September Goals!

September is a weird month for me in a couple ways. I’m not going back to college for the first time in five years and I’m actually making enough money to support myself in an apartment. I used to write monthly goals on my blog, but then stopped for some reason. I’m bringing this back for my blog because I love reflecting month to month on everything I have accomplished.

~Planning Out My Harry Potter World Vacation

Me and my family are prepping a Harry Potter World / Orlando vacation in the month of February. Why February? Living in Minnesota for the winter means I need a break from the harsh cold weather plus it’s before spring break so I’m hoping to beat the rush. In addition to Harry Potter World, I would like to do some of the Star Wars stuff too.

~Rent Two Books from the Library

Libraries are often beautiful buildings I forget exist which is sad. I buy many books a month and I’m trying to do less of this. Ever since moving a couple weeks ago, I got rid of a stack of books I wasn’t planning on re-reading. To save money and limit clutter, I will be borrowing books from the library.

~Participate in D&D One Shots

Thanks to Twin Cities Geek, I was added to a local D&D Facebook group. Events are always happening for one shot D&D campaigns. I always make excuses to why I can’t go play D&D, but I do want to dabble more in dice rolling RPG’s. Also check out my article about my one shot campaign, Monsters & Other Childish Things

~Yoga once a week

Most of my workouts are either cardio or strength training and yoga gets forgotten. I might save my yoga for Sunday’s since those are lazy days anyway.

These goals are ambitious, but I like being busy. I would love to hear your goals for the month in the comments.


Minnesota Fan Fest *haul*

Last weekend I attended Minnesota Fan Fest for free because I was technically press. I write for Twin Cities Geek on the side and I was writing various articles about the convention. My first article was about Minnesota Fan Fest’s controversial cosplay policy while also covering local creators thoughts about Fan Fest. Minnesota Fan Fest overall was a fun convention, the only down side being the attendance was low. This puts stress on the creators because they want to make money at this convention. Knowing this information, I wish I would have budgeted more money to spend, but I still left with some fun accessories, so check out below what I bought at Fan Fest.

Tee Turtle Octopus T-Shirt


Crafting Tee Turtle Shirt Minnesota Fan Fest

Image from Tee Turtle

I would have posted an actual picture of my shirt, but it’s in the laundry and has coffee stains on it. When I walked the convention floor, Tee Turtle was the first booth I noticed because I didn’t realize Tee Turtle would be tabling at MN Fan Fest. I probably would have bought more than just the shirt, but I know that I already own too many geeky t-shirts, so I only bought one.

DC Comics Bombshell Figure


I don’t actually need to buy anymore toys or trinkets, but I still do. I was hoping for Black Canary or Killer Frost, however I pulled Lois Lane. She isn’t my favorite character, but I’ll still keep her next to my Leonard Hofstadter bobble head toy on my book shelf.

Through the Darque Gates book


I volunteered to be a beta reader for Christopher D Schmitz’s sequel to Wolf of the Tesseract. I was able to score this book for free and I encourage anyone who hasn’t read Wolf of the Tesseract to buy it.

Severance Lost by J LLoren Quill


This book combines elements of Game of Thrones with Lord of the Rings. The kingdom Malethya needs a hero to stop the blood mage from wiping out villages. Slate Severance is the protagonist of the story, devoting his life to protecting Malethya. I was entranced as I listened to J. Lloren Quill describe to me his story. I haven’t read it yet, as it has been added to my book stack.

Madame Xanadu

FullSizeR (1).jpg

Madame Xanadu is a beautiful psychic private detective living in New York with her black cat investigating a murder scene with supernatural elements. It’s a graphic novel that’s great for mature readers as apparently there may be graphic violence in some of the issues. I love independent comics and this one sounded decent.

Whenever I attend a convention, I always have to budget money for spending. I tell myself not to spend money, but then I walk the floor suddenly I’m handing someone my credit card. Minnesota Fan Fest will be a convention I attend next year and I’m hoping it will grow into something as big as C2E2.


Minnesota Fan Fest!!

My convention schedule only includes Convergence in Bloomington, MN because frankly conventions are expensive. A new affordable convention has popped up in the St. Paul area titled Minnesota Fan Fest and I’m excited to attend this year. Minnesota Fan Fest has a similar convention in Phoenix, AZ which I have never attended. This is the first year that Fan Fest will be in Minnesota and I have high hopes that it will be a fun convention. By the way I have 50% off any day pass coupons that I can give out to anybody interested in attending. Comment on my post if you’re interested! 🙂 

Guest appearances include Zander Cannon, Dave Wheeler, Dan Jurgens and Barbara Shultz plus more that I haven’t mentioned. Zander Cannon created Kaiju Max a comic about monsters in a prison. I personally haven’t read Kaiju Max yet, but I know I’m missing out on a great story. Dave Wheeler has written comics about dinosaurs eating Nazi’s which sounds crazy however, I’m enjoying the comic Totem which is a native American superhero fighting crime. I only have the first issue and I’m anxiously waiting for more. Barbara Shultz is especially talented having written for Dark Horse, DC and Image Comics. The comics guest list alone is worth noting.

