Pennywise is Back; It Chapter #2

Without a doubt my favorite Stephen King novel is Carrie. She is the protagonist I would constantly root for as she gets revenge on her bullies, yet she’s a villain because of her methods. Plus Carrie features the absolutely terrifying fictional mother I have ever read about. Since reading Carrie back in high school, I tend to gravitate to his books. When my fiance took me to see It, I was blown away by how great the movie was. The child actors they picked really could act despite their age and Bill Skarsgard became this demonic clown creature. As more is being revealed about It Chapter #2, the more excited I become to see this movie in September. 

The newest trailer dropped at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). After having watched the trailer three or four times in a row, one of my first impressions was the soundtrack. In horror movies, the music makes the movie. In the original Halloween slasher films, the music plays every time Michael Myers enters a home. In the It Chapter #2 trailer, there is a short theme that plays whenever It is hanging around. It’s creepy and the theme music stays with you.

Another reason I’m personally looking forward to this movie is the casting. Besides Bill Skarsgard, the “Loser’s Club” is perfectly cast. Bill Hader is the older Richie incarnated. Richie is this humorous, slightly nerdy kid, and Bill seems to adapt his personality well. Jessica Chastain seems to embody the adult Beverly with her flaming red hair and how she holds the whole group together. James McAvoy plays Bill Denbrough which is another excellent casting choice. The sequence in the trailer with James McAvoy in the fun house mirrors chasing after the little boy who is also being targeted by It is fucking scary.

I’m not a horror movie fan, but I can’t wait to see this movie opening weekend. It Chapter #2 opens September 6th 2019.



Real Neat Blog Award

Being nominated for a “blog” award gives me a sense of joy. It reminds me that even though I don’t have thousands of followers, I have many that genuinely enjoy what I write. I was nominated for the “Real Neat Blog Award” by MonsterLady’s Diary, a blog I recently came across. Here are my answers from what I was given.

Real Neat Blog Award.jpg

Do you like your media digital or physical?

I prefer any comics or book in a physical form. I will say to prevent clutter, I do like my movies in a digital copy. I have too many movies lying around, so digital copies keep my movies all in the same place.

If you could learn any type of dance, what would it be?

I’m a terrible dancer, but in college I did try out ballroom dancing. Ballroom is fun because you have to have a relationship with your partner. This includes trust and having great chemistry with each other. Ballroom takes a lot of talent and coordination and I would love to learn more about it.

What do you love most about being a geek?

My favorite part about being a geek is being able to be my authentic self. I have always been a book reader and completely engrossed into Harry Potter. BizarreBrunette exists as my creative outlet to be a geek and share that with others.

What’s the Latest Game You’ve Got Into?

I would say I’m really into MtGArena which allows me to play Magic the Gathering online. It allows me to get better at the game even when I don’t feel like traveling to my local game store. After working a twelve hour shift, I don’t want to spend time with other people. Besides Arena, I have also been playing both Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 and Heavy Rain. Both games satisfy my gaming hobby.

If you’re a Netflix user, what original series are you looking forward to?

Mindhunter season #2 is what I’m looking forward to. The first season left off with the BTK killer getting closer to committing his first crime. I’m interested to see how Holden’s story will intertwine with the capture of the BTK killer.

If you could have one thing only from your favorite movie(s) what would it be?

Hermione’s Time Turner for sure.

What’s your favorite hobby that doesn’t involve a screen?

Exercise is therapeutic for me. I woke up at 5 AM this morning for my AMP cycle class at Lifetime fitness. Exercise leaves me feeling refreshed and strong which allows me to tackle my day. Besides exercise, I like to read books & comics, walk outside and go to a coffee shop.

Thanks again to Emily for nominating me. I nominate:

Josh from Just a Sorcerer

Fed from Fed’s Life

Donovan from Coolbeans

Mickey from Nerdily Blog

Most of the individuals I was going to nominate are already nominated.

Here are my questions!

  1. If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?
  2. What’s your favorite podcast you’re listening to right now?
  3. What’s your favorite part about being a geek?
  4. What’s the latest game you’ve gotten into?
  5. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  6. What’s a series you hate, but everyone else loves?
  7. What’s your favorite hobby? (besides looking at a screen)


Thanks to all who read my blog, I appreciate all of you.



Fictional Characters Tag

Type Writer Fictional Characters Tag.jpg

I realize I haven’t done a “tag” post in a while. I saw this tag from Emily at Monster Lady’s Diary and thought it was a great tag, but there were other blog posts I wanted to write first. I’m mostly caught up on those, so here are my responses to the Fictional Characters Tag.

