Lesbian Frankenstein & My Latest Comic Reviews

Lately, I have been driving to my local comic book store somewhat regularly. Since my comics reading has increased, I have been reading comics faster than I can write reviews. I wanted to share the comics I read and my thoughts about them.

The Prometheite by Ari S. Mulch

The Prometheite .jpeg

This graphic novel was one I helped back on kickstarter in June of this year. Ari is a LGBTQIA+ creator who launched this campaign during pride month. This novel is a lesbian retelling of Frankenstein. Frankenstein and gothic literature in general is one of my favorite genres to read. This novel captures the essence of the story. The artwork gives off a spooky vibe with the use of the black and white panels. The only other color used is red. The red is used sparsely, however when it’s utilized, it creates this horrific theme within the story. Ari Mulch can be found on tumblr and twitter. I rated this five stars on goodreads.

Paper Girls Volume #4

Paper Girls Vol 4.jpeg

Finally, I get an idea as to what the hell is going on in this story. If anyone else reads Paper Girls, the first few trade paperbacks don’t go into why everything is happening, while this one gives more story background. Paper Girls stars four newspaper girls out delivering the newspaper in the 80’s. These girls witness an alien invasion of sorts which leads them to go time traveling. It’s been fun reading all the 80’s references. Recently, the girls travel to Y2K (2000). I was only six when Y2K happened, so there’s a lot I don’t remember. It’s fun reading about it in this graphic novel. Despite my earlier thoughts, I do recommend reading the series. The artwork is great and it’s clear Brian K. Vaughan has crafted an intricate story. I rated Paper Girls Volume #4 four stars on goodreads.

Riri Williams as Ironheart Issue #1

Ironheart Issue 1.jpeg

Ever since Riri Williams was announced to take over Ironman in 2016, I knew I needed to eventually read this. I have mentioned numerous times on my blog how diversity is incredibly important within any form of media. When Riri Williams was announced, I wrote a blog post all about it. I picked this first issue up in February during my Universal Trip on the Marvel Island side of the park. I loved Riri’s Ironheart suit. It’s a blend of pink with yellow on her shoulders. It’s feminine without being sexualizing. I highly recommend purchasing this comic. I rated this five stars on good reads.

During Small Business Saturday (November 30th) I picked up quite a few comics to read. There will be more comic reviews and I will probably write them in this format. Happy Comics Reading everyone!

Josh & Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating

Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating.jpg

Re-reading the Harry Potter books is a massive task. I love Harry Potter, but I needed a break from the fantasy world. This is partly due to reading Hedwig’s death in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows because Hedwig’s death is more emotional in the book than how it’s portrayed in the movie. I decided reading a romance book would be the perfect way to alleviate my sadness. I purchased Josh & Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating back in February for my trip to Orlando. Whenever I fly, I don’t like to pack books because they’re heavy and take up too much space in my luggage. Despite purchasing this book eight months ago, I finally finished it this month. Josh & Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating is one of the best romance / contemporary novels I have ever read and is a contendor in being the best book I read in 2019.

Hazel Bradford is an eccentric, quirky elementary school teacher. She has a foray of pets living in her one bedroom apartment in Portland including a fish named Daniel Craig. Many men Hazel has dated feel she’s a little “much” for them. Hazel reconnects with Josh Im, who she originally met in college by puking on his shoes. Josh is the brother to Hazel’s best friend and he’s more mellow than Hazel. After Josh finds out his girlfriend is cheating on him, Hazel sets him up on a date. This leads to both Josh and Hazel double dating with the people they set each other up with. Hazel and Josh start to enjoy their company together, but are they meant to be together?

One reason I instantly became attached to this book is it reminds me of my relationship. I’m the one who has my head in the clouds. I talk about all the traveling I want to do in my lifetime whereas my fiance is the rational one. Can I afford to travel? How much do I have in my 401k? I believe this is the reason we work well together. I lift my fiance up in the air with me, but he brings me down to earth. Hazel and Josh’s relationship is similar to my relationship in real life.

Hazel is a character I want to be best friends with in real life. Hazel doesn’t conform or change her personality for any of her romantic partners. In one instance, Hazel goes on a date wearing a cow print tank top, a denim skirt and green cowboy boots. This is an outfit I would never forsee myself wearing, but I think it’s endearing how Hazel is who she is. Josh is the complete opposite of Hazel as he’s quiet, resolved and put together. He’s a genuinely great guy and deserves to feel appreciated in any relationship he’s in.

The chemistry between Hazel and Josh is on fire. Their flirty banter feels authentic, but not over the top. The sex scenes are perfectly written as they are “sexy” but they aren’t raunchy either. It’s enough to get a little hot and bothered, but not feeling gross while reading.

In the last quarter of the book, the plot takes a personal turn. I’m not going to reveal what this is because it would be a huge spoiler. Many reviews I read toward Josh & Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating is that this plot twist is unnecessary and dramatic. I personally disagree. I believe the book does a beautiful job highlighting this personal experience many women have gone through. My spoiler filled review of this book is on my goodreads account if you feel inclined to read what this event happens to be.

