Why I’m glad I hired a Personal Trainer

I don’t usually talk about fitness on this blog, but I did graduate from Winona State University with a B.S. in Exercise Science. I’m also certified as a Personal Trainer by the ACSM (American College of Sport’s Medicine). In the middle of January I was contacted by a personal trainer at the gym I train at because I had won 3 free personal training sessions. These sessions kicked my ass. Today I used the last session of my 3 free sessions and I decided to hire a virtual coach and unlimited access to group personal training. I wanted to talk about why this was a great decision for me.

This personal trainer taught me how much I wasn’t challenging myself. The workouts he had me do made my body feel more fatigued than I had ever felt on my own. After the workout, I would come home genuinely shaky because my muscles had been pushed to a new level. I realized with my own training, I was stalling out. I did movements I was familiar with which led to my body getting used to my routine. Workouts are meant to challenge the body, that’s how our body adapts and gets stronger.

My biggest challenge with getting to the gym is accountability. Two days a week I work about 12 hours shifts. I get home from work, cook dinner and I’m physically exhausted. I sit on the couch and end up falling asleep early. Instead, I would rather be held accountable to go to the gym and get a workout in. Hiring a trainer allows me to have accountability meaning I’m more likely to go to my gym.

Finally, hiring a trainer helps me be organized in the gym. Some days I walk into the gym and ask myself “what am I going to do today?”. With my trainer, she will write workouts for me and when I walk in the gym, I will know what I will be doing for about 45 minutes. This helps me be more organized and concise during my exercise.

I am more motivated than I have ever been before. I am hoping to tone my muscles (drop my body fat percentage) so my muscles can be visibly seen on my arms, legs etc. I have also been using myfitnesspal again to track calories and I have been considering purchasing some fitness device to start wearing as well. I have been rejuvenated and I’m ready to go kick some serious ass in the gym.

Coffee Street Fitness

Combining Coffee & Fitness together? Dream come true!


Convention Bucket List

Living in Minnesota allows me to have access to a variety of different comic book conventions. The Twin Cities specifically (which is a group of cities near Minneapolis / St. Paul) has a huge geek population. It’s part of the reason why I feel at home in this Midwestern, overlooked state. Although, I would like to attend more conventions out of state, but it’s extremely expensive. I wanted to compile a list of different conventions I want to attend in the next five years. It’s almost impossible to attend all of these in the same year and be able to buy a bunch of stuff. Here is my conventions bucket list:

Convergence 2017 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Cosplay

Planet Comicon Kansas City 

I’m going to cheat and include the convention I’m attending this month. This convention goes on for the whole weekend, but me and my friend only bought a Saturday pass. We also are staying in an Air B&B and that wasn’t too expensive to stay in Kansas City for the weekend. I don’t know what to expect with this convention, but I do plan on taking pictures, buying stuff and blogging about it when I get back.


There’s the big three conventions all across the United States: San Diego, NYC and C2E2 in Chicago. This is completely duable for me since I have a college friend living down there. She told me if I ever wanted to come to this, she would let me stay with her. Maybe I can convince her to come with? 🙂 I have been to Chicago twice now and I will more than likely visit again. I have heard this con has grown in the most recent years and I think it would be fun to wander around and possibly meet bloggers that I know.

Dragon Con

My cousin has been to Dragon Con before and I have seen her Facebook pictures, this con looks epic. From my research on this con, it seems like there are less celebrities and more panels, merchandise and parties. As much as it’s cool to meet your favorite celebrities, that’s not why I attend conventions. I attend to buy comics, meet new people and possibly cosplay. Dragon Con would be a dream come true for me to attend such a large event.


Of course I want to attend San Diego and NYC as well. So many conventions, so little time. What other conventions should I add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

Geeky Holiday Traditions

Holidays Geek Blogs Unite.jpg

One Facebook group I’m apart of, Geek Blogs Unite was hosting a Holiday blog theme week. I decided to participate because I was pondering what to write about when I started recalling how my geekiness can be found in my older holiday traditions. I wanted to share a few of those traditions in this post.

Hanging Geeky Ornaments

Me and the boyfriend hung up our first Christmas tree together as a couple. Our ornaments couldn’t be geekier. I attached pictures of my favorites which include: Buzz Lightyear, Justice League lunch box and a holiday dinosaur. These ornaments were passed down from the boyfriend’s parents old tree which makes me adore them even more.

Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas

Charlie Brown Christmas

Picture from FanartTV

I’m a huge fan of the Peanuts. On cable TV, they play this movie every year and me and my mom used to sit down and watch it. There’s something so charming about Charlie Brown picking out the most unstable tree and decorating it. This movie always warms my heart plus Charles Schultz the creator of the Peanuts is from Minneapolis, MN.

