easily the best Spiderman movie and I’m instantly looking forward to a sequel.

Tom Holland is an excellent Spiderman. The first couple minutes of the movie shows him video taping the sequence of events leading up to Civil War. He’s a teen who when asked by Tony Stark himself to battle with him, he can’t contain his excitement. After Civil War, Peter is anxiously checking his cell phone for a call from Tony Stark, but he’s constantly disappointed. Peter notices a robbery which he intends on thwarting and he is attacked with alien weapons. Peter is determined to get the weapons off the streets even though Tony Stark advises him not to.

One thing I notice is Spiderman is someone any teen can relate to. One minute he’s fighting with the Avengers and then for a couple months he’s going to school like a normal kid. He wants to feel important in New York and if I were him, I would feel the same way. Can I just mention how adorable Ned Leeds is though!! He’s Peter Parker’s nerdy side kick and discovers his powers when he brings the Lego Deathstar to his room. Plus he becomes the “guy in the chair” which makes sense if you go see the movie.

Also Michael Keaton makes a damn good villain. His origin story dates all the way back to the first Avengers film when he’s a contractor removing alien equipment from NY. He feels that he’s entitled to the alien equipment so he steals some of it to make weapons. Vulture is challenging to battle with and implores Peter to be creative on how to stop him because Peter is inexperienced with this whole superhero thing.

Honestly, I could go on for another couple paragraphs describing in detail how much I enjoyed this movie. I’m already planning on seeing it again in the next couple days and I’m determined to read Silk, Miles Morales and Spider Gwen. Go see Spiderman Homecoming because it’s worthy of your dollars.


Feel Savitar’s Wrath in Season #3 of the Flash

I was sitting at my desk in Sheehan Hall on the 9th floor watching the first episode of Arrow. I thought the premise sounded interesting since Green Arrow hasn’t had a lot of spotlight in cartoons or movies. Season #2 premiered the next year and that’s when nerdy Barry Allen appeared on the screen. Grant Gustin is the exact person I would have pictured for the Flash and I appreciated his lightness that he added to Oliver’s team. Soon after the CW announced the Flash spin off and I was all on board. Yesterday I was able to catch up on the Flash and I have to admit that season #3 was one hell of a season.

Barry Allen at the end of season #2 runs back in time to save his mom from the Reverse Flash. In the season #3 premiere, Barry is seen living a different life with both of his parents alive and trying to date Iris. Barry realizes his mistake when he feels his memories of his old life disappearing. His uneasiness makes him realize that he has to have his mom murdered to restore peace. As he goes back in time to stop himself from saving his mom, he returns to a future that’s completely different. Barry created an alternate reality existing on the same plane as his old reality. This is called Flashpoint which is a well respected Flash comic story complete with an animated movie. Savitar is an enemy that emerges along with his partner; Doctor Alchemy. To make things worse, Barry accidentally travels to the future and witnesses himself trying to save Iris from Savitar, but ends up watching her die by Savitar. Barry must try and alter the future to save Iris’s life or try and get faster so he can save her.

Savitar Image by Inverse

Savitar! Photo by Inverse.




Killer Frost from Buddy TV

Killer Frost! Photo by Buddy TV.

So I wasn’t expecting Savitar to be a future time remnant of Barry Allen. I was surprised because I was expecting someone else in Barry’s life to play a role in betraying him. It all made sense though and it shows how much of a mistake it was for Barry to mess with time. Also I really like Caitlin’s transformation into Killer Frost. Her outfit is edgy without being too sexy and her powers are frightening especially after that vision of her freezing Cisco’s hands off in the future.

This season is my favorite one to date because there was so much at stake; I ended up binge watching 7 episodes on 4th of July. One thing I absolutely could not stand was that Barry at the end had to enter the speed force. Are you kidding me?? He can’t have at least one happy ending??! After finally saving Iris which was the whole point of the entire season, he can’t spend one moment with her. I was disappointed. 😦 I wonder how season #4 will explain how he reappears back in Star City.

My next show to catch up on will be Arrow because the boyfriend keeps telling me this past season was decent. Unfortunately, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl weren’t that appealing to me in their respective seasons. I cannot wait for fall TV to see how season #4 of the Flash will play out.