Josh & Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating is an adorable, personal contemporary novel. Hazel and Josh are well crafted characters and their dating experiences are awkward, yet realistic. This book warrents a re-read for me and I wish Christina Lauren would write a sequel all about Hazel & Josh raising their kids. I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Good Omens by Neil Geiman and Terry Pratchett

The first book I read by Neil Geiman was Coraline. Coraline gave me nightmares and it’s the first horror book I can recall reading. I hadn’t read any other graphic novel or book written by Neil Geiman since finishing Coraline. When I learned David Tennant was cast in the TV version of Good Omens, it brought this book to my attention. Good Omens was a slower read for me, but I enjoyed the thick layer of satire between the lines.

*Spoilers for the book and possibly the Amazon series, though I haven’t watched it yet.*

Good Omens starts with the relationship between Aziraphale and Crowley. Aziraphale is an angel and a self proclaimed biblophile owning his own book store in London. Crowley is a fallen angel working with the demons from hell. Aziraphale and Crowley have a great bromance as they enjoy their lives in England. As such, when they recognize a plot to bring the apocalypse to Earth, they team up to save the planet.

Besides Aziraphale and Crowley’s relationship, there are several side plots happening simultaneously. In the beginning of Good Omens, there’s a character listing which helps to keep everything straight. Anathema Device is the character I most enjoyed reading about. She’s a witch and a descendant of Agnes Nutter, who wrote a book of prophecies which are slowly coming true. Anathema stands up for herself and aids Aziraphale and Crowley to prevent the Apocalypse. Anathema’s relationship with Newt helps benefit her as a character as Newt allows Anathema to see how she can live her life without knowing her grandmother’s predictions.

Agnes Nutter is a special witch. She’s burned at the stake because of the townsfolk learning about her witchcraft. Agnes gets her revenge. As she’s being burned alive, she hides gunpowder and nails inside her coat which allows her to explode, killing her fellow townsfolk. Agnes is a force to be reckoned with.

The only reason I didn’t give this book five stars is because at times the story could be boring. Adam’s story with his four friends didn’t interest me at all, however I liked how his friend group took down the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. My edition of Good Omens includes a section where Neil Geiman and Terry Pratchett talk about what it was like to work together in creating this book. It gives readers insight on how Neil Geiman and Terry Pratchett write which helped me like this book even more. Now it’s time to watch the series on Amazon and I can’t wait to see David Tennant be the sassy Devil he was meant to be.

Wildcard by Marie Lu

I’m close to meeting my goodreads goal of having read fifty books in 2019. This is a surpurb reading year for me. It’s become difficult to write book reviews on this site because I read faster than I can type reviews. I wanted to write a review for Wildcard by Marie Lu because it’s the second book in the Warcross series. Warcross was one of my favorite series I read in 2018, so it holds a special place in my biblophile heart.  Despite Warcross’s strong start, Wildcard is a weaker addition to the series.

*spoilers from Warcross & Wildcard down below, be aware*

Wildcard Promo Image

Wildcard Book Cover. Photo from Amazon. 

Wildcard begins immediately after Warcross with Hideo Tanaka’s neurolink going online. This neurolink forces anyone who has committed a crime or thought about committing a crime to turn themselves into the police. Emika feels betrayed by Hideo because she feels no one should have this type of power even if Hideo’s intentions are good. Emika is contacted by Zero who is revealed at the end of Warcross to be Hideo’s missing brother, Sasuke. Zero gives Emika a way to shut down the neurolink by being recruited by Zero’s group the Blackcoats. As Emika investigates further into Sasuke’s past she uncovers a shocking horror into what happened with Sasuke and how this leads into the Blackcoats true intentions.

Sasuke’s backstory is tragic. I’m not going to reveal any of it because I don’t want to be giving massive spoilers in this review. I wouldn’t say I shed any tears for Sasuke, but his backstory allowed him to be manipulated by high ranking individuals who weren’t looking out for his best interests.

Marie Lu is skilled at creating morally ambiguous characters. The villain’s methodology is completely wrong, but their intentions are good. This type of character creation allows for open discussion about the implications in Wildcard with our current society. Hideo can be considered a villain as well because even though he has good intentions on trying to decrease crime, he has also caused mass suicides of criminals and innocent people. In my opinion, Hideo is more of an anti-hero because his intentions are good, but the outcome is severe.

Wildcard builds off of my OTP’s including Hammie & Asher and Roshan & Tremaine. I don’t ship Emika with Hideo because Emika is fiercly intelligent and she deserves someone who will listen to her and Hideo doesn’t.

As I mentioned, Wildcard is a weaker addition in the series because the final “battle” drags on forever. I found myself losing focus while reading because I found the virtual elements to be confusing to picture in my mind. I never lost my focus reading Warcross, whereas Wildcard felt too long.

