Boston Comic Haul

As promised, I said I would also write a blog post detailing all the comics I purchased while in Boston. It’s frightening to think that my trip to Boston was already a month ago, time is flying by quick! While I was in Boston, I received a recommendation to visit the comic book store Comicopia. Boston has a couple different comic shops including Newbury Comics which has several locations in the city. I wasn’t too impressed with Newbury Comics because they sold more records and t-shirts than actual comics. Comicopia was amazing though because it was on the west side of Boston near this beautiful colonial neighborhood. I was also impressed by their selection in this small shop. Almost all of the comics I bought were written by local creators in the New England area. Here is my extensive haul from the store:


Siren School by Isabella Rothman

Siren School.jpg

This is probably my favorite comic I bought and read. It’s a cute little feminist comic about female sirens teaching young sirens to lure men to their deaths. Instead of saying sexual stuff though, they say things like “I know I can’t play video games” and other quotes appealing to the man’s ego. Definitely gave me some laughs in only a couple short pages.

Kitties by Greg Steele


This comic wasn’t a story, it was just an art collage of cute and chubby kitties wearing superhero costumes. Something I didn’t really knew I needed until I saw it.

Good Morning Gorgon by Ben Doane and Olivia Li

Good Morning Gorgon.jpg

The premise is simple, a Gorgon mom is shopping for all of her snake head babies. Not much more to say than that.

The BackStagers Volume #1 by James Tynion IV, Rian Sygh and Walter Baiamonte

BackStagers Volume #1.jpg

This graphic novel was included in HideNGoShauna’s post about graphic novels for pride month. I didn’t realize this book was LGBTQIA+ friendly which makes me more excited to read it. It’s currently on my coffee table to remind myself to read it especially in the month of June.

Local comics are my favorite to read because there are some talented creators who aren’t getting the recognition they deserve. When you visit your comic book store, go straight for the locals section. If there isn’t one, work to change that. If you’re only reading DC or Marvel, you’re missing out on so many great comics. Support your local comic book community! 🙂




AFTERGLOW: My First Backed Kickstarter


Image from the AFTER GLOW campaign. 

I’m super excited to share with you all the first kickstarter campaign I have ever backed! Sometimes I scroll through Kickstarter browsing through different creations, but I have never felt compelled to pull out my credit card and back a project. This changed when I clicked on the campaign for the graphic novel AFTERGLOW. I was drawn to the pastel artwork, the characters and the overall story line. It’s close to being funded even though the campaign is going to run for 20 more days. Join me in funding this quirky graphic novel!

Image shows a "Thank You" for Successfully Backing AFTER GLOW - A graphic novel by Pat Shand and K. Lynn Smith

Photo taken by me.

AFTERGLOW is told after The Glowing destroyed 80% of the population. The wildlife was impacted including animals being mutated along with water being contaminated. Lacey is one of the survivors in this new world along with her radioactive cat. Yes, you heard me right she is riding on a radioactive cat. Not going to lie the radioactive cat did draw me into this graphic novel because I will forever be a cat lady. So basically this gigantic house cat and Lacey go on adventures together.

So who created this story? There’s K. Lynn Smith who created a very successful web comic called Plume. I haven’t read Plume yet, but I do have the website bookmarked under my web comics folder in google chrome. K. Lynn Smith is also a Midwestern native as she is from Michigan, but has appeared at Cedar Rapids Comic Con in Iowa. Pat Shand is the other brilliant mind behind AFTERGLOW and someone I’m less familiar with.

As far as the rewards, they’re pretty typical for any kickstarter campaign. The more you pay, the more you unlock such as exclusive artwork, book marks, buttons, bumper stickers and more. I personally only need the physical trade paperback so I didn’t pledge for any of the extra stuff, but if you’re a collector that might be worth it for you.

I have no doubt that this project will be backed considering they are less than $500 away from their funding goal. You can go check out the official kickstarter campaign here: AFTERGLOW – Graphic Novel I have never been more excited for a graphic novel to ship to me!