Dave Wheeler

Image from Minnesota Fan Fest

Zander Cannon

Image from Minnesota Fan Fest

Jason David Frank will also be attending who you may know as the Green Power Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The Power Rangers was one of the cartoons I would watch on Saturday mornings with my brother and even though I always preferred the pink or yellow rangers, the green one was still just as cool.

Like all conventions, I am prepared to spend some money on the creators and artists tabling. I’m still unsure if I’m going to meet Jason David Frank yet because usually I skip the celebrities because of the cost of getting a picture or an autograph. For all of my local readers near the MN area, I highly recommend checking out this convention. Also I do have coupons for 50% off any day pass for Minnesota Fan Fest given to me by Kristin Rowan Director of Marketing. Comment below if you’re interested and I hope to see you all there! Minnesota Fan Fest will be on August 19th – 20th at the Saint Paul River Centre.


Finally, a Female Doctor

I discovered Doctor Who in the summer of 2014 when I was bored at my house. I first knew of Doctor Who when I went to a convention and a Dalek was rolling around the floor of the con. My first reaction was what the hell is that robot with huge 3D polka dots on it. I got hooked on Christopher Eccleston’s sass and ever since then I have called myself a fan of Doctor Who. However, once Matt Smith left the role, I felt disconnected from the fandom because Peter Capaldi didn’t charm me as the other doctors had. In my excitement of this announcement, I wanted to talk about some of my most memorable moments of Doctor Who. 

My Doctor:


Image from BBC

Nine introduced me to the series and I appreciated the chemistry that him and Rose had throughout his whole run of Doctor Who.

Favorite Creature:

Whovian Con 2015

The Adipose is my favorite creature in Doctor Who! This episode is fun to watch because it relates to my major and the Doctor comes back to meet with Donna. I always wished I lived in a world where gyms would have adipose collecting sites and adipose would pop off every time you burned a pound of fat. My stuffed adipose is the cutest piece of Doctor Who merchandise I own.

Creature I Fear the Most:

Weeping Angel

Image from BBC

Weeping Angels are the scariest creatures in Doctor Who because even though they don’t physically harm you necessarily, transporting you back in time away from your family is a hard thing to endure.

Favorite Doctor Who Character who was also in the Harry Potter Franchise:

Arthur Weasley

Image from Radio Times

No I wasn’t going to say David Tennent, that would be way too easy. I enjoyed seeing Arthur Weasley play Rory’s dad.

Favorite Color of Dalek:


Episode that Made Me Cry Ugly Tears:

Doomsday, Blink and Angels in Manhattan all made me use many Kleenex throughout their entire episodes.

Doctor Who Cosplay Inspiration:

I want to cosplay Amy Pond with the red plaid shirt and tally marks from the Silence because that would be easy to do. I also would love to do a female 11 cosplay with the blazer and a tight black skirt.

I cannot wait for Jodie Wittaker to take over the franchise because the Doctor can be anyone including a female. It offends me that many men are upset because of a female being the Doctor, yet if they can’t accept it than I don’t want them to watch the series anyway.


The Slick Webslinger is Back; Spiderman Homecoming

Spiderman Homecoming Poster

Picture from Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki 

I’m sitting in the theater watching Captain America Civil War when I see the Spiderman on the big screen battling Captain America. My initial thought is finally Marvel comes to a deal with Sony to share the rights to Spiderman. We don’t see that much of him in this movie, but when Marvel announced that they would be redoing Spiderman with Spiderman Homecoming, I was skeptical. It hadn’t been that long since Andrew Garfield’s movies and I didn’t want to see another retelling of the spider that bites Peter. Thankfully, in Spiderman Homecoming there is no origin story because Spiderman is already established in New York. Spiderman Homecoming is easily the best Spiderman movie and I’m instantly looking forward to a sequel.

Tom Holland is an excellent Spiderman. The first couple minutes of the movie shows him video taping the sequence of events leading up to Civil War. He’s a teen who when asked by Tony Stark himself to battle with him, he can’t contain his excitement. After Civil War, Peter is anxiously checking his cell phone for a call from Tony Stark, but he’s constantly disappointed. Peter notices a robbery which he intends on thwarting and he is attacked with alien weapons. Peter is determined to get the weapons off the streets even though Tony Stark advises him not to.

One thing I notice is Spiderman is someone any teen can relate to. One minute he’s fighting with the Avengers and then for a couple months he’s going to school like a normal kid. He wants to feel important in New York and if I were him, I would feel the same way. Can I just mention how adorable Ned Leeds is though!! He’s Peter Parker’s nerdy side kick and discovers his powers when he brings the Lego Deathstar to his room. Plus he becomes the “guy in the chair” which makes sense if you go see the movie.