Which Character Was Your First Love?

James Bond.gif

When I was in third grade, my mom let me watch the James Bond movies. We owned boxed sets with the various Bond films from the different time periods. When I watched each Bond film, I became engrossed in the beautiful dresses, the lustrous travel destinations and all of the action sequences. My love of action films has grown from the Bond movies. As I re-watch them as an adult woman, I realize how truly misogynistic James Bond is. How he treats women as a disposable item and how his love affairs can cost them their lives. The James Bond franchise will always have a special place in my heart because it reminds me of my mom, but also brought me to appreciate the finesse it takes to film an action film.

How Would You Describe All The Characters You Love?

When I become attached to characters from books or any other form of media, I find these characters are genuinely good people. I’m never one to identify with the villains, but the heroes who often have to stand up to evil even though they may be alone in their cause. As I’m re-reading the Harry Potter series, I like to think of Hermione’s S.P.E.W protest as she is fighting for something that’s unheard of and she’s made fun of constantly by Harry and Ron. To me, that’s a character I can support.

A Character You Love That You Think Most People Hate?

Chloe Before the Storm

Chloe from Life is Strange [Chloe is in the center picture]

Life is Strange is one of my favorite video games of all time. One of the main characters is Chloe who’s this selfish teenager dealing with the death of her father. I would say most fans highly dislike her because of her immaturity. I personally like Chloe as a character because she’s a realistic teenager. When my father passed away, I’m sure I acted immaturely to put this image on myself that I was okay. I could identify with Chloe’s struggles of going through puberty along with having her friends move away. The friendship shown between Max and Chloe is one of the main reasons why Life is Strange is such a great video game.

Does One Character In Your Life Have a Strict Personality?


Whenever I think of a character who is “strict” I think of Cath from the novel Fangirl. Cath is very strict with herself as far as what she does in college and who she associates herself with. What I truly love about Fangirl is Cath’s ability to slowly open herself up which connects her with a group of people who love her for being herself. Cath reminds me of my days as a college freshman and how I have grown as a person since then.

A Character I Wouldn’t Get Along With?

Any character that is blatantly racist or despicable would be a character I wouldn’t get along with. The characters that truly anger me the most are the conniving, intelligent villains. When I thought to make a list of what these characters would be, I immediately thought about Lucius Malfoy. His evil has been passed onto Draco, but also how he works with Cornelius Fudge in The Order of the Phoenix to slander Harry is downright troubling.

A Character You’d Travel the World With?


I wouldn’t travel with this one… photo from 2015 at the Doctor Who convention I attended.

The Doctor! Specifically David Tennant or Matt Smith. I could go all across the globe, but even beyond the galaxies too. I really need to re-watch Doctor Who sometime soon.

A Character You’d Rely on To Help You Get Over Your Fears?

Ben and Leslie

Leslie Knope would be my character to help me overcome any of my fears. She would inspire me to chase my dreams and keep my head in the clouds.

Where Do Most of the Characters You Love Come From?

I’m an avid book reader and TV watcher, so most of my characters from this list will probably come from those type of media. If I have time, I do watch movies, but it’s more rare for me to watch a movie than a forty three minute TV episode.

A Character You’re Most Likely to Have Weird Dreams About?


Ooh.. I don’t remember my dreams as far as specific fictional characters appearing within them. I’m really into Lucifer right now and I’m hardcore shipping Lucifer and Chloe, so maybe that would be included in a dream of mine sometime soon.

A Minor Character You Love

Phil Coulson.gif

I counted Phil Coulson as a minor character in the scheme of the Marvel movie universe. He was one of the common links in the Marvel phase #1 set of movies without having much time on the big screen. His untimely death is what brought the Avengers together to battle it out in NYC. Since his revival, Agents of Shield has been successful on ABC. I regret to say I have fallen way behind in the show, but the first three seasons are some of the best TV I have watched.

What Character Represents Your Mentality?

Luna Lovegood.gif

How could I not choose Luna Lovegood. I have her wand on display above my nightstand for this reason. She’s an authentic character who’s extremely quirky and at first not taken seriously. Eventually she proves herself during the Dumbledore’s Army training as she summons her rabbit patronus. She also helps Harry to find the diadem, so he can destroy it. I could go on, but I aspire to be like Luna every day.

Here are the questions in case you’re interested!