Boston Book Haul

Every time I travel to a new city I look for smaller stores to go shop at. Boston has plenty of comic book stores, book stores and smaller boutiques. Specifically, I visited Brattle Book Shop and Comicopia which by the way if you’re ever in Boston, Comicopia is the best comic book store on the East Coast. I bought plenty of books & comics to last me a while. Since my post was starting to get a little long, I’m going to do two separate posts one for my books and one for my comics. Here were the books I purchased at this classic outdoor book store.



The Brattle Book Shop is one of the oldest book stores in the U.S. When the weather is nice, books are displayed on racks and on the shelves in the above two pictures. Walking into this store was walking into a bookworm’s dream. There were huge shelves with one of those old fashioned library ladders. There were two full floors of books and on the third floor were rare books. I didn’t purchase any rare books because some sets were close to $200 or more. The prices from this shop are incredibly fair as you can see that there are $1, $3 and $5 books outside. Here are my finds from Brattle Books:

Madhouse by Rob Thurman


This is one of the books I found on the $1 book rack. This book is the third book in the Cal Leandros series which I had never heard. Cal and Neko are half-human brothers who run their own paranormal detective agency in the Big Apple. A malevolent evil being is murdering humans at an alarming rate so Cal and Neko must kill it. Seems similar to the Dresden series which I like.

The Night Manager by John Le Carre


I’m a big fan of Tom Hiddleston’s role in the TV adaptation to this book. I have heard that the TV adaptation is better than the book, but I want to read the book and then re-watch The Night Manger. The Night Manager tells the story of Jonathon Pine working as a night manager at a prestigious hotel. When his former lover is brutally murdered at the hands of Richard Roper, a prominent man who cannot be touched by MI6, Pine goes undercover into Roper’s operations to bring justice to his fallen lover. I believe the Night Manager TV series is 6 episodes long and is on Amazon Prime.

Serpents in the Cold by Thomas O’Malley


This mystery book takes place in 1950’s Boston where a serial killer is on the prowl for the next victim. Mystery is my second favorite genre to read from because I enjoy the suspense leading up to uncovering the truth. After I finish a mystery book, I always feel like I’m on cloud nine because of knowing how the book ends which I didn’t know a couple hours before finishing the book.

H.P. Lovecraft’s Dunwich Horror


One of my favorite board games is Arkham Horror which is based off of H.P. Lovecraft’s horror stories. This is a graphic novel take on some of his classic stories. Lovecraft’s stories are intriguing, but since they were written in the early 1900’s, the language used can be dull and hard to interpret at times. This graphic novel makes that easier.

Griff by Christopher Moore and Ian Corson


My final purchase is this graphic novel for a decent price. I read the reviews for this graphic novel and apparently other comic fans are saying it’s mediocre. I guess I will form my own opinion. The book takes place in NYC where an alien invasion is occurring. A couple pesky New Yorkers are destined to fight back and take back their favorite city.

My book pile is growing bigger which is how I like it. I never not want to have anything next in line to read. My comic post will be posted soon enough because there’s a lot of cool stuff I bought I wanted to share. Also I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day. Let’s be thankful for the U.S troops who have fought for so much to give us the rights we have.

The Avengers; how much this movie means to me.

This past week I watched the Avengers with the boyfriend to prepare for Infinity War. This movie has a special place in my heart as helping to expose me to the world of comics. I remember sitting in the theater being a senior in high school and preparing to go off to college that fall. I watched this movie and I was entranced by all of the characters with their back stories and how they worked together. I wanted to dedicate a full post as to how much this movie meant to me and how re-watching it gave me all the feelings.

As I mentioned, I was a senior in high school when this movie was released. Reflecting back to that time of my life, I was insecure. Insecure with my looks, my body and who I was as a person. My uncle persuaded me, my brother and my mom to go to the theaters to watch this movie.

Everyone probably has their favorite Avenger. Most would say Iron Man or Captain America, but my favorite was Hawkeye. I had an obsession with Jeremy Renner for a couple years after the release of the Avengers. I still have two Jeremy Renner Hawkeye posters in my old bedroom at my mom’s house. Hawkeye is an ordinary human being who is forced into this alien invasion by Loki. He’s also the avenger who I think is given the most crap because he uses a bow. However, his hand to hand combat skills are lethal especially when he’s paired with the Black Widow.