Seeing the Christmas Carol at the Guthrie

My dad loved the Guthrie Theater and for a couple years we would attend A Christmas Carol originally written by Charles Dickens. I always enjoyed seeing Scrouge slowly change from being this grumpy old man to this grateful and happy soul. Theater is something I could never be good at so I have respect for all the actors on stage.


Toys were a big part of our family Christmas. We would get a “big” present from Santa each year. One year I got a Disney castle that I still have sitting in my closet. I also remember getting My Little Ponies for Christmas. I also got the old Harry Potter computer games that me and my brother would play together. Old school toys were a big part of my Christmas holiday season.

How did being a geek fit into your holiday traditions? I would love to hear about them in the comments.


Fall Tag

Anyone from the Midwest knows that Winter is coming. Fall is my favorite season and always goes by way too fast. I was doing my annual blog reading and found this cute Fall tag from The Blended Blog. I haven’t done a blog tag on here in a little while so here are my fall themed questions and answers. Feel free to do this tag on your blog and link it in the comments.

Teddy Bear Park

Favorite Fall Sweet Treat

This isn’t really a “Fall Sweet Treat”, but I love going to a local coffee shop during the Fall season. Walking outside and seeing the leaves change with a hot cup of coffee in your hands is bliss.

Red, Yellow or Green Apples?

Yellow if I’m looking for a sweet apple, green if I’m doing baking and Red apples to take with me for my lunch at work.


Favorite Fall Sport to Play?

I don’t play sports, but I love to go on long Fall walks before it gets chilly.

Must Have Fall Purchase?

This season I bought a new plaid shirt to wear. I ordered a size up because I love having it fit loosely on me. Also I like to buy longer cardigans. They are a great way to make my geek t-shirts more fashion forward.


Pumpkins Pick Your Own or Store Bought

Store bought this year. Living in the cities, there isn’t really a great place nearby to go pick a pumpkin. My college town had at least 3 orchards with apples and pumpkins.

Real of Fake Pumpkins

Real pumpkins to carve, fake pumpkins for home decoration.

Favorite Halloween Costume

I was Waldo this year, but my favorite Halloween Costume is Robin.

College Football or NFL? Neither. I am not a fan of Football.

Fall or Halloween Decor

Halloween Decor of course. We are still using my Halloween hand towels in the kitchen.

Raking or No Leaves to Rake

No leaves to rake sadly.

Favorite Soup

Chicken Wild Rice Soup!!

Fall Candle Scent

I have 2 pumpkin spice candles at my apartment right now. Clearly, that’s the best fall scent.

Love or Hate Pumpkin Spice

Love the Pumpkin smell in candles, hate the pumpkin spice lattes.

Short or Tall Boots

Both! I love short ankle boots with a slight heel. Tall boots if there’s a slight snow fall on the ground. Also rain boots are needed where I live. They are perfect for the rain and the snow.

Favorite Halloween Candy

I used to love Halloween candy, but now I look at all the candy I put in my freezer, and none of it sounds appealing to me. I will say Pretzel M&M’s are my downfall. I don’t buy them because they are too tempting for me to eat.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Yes or No

Hell no. I like my coffee black with almost little flavor in it. Pumpkin to me is too sweet in coffee. I like black coffee with some coconut milk in it.

Hayride or Corn Maze 

Neither, Haunted Houses are always fun along with an apple orchard.

Favorite Fall TV Show

I don’t have a Fall themed TV show I watch every year. I usually just watch my usual Fall TV which is Arrow, The Flash and Riverdale. 

Fall Blog Tag.jpg

Justice League Review

Honestly, I have always preferred DC Comics over Marvel. Marvel makes excellent movies, but DC Comics has superheroes I enjoy reading about. With the failure of Batman vs. Superman, I was worried about how good Justice League would be. Wonder Woman was everything I wanted it to be and more, but that didn’t mean Justice League would be on that level. I am happy to say Justice League didn’t suck, it wasn’t a perfect movie, but it has potential to grow into something better.

Spoilers. 🙂







Justice League sets the scene in the darkness of Gotham where Batman finds one of Steppenwolf’s parademons. Batman soon realizes that shit is about to go down, so he calls Wonder Woman to help him form the beginnings of the Justice League. Batman recruits the Flash which has been detailed in the movie trailer while Wonder Woman meets with Cyborg. Eventually the League teams up to stop the destruction of the earth and bring Steppenwolf to his knees.