Which Character Was Your First Love?

How Would You Describe All The Characters You Love?

A Character You Love That You Think Most People Hate?

Does One Character In Your Life Have a Strict Personality?

A Character I Wouldn’t Get Along With?

A Character You’d Travel the World With?

A Character You’d Rely on To Help You Get Over Your Fears?

Where Do Most of the Characters You Love Come From?

A Character You’re Most Likely to Have Weird Dreams About?

A Minor Character You Love

What Character Represents Your Mentality?


Supporting LGBTQIA+ for Pride Month

June is one of my favorite months out of the whole year. It’s the start of summer, but it’s also Pride month. I’m technically not a part of the “LGBTQIA+” community, but I also don’t consider myself 100% straight. I feel attraction to women, but I’m not sure if I’m bisexual? I fully support the LGBTQIA+ community and the endless fight for rights for all. I wanted to share a couple ways I support the LGBTQIA+ community excluding buying rainbow sequin outfits.

Not Spending Money on Rainbow Stuff

It’s not that buying rainbow themed stuff is bad, but buying rainbow clothes doesn’t necessarily go back to the LGBTQIA+ community. Some retailers are donating certain proceeds to various organizations. I did a quick google search and found this article on Mic which lists various companies who are giving back to the LGBTQIA+ community. Please spend money on this type of merchandise versus random rainbow stuff corporations are selling to capitalize on Pride month.

Supporting through charities or through purchasing art or books from LGBTQIA+ authors

The Prometheite kick starter.png

To start this off, I wanted to share a kickstarter I recently backed by an LGBTQIA+ artist. Ari Mulch is a Minneapolis based artist who is on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. I’m unsure of their identity, but I know they use they / them pronouns as their Twitter bio says. The Prometheite is a lesbian retelling of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in a graphic novel format. Frankenstein is one of my all time favorite books in Gothic Literature, so when I stumbled upon this kickstarter, I knew immediately I had to back it. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, here’s the link to their campaign. Ari can be found on twitter or through their website. Please help me get this funded! Showing support for LGBTQIA+ art, books and media allows their stories to be told. It’s how we can grow to understand different identities under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella.

As far as charities go, I personally like the Trevor Project. The Trevor Project focuses on helping LBTQIA+ youth under the age of 25. It provides access to suicide prevention hotlines and community resources for those who need it.

Encouraging Corporations to Support LGBTQIA+ All Year Round Instead of in June Only.

Victoria’s Secret is in hot water because of recent comments made about supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. It’s great to pledge support, but this is also the same company who who said they wouldn’t hire trans or plus-size models because it wouldn’t “fit their fantasy.” This is what a lot of corporations will do. They will mean well when they say “Happy Pride.”, but it’s often filled with hypocrisy since that same company probably said something transphobic earlier in the year. I personally won’t shop at Victoria’s Secret because of their views and I encourage others to do the same.

Finally, I want to wish you all a safe and happy Pride.


Open World Games are Intimidating!

Horizon Zero Dawn.jpg

Horizon Zero Dawn… an amazing game, slightly intimidating. Image by Playstation 

Do you ever read a blog post and comment to yourself “this post is me.”? The last time I had this feeling was after reading The Dragon’s Tea Party’s post titled Open World Burnout. The post summarizes the author stating how they are “burned out” from these epic open world games to the point where they either restart their game or just put the game down in general. This is exactly how I feel. A couple weeks ago, the boyfriend picked up Horizon Zero Dawn for me. The gamestop employee ranted about how much I was going to absolutely LOVE this game. I played the first 30 minutes of it, and it certainly has potential for me to love it. However, I ended up putting it down due to the sheer intimidation of playing the game.

Last year, I played Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4. Is that game considered open world? I think so. It’s specifically exploring NYC. What I liked about Marvel’s Spider-Man is the organization of NYC. I knew exactly where I could explore and what was there. In a game such as Fallout though, I have no idea where I’m going because I haven’t discovered anything yet. That has always bothered me. I like knowing where I’m going in a video game and what cities exist instead of having to explore it myself.

When I think back about “open-world” games I have beat, I will mention Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4. I also liked the Batman Arkham City & Batman Arkham Knight which allowed me to explore downtown Gotham. I also really enjoy games like Far Cry or even the new Assassin’s Creed games look great, but I never beat them from start to finish. The boyfriend though, loves open world games. Every night after we are both off of work, he will play through more of an open-world game whereas I will blog or read a book.