Also can I just say one of my very first OTP’s I had was Black Widow and Hawkeye. I have always wanted to know what the hell happened in Budapest!?!?!?!. I was shocked when Black Widow was paired with Hulk because it seemed  odd to me. I feel bad for Hawkeye because I felt he really didn’t get the attention that he deserves in the Marvel universe and I know other fans agree with me.

I didn’t visit a comic book store until the summer of 2013 when I brought my ex-boyfriend to Mead Hall Comics & Games in Minneapolis. I bought a few single issues without really knowing what I was looking for. Now, I buy mostly trades because it’s difficult for me to keep up with single issue comics. I wouldn’t have even started buying comics if it wasn’t for seeing the Avengers in the theater in 2012.

To wrap up this post, I wanted to say how the Avengers has really transformed me into the geek girl I am today. It helped broaden my interests and put me waist deep into the Marvel comics fandom. I’m excited to see where Marvel movies will head and I’m looking forward to reading more superhero comics and enjoying free comic book day this year.

Hawkeye and Black Widow

Found this image from Writing in Rivendell:



Would you get The Cure?

Post Mortal Drew Magary

Right now I’m living my young 20’s in a city where I belong. I don’t get excited about my birthday anymore, but I don’t dread getting older. In a recent book I read titled the Post Mortal by Drew Magary, there was a cure to aging discovered and almost everyone in this book received the cure. They would stay the same age and their organs wouldn’t deteriorate. The planet Earth changes as people are living way longer than they used to. So the real question is, if the cure existed where you wouldn’t age any longer, would you take it?

Personally, I wouldn’t want to receive the cure for aging. I try and take care of my body so that as I age I’m able to use it for longer. In the book, the government eventually goes to extreme measures by sanctioning the killing of elderly people. There’s also a lot more divorce because people enter into what’s called a cycle marriage. Cycle marriages are contracts where each person says they want to be together for 40 years and then divorce to find someone else to marry. I would like to think the person I end up with will be by my side forever, not just as a placement holder.

For the record, I actually really disliked the book for multiple reasons including John Farrell the main character being an asshole and the book moved way too slow for me. I will say I did like some of the themes the book presented as to whether or not we deserve the right to live forever. I look at Wolverine as another good example of this. He has lived through decades, but he isn’t happy because he has seen everyone he cares about perish while he has to suffer through his life. That’s not a life worth living.

Even though I didn’t like this book, it allowed me to be able to read something that I normally wouldn’t have. Let me know in the comments whether you would receive the cure to aging if it ever became available.



Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

I was reading A Cornish Geek’s blog and she completed a tag all about controversial book opinions. I found this tag to be intriguing so I decided to take part in it on my blog. So without further ado, here are my answers:

What is a popular book or series that you didn’t like?

Chronicles of Narnia is the most boring book series. I have tried to read them twice with no success. Another book series I cannot stand is the Lord of the Rings because hearing J.R. Tolkien talking about hobbit species for five pages was awful.

What is a popular book or series that everyone else seems to hate but you love?

Once Upon a Crime

Divergent gets a lot of hate especially since the movie wasn’t all that great. I have to admit Insurgent & Allegiance were terrible, but I actually enjoyed Divergent a lot.

What is a love triangle in a book or series where the main character ended up with the person you did not want them to end up with?

Twilight for sure. Edward was an asshole and I never felt it was healthy for Bella to become like him. Jacob may have been a werewolf, but he was more human than Edward was. I stopped reading the books after Eclipse because I was sick of Bella’s relationship with Edward.

What is a popular book genre that you hardly reach for?

Young Adult is a hit or a miss for me. I don’t generally buy books from this category unless there is a lot of good reviews about a particular book.

What is a popular or beloved character that you do not like?

Nancy Drew was too “goody too shoes” for me. I think that’s the reason why I wasn’t a Nancy Drew fan when I was little.

Who is a popular author that you can’t seem to get into?

Stephanie Perkins is one author I cannot stand. Her novel Anna and the French Kiss annoyed me. Anna was pining for a man in a relationship. The man in that relationship was doing sketchy things with Anna that he shouldn’t have been doing if he was dating someone else. With all that said, I’m supposed to think that’s a great way for a healthy relationship to start? Hell no.