Also Michael Keaton makes a damn good villain. His origin story dates all the way back to the first Avengers film when he’s a contractor removing alien equipment from NY. He feels that he’s entitled to the alien equipment so he steals some of it to make weapons. Vulture is challenging to battle with and implores Peter to be creative on how to stop him because Peter is inexperienced with this whole superhero thing.

Honestly, I could go on for another couple paragraphs describing in detail how much I enjoyed this movie. I’m already planning on seeing it again in the next couple days and I’m determined to read Silk, Miles Morales and Spider Gwen. Go see Spiderman Homecoming because it’s worthy of your dollars.


Bizarre Brunette’s Convention Survival Guide

I remember attending my first con in the summer of 2013 and feeling that I belong there. Convergence holds a special place in my heart for introducing me to the convention season and how to survive the four days. Conventions are a great time, but also tiring too. It’s easy to get distracted and become dehydrated which leads to a killer headache or just simply forgetting to eat. Based on my attendance at 6 different conventions, I wanted to come up with a list of survival tips on having a good time, but taking care of yourself along the way.

(photo of two people. One is in a skirt and a crop top, the other in baggy brown slacks with a floppy brown hat)

Robin and Scarecrow at Convergence 2016

Drink Your Water

Being dehydrated is the worst feeling because I always get this horrible headache that leaves me nauseous. I find it most helpful to bring a backpack with a holder for a water bottle. If you have a water bottle on you, you’re more likely to drink from it.


The first year I went to a con, I only brought my purse. This was a rookie mistake because I bought stuff and had no where to put it. Sure, I could run out to my friend’s car to drop stuff off, but that’s just a hassle. I usually bring a string backpack because it’s light weight, but holds all my gear. Backpacks are great for carrying water bottles aka. see my above paragraph.

Protein Bars/Protein Snacks

Snacking is absolutely necessary to have the energy to last all day and possibly all night. I find that if I eat more protein, it keeps me more full. Snacks higher in sugar will be loaded with calories, but aren’t as filling so you’re left even hungrier than before. Tree nuts and protein bars are excellent snacks that can be tucked in the backpack.

British Dalek Console Room 2015

Console Room 2015, Doctor Who Convention.

Don’t Blow Your Money Right Away

My rule when spending money at a convention is to walk around and see all the booths and artists. In the back of my mind I’ll keep track of certain items that appealed to me. Nothing is worse than seeing something you want to buy and having no money because you spent it all already. I’m adding more to this tip which includes coming up with a budget. Pull out cash and after it’s gone, you’re done. If you don’t do this prior to attending, you will spend too much money. Believe me, I know from experience.


Artists are at a convention to help support their career. They rely on attendees to purchase their art or comics to make a profit from renting space at the convention. I prioritize spending my money at the artist’s table or purchase comics written by Minnesota locals. I find that when I spend money this way, it’s more meaningful since I had an actual conversation with that creator over their art and/or comics.

Console Room May 2015

Doctor Who Convention May 2015.

Take plenty of pictures

I am so glad I took many pictures from my prior conventions because sometimes I take a day and browse through them all. There is so much to see at a convention and pictures are saved memories. Bring your phone fully charged or a digital camera.

Conventions are one of my favorite events to attend in the geek community. I feel so at home at a convention and I’m already counting down the days till my con next week. Have fun, and tell me which conventions you have been too. My goal is to make it to either C2E2 or Planet City Comic Con in Kansas City.





Before I have Kids.. *list*

Now that I’m a college graduate, I think about the other bigger milestones that may be approaching in my life. Moving out of my mom’s place, renting the first apartment, buying a house, getting married and having kids? Whenever I have been asked if I wanted kids, my answer has always been no. I want to travel to so many places, read so many books undisturbed and save money. Recently, I realized that maybe I do want kids in my future. Seeing kids running around at my internship site has opened up the possibility of starting a family. I brainstormed a list to achieve before I have my own kids if that is ever a possibility in my future.

*Side Note: Technically, everything listed here could still be accomplished if I have kids, but it may become more challenging as kids are expensive and time consuming* 🙂

Get a Tattoo

I haven’t gotten a tattoo yet for multiple reasons. I wasn’t sure what my employer would think about tattoos since most jobs need you to cover them up and I wanted to wait to establish myself in a career before thinking about a tattoo. I still want at least one and I for sure want it to be Harry Potter related.

Leave the Country

I still haven’t left the US, but I want to. England and Japan are for sure on my travel bucket list and I would like to accomplish seeing the world just once. Along with New Zealand, Australia, the Caribbean and so much more.

 Adopt my Fur Babies

Crazy Cat Lady

My kids need to grow up with pets around. Dogs, cats, maybe a lizard? Animals add happiness to a household and teach kids how to interact around other creatures. Cats are for sure happening and I want a dog too.


Kids are expensive, time consuming and somewhat frustrating at times, but I also think having kids would be a rewarding and happy process. I just know that my answer for having kids is not no, but no not right now.