As a gamer, I do tend to be a completionist. Meaning I prefer to unlock all the trophies or achievements in a game if I’m able to. This makes open-world games much more difficult. It often means helping out in EVERY SIDE QUEST I stumble on. It makes open world games more time consuming because of my gaming personality.

I have decided to give more open world games a shot. I still have full intention of returning to Horizon Zero Dawn after I beat Heavy Rain the remastered version on PS4. I think what will help prevent me from having open world burnout is to play another game along with my open world game. For example, returning to Horizon Zero Dawn while also playing through Uncharted #4. This way I’m still getting a break from the open world format, but also being able to return to it on my own time.

If you have also experienced open world burn out, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below


The relationship between Steve & Bucky Avengers Endgame SPOILERS!!!



Marvel Studios Avengers Endgame.jpg

Avenger’s Endgame poster. Photo released by Marvel. 

Like many fans, I cried throughout the whole Avengers Endgame movie. It was an emotional experience to say the least. The original Avengers movie is what drew me to comics originally, and Avengers Endgame felt like an end of an era. I wanted to discuss openly about the relationship between Steve & Bucky. I read a fan article which of course I can’t find when I need to reference it. It stated how it was rather selfish Steve stayed in time to be with Peggy versus going to help Bucky as he was tortured to become the Winter Soldier. I wanted to address that in my post.

I don’t think it would have been a good idea for Steve to help Bucky. Hulk says “we cannot change the past, only the future.” This is also why they couldn’t kill baby Thanos because it wouldn’t change the future outcome for planet Earth. Let’s say Steve goes back in time to see Peggy, and free Bucky. If the past doesn’t change the future, something terribly awful would happen to Bucky, which could also impact Tony Stark. Stark’s parents were murdered by Bucky, what would happen to them? Bucky is one of my favorite characters in the MCU, but I don’t think any of his past could be changed without negative impact.

Personally, I felt Steve’s ending was heartwarming to his run of Captain America. In an alternative timeline he gets the dance he never had with Peggy. I knew watching Avengers Endgame that Robert Downy Jr. and Chris Evans would be done with their respective characters. I’m happy that the Russo brothers decided to give Steve Rogers a redeeming ending instead of easily letting Thanos kill him in a brutal way. I’m interested to see how Falcon will do as the newly promoted Captain America.


More Podcast Recommendations

For the Easter holiday, me and the boyfriend went to visit his family in Milwaukee, WI. From where we both live, that’s about a 5 1/2 hour drive there and back. In two days we drove 10 hours and there were times where the drive felt incredibly long. To help entertain myself, I listen to podcasts. I’m not blessed to be able to read in the car without vomiting my guts out from the motion sickness. Here are the podcasts I adore:

Good Luck High Five 

Hosted by Marie and Megan, these two Magic the Gathering players are located in Minneapolis / St. Paul. They travel for different Magic tournaments like right now they’re both in London which I’m super jealous about. They will talk about Magic pre-releases, card mechanics, how to use Magic the Gathering Arena and more. I have become much more into Magic since listening to this podcast.

This Podcast Will Kill You

I stumbled upon this podcast on accident after browsing through Stitcher’s podcast list. Hosted by Erin Welsh, PhD and Erin Allmann Updyke, PhD, these two discuss different infectious diseases. Erin Welsh, PhD is a disease ecologist who is studying tick borne disease transmission in wildlife. Erin Allmann Updyke, PhD, is an epidemiologist who is also attending medical school.

Each episode is split into covering the biology of the disease, the history of the disease and where the disease sits currently today. I look forward to each episode they release because they’re well researched. I’m almost caught up on their podcast and I’m sad because now I have to wait for the episodes to be released.

Babes at the Table

One of my coworkers at the coffee shop I work at recently started her own podcast. Babes at the Table is a feminist, pro-women podcast with episodes ranging from books the hosts are reading or “hot dish” episodes where they discuss a topic in detail. I appreciate how forward thinking this podcast is and how respectful it is to different gender identities.

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness 

I’m a big Queer Eye fan, so when I found out Jonathan Van Ness hosted a podcast, I was all in. Jonathan Van Ness is 100% himself all the time and I want to soak in all the extra energy he has.  He has recorded episodes about relationships, politics, representation and more. Even if the topic doesn’t sound appealing at first, I can gain a new perspective I didn’t know I needed.

Let me know if you listen to any of these podcasts. As always, I do love podcast recommendations. Feel free to post any in the comments section below.