What is a popular book trope that you are tired of seeing?

Love triangles show up all the time in young adult fiction and I’m over it.

What is a popular book or series that you have no interest in reading?

50 Shades of Grey. It’s not because of the BDSM in the book because I have no problem with that. My biggest issue with 50 Shades of Grey are the scenes in which Ana uses her safe word multiple times and Christian doesn’t stop. That’s rape. BDSM relationships are all based on healthy consent with correct use of safe words. I’m sure there are better BDSM books out there and I will want to read those.

What is a movie or TV show adaption of a book or series that you like more than the book/s?

Silence of the Lambs is fantastic! Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster have great chemistry on the big screen. When I read the book after seeing the movie, I was surprised as to how well the book followed the movie.

If you decide to do the tag, leave a comment down below. I would love to hear all of your answers.

2018 Reading Challenge Check In

I have been having a fantastic day. I got off of work 2 hours early, cleaned the kitchen and reviewed my health goals with my personal trainer / coach. With the new available free time, I wanted to check into my good reads account and see how I’m doing with my 2018 reading challenge. I have been reading so many books & comics that I haven’t been able to post reviews as quickly as I have been reading, which is a good thing. This post is more to sum up what I read that I hadn’t had a chance to review on this blog yet.

Good as Gone by by Amy Gentry

Good As Gone.jpg

TRIGGER WARNING: Rape, sexual violence and sexual assault. 

This is Amy’s first debut novel and I believe I found this book through a random Barnes & Noble shopping trip. I included the trigger warning because there are some graphic scenes in this book that made me a little sick to my stomach.

Eight years ago, Julie was kidnapped out of her bedroom in Houston, Texas. On a random summer day her mother, Anna answers the door and sees an older Julie on her doorstep. Anna is overjoyed by the return of her daughter however, Anna starts to doubt Julie’s story. Out of the blue, a private investigator contacts Anna about his suspicions with Julie’s kidnapping. Julie’s story unravels and the reader is left to grapple with whether or not Julie is actually Julie and if she’s an imposter, what does she want with Anna?

I’m not going to spoil the book, but my major complaint was how the story was told. “Julie’s” story is told backwards while Anna’s story is told moving forward. It made the story confusing and I felt I had to read back into the book to remember Julie’s story. I felt the book kept me on the edge of my seat without really knowing what would happen. I ended up giving it three stars on goodreads.

Moonstruck Issue #3 by Grace Ellis & Shae Beagle


Image Comics is a powerhouse company with some of my favorite comics including Papergirls, Nailbiter and Sex Criminals. It features magical creatures, fancy coffee drinks and female friendship. Chet is a poor centaur who lost her legs in a magic show, can Julie return them and defeat the magician? Honestly one of the best comic series I have read, I gave this five stars on goodreads.

Manhunter Volume #1


Kate Spencer is a hard assed, cigarette smoking, swearing attorney. She is angry when a criminal she’s prosecuting gets let back into the city. She steals weapons from a police locker and goes to kick some ass taking on the mantle of Manhunter. Think Daredevil, but DC Comics version and Kate Spencer is kind of unlikeable. This came out in 2005 which means I was in fifth grade when this originally was published. It feels a bit dated, but it didn’t bother me when I read it. I gave this four stars on goodreads and I do intend to buy the other volumes.

Rogue One Book Adaptation by Alexander Freed

Rogue One book adaptation.jpg

I don’t know what I was expecting, but this read exactly how it plays in the movie. I did like that parts of the book were told from the perspective of Bodhi, Cassian and KTSO. Rogue One is my favorite Star Wars film because of how it brutally depicts war. I felt the original Star Wars trilogy was lighthearted all the time whereas Rogue One you fall in love with the characters to watch them all die as their war rages on. Anyway, I would recommend this if you love Rogue One as much as I do. I gave this three stars on goodreads.

I have read 11 books out of my challenge to read 20. I mentioned this in another blog post, but I always start my goodreads challenge at 10 and increase it every time I meet that goal. That way instead of feeling defeated because I didn’t read as much as I wanted to, I get encouraged because I can increase my goal if needed. Tell me what you’re reading in the comments as I’m always adding to my goodreads to be read shelf.