My first positive thought I had was noticing that Superman’s suit is brighter in this movie. It’s refreshing to see Superman becoming more aligned with his comic counterpart. He’s funny and his priority has shifted into saving lives instead of destroying whole buildings like in Man of Steel. The after credit scene with Superman and the Flash racing each other to the Pacific Ocean was lighthearted and helped me appreciate Justice League more. Speaking of the Flash, Ezra Miller didn’t do too bad in the role. When the announcement hit the internet of him being in Justice League, I was skeptical. I love Grant Gustin on the CW TV show and Ezra didn’t seem to be right. Ezra’s portrayal of the character was geeky, goofy and overtly klutzy which worked in the film.

Can we take a minute and talk about that after credit scene? Holy Shit Deathstroke appeared!!!!! He is one of my favorite comic book villains and I wasn’t expecting him to be at the end. It’s a perfect tie in to the solo Batman film.

Ultimately, Justice League is a flawed, but fun film to see on the big screen. Many other internet bloggers and movie critics are slamming Justice League for a variety of reasons. However, I wanted my review to be all positive because I loved Justice League and I’m glad it wasn’t awful.


November Small Goals

Happy Friday! As I sit typing away writing up my goals for this month, snow is steadily falling onto the grass and coating the tree branches. It looks like Narnia outside my window and to be honest, I’m enjoying the snow. October has been one hell of a busy month, but one to remember. I cannot believe Thanksgiving is already in three weeks,  this year has been flying by. Let’s recap the wonderful fall month that was October:

Watch the Classic Horror Movies – NOPE 

Me and the boyfriend were planning on watching the classic films, but I ended up participating in a Call of Cthulhu D&D session on Halloween instead. Eventually, I will sit down and have a marathon with these movies.

Yoga Once Per Week – Sort of. 

I usually would plan my yoga days to be on Monday because that’s when I work my 12 hour shift, but sometimes I’m just too tired from work so I come home and crash. Yoga is important to me, so I need to make it a priority every week.

Participate in D&D Sessions – SUCCESS 

As I mentioned, I did play D&D this past month. I was super excited I was able to fit it into my schedule. It ended up being a great time and my character found an old saxophone in the asylum which I would beat people with, it worked out well.

Carve a Pumpkin – Nope 😦 

Unfortunately, this fall activity slipped by me. Maybe next year.

Plan a Trip with the Family – SUCCESS 

I think we all decided to travel to Arizona in February of 2018? It’s not confirmed, but my mom used to have a friend who lived there and she says it’s gorgeous up by the grand canyon. By February, I’m done with Minnesota’s winter which means Arizona would be much needed.

Now onto November’s goals:

Read before bed on most nights (around 5 – 10 minutes)

Reading helps me fall asleep and stay asleep at night. Plus I have piles of books to read, I’m behind on getting through that pile.

Buy kitty / pet supplies

Me and the boyfriend are starting the process of getting a cat for the apartment. We finished saving for the down deposit required by our apartment building, now we need pet supplies. I am hoping for sure by December we will have a cat roaming our apartment.

Yoga Once Per Week

I decided to set less goals this month so I could put my attention on reading more before bed, saving for a cute kitty and making time for yoga.




October Goals!

October is probably my favorite month because Fall is my favorite season. I love the beautiful colors of Fall and being able to wear a cozy cardigan with cute ankle boots. With the end of September, I wanted to reflect on my month and my goals I set:

Planned Out Harry Potter World Vacation – NOPE

My second job took over my life and I was unable to do this. I wanted to go to Orlando in February, but me and my family have also talked about an Arizona trip or a quick Vegas weekend trip. So we shall see what we decide on doing.

Rent Two Books from the Library – SUCCESS! 

Unfortunately both books I rented I didn’t like getting through. One was a mystery book that took place in MN which you would think would be exciting, turns out it was incredibly boring. The other was an Iron Fist trade paperback, but I still am not a fan of Iron Fist.

Participate in D&D One Shots – NOPE 

No D&D for me this month. However, I joined an all women led D&D group meeting at a comic shop in the cities while also being interested in other Facebook D&D events. I’m thinking this will be a way better month to get more D&D in.

Yoga once a week – SUCCESS 

I am actually very glad I included this in my goals. I use the Yoga with Adrienne video’s and I have a couple on my favorites list that I enjoy. Once my ankle is better (I sprained it pretty bad), I will get back to this.

50% of my goals achieved! I would say that’s not too bad. Now here are my Fall / October goals:

~Watch the Classic Horror Films

I have this collection of the classic Dracula, Werewolf and Mummy movies from the early 1900’s. It was a collector’s edition I found at my house that my mom wanted to get rid of. This would be the perfect month to crack open the case and watch them.

~Yoga Once a Week

~Participate in more D&D Sessions

~Carve a Pumpkin

~Plan a Trip with the Family next February.