Wildcard isn’t terrible, but could be better. I initially gave this book three stars on goodreads, but seeing the return of the Phoenix Riders along with the addition of new characters allowed me to give this book four stars. It’s not as great as Warcross, but it’s still a worthy sequel into this neon gaming world.

Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince re-read

The Half Blood Prince is my favorite Harry Potter novel. It’s the book that sets up the massive Battle at Hogwarts and reveals how Voldemort has survived all these years. When my dad read the book to me, I was able to connect all the details J.K. Rowling had established in earlier books. This is one of the reasons I adore the series because of how each book builds upon it’s predecessor.  The murder of the Potter family is only the beginning. As always, I wanted to share all the details I had forgotten about as I re-read this book.

  • The Half Blood Prince book opens with the current British Prime Minister speaking to Fudge through a permanent portrait stuck on the wall.
  • Fudge has been updating the Prime Minister about the tragedies throughout the books including Black’s Prison Break, the Triwizard Cup and Voldemort’s Return.
  • Fudge does address Black’s death not being regretful, but knowing he made a mistake… GROSS.
  • Dementors are reproducing which is causing all the mist in Britain. I wonder how Dementor’s reproduce..?
  • Fudge was blackmailed by Voldemort to not interfere with the bridge collapsing. Definitely forgot about this small detail.
  • As Bellatrix and Narcissa go to Snape’s, Bellatrix kills a fox because she’s evil.
  • Dumbledore picks Harry up at Privet Drive versus at the train station in the movies.
  • Voldemort is practicing Occlumency against Harry, so he isn’t having any bad dreams.
  • Most wizard homes are protected against unwanted apparators.
  • Arthur got a promotion at the Ministry, he’s now the head of the Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects.
  • Hermione, Ginny and Mrs. Weasley aren’t hugely fond of Fleur and Bill’s relationship at first.
  • Hearing how Harry feels after he tells Hermione and Ron about the prophecy and how they will stand by him is heartwarming.
  • Both Ollivander and Florean who sold ice cream in Diagon Alley were kidnapped.
  • Diagon Alley isn’t as colorful and everyone shopping there seemed very anxious.
  • Fred and George made shield spell clothing that even the Ministry bought for protection.
  • Ginny bought a pygmy puff and named it Arnold, how cute.
  • Tonks is the first one who finds Harry and not Luna like in the movie. This is after Draco curses Harry on the Hogwarts Express. Both Tonks and Harry have to leap off the moving train back onto Hogwarts property.
  • Quote from McGonagall, “it’s high time your grandmother learned to be proud of the grandson she’s got, rather than the one she thinks she ought to have.” YESSS!
  • I love that Dumbledore’s passwords are all candy. Acid Pops.
  • The first memory they look at is from Bob Ogden, an employee at the Magical Law Enforcement office at the Ministry of Magic. Tracked down by Dumbledore, he received Bob’s memories.
  • Ogden is attacked by Morfin, where his father, Mr. Gaunt, comes out and tells his son via parsel tongue to go back into the home.
  • Merlope is the daughter and she’s consistently abused by her father. She’s also a squib.
  • Gaunt shows Ogden a family ring referencing the Peverell coat (Deathly Hallows foreshadowing?) (Tales of Beetle and the Bard).
  • Gaunt is the last living relatives of Salazar Slytherin.
  • Morfin cast a spell on a muggle which caused painful hives on his skin.
  • Merlope likes the man named Tom, that’s why Morfin cursed that particular muggle.
  • Marvolo was Voldemort’s grandfather. Both Marvolo and Morfin spent time in Azkaban for the muggle attack and fighting the Ministry as they were being arrested.
  • Merlope gave a love potion to Tom Riddle, became pregnant with his child and then stopped giving him the love potion. Tom left her never to be seen by Merope again.
  • Marvolo was never the same after Azkaban and died after being released.
  • Stan Shunpike was arrested after being suspected as a Death Eater (this might be Rufus Scrimgeour’s idea of trying to attempt to fix the situation, Stan may not be a Death Eater).
  • Harry accidentally casts Levicorpus non-verbally on Ron which caused him to lift Ron upside down in the air.
  • Ron is insecure in his lack of experience with girls. I think it’s interesting as he’s only 16 in this book and how these stereotypes are presented in Wizarding society.
  • Ron became aggressive to Hermione because of knowing that she had experience with Krum. This might be good social commentary about how when women “have experience” they are ostracized for it even from Ron.
  • Hermione sent her “birds” after Ron which actually left Ron injured with cuts and bruises.
  • Ron did a really cruel impression of Hermione in front of their Transfiguration class. I have to say book Ron is a huge jerk.
  • Hermione saying she’s taking Cormac to Slughorn’s party. She says she dates good Quidditch players. SAVAGE.
  • Rufus Scrimgeour is a vampire apparently? Luna tells Harry this before Slughorn’s party.
  • Lupin was bitten by Greyback after his father offended Greyback.
  • Lupin is undercover with werewolves to try and get them on the side of the Order.
  • Kreacher gives Harry maggots for Christmas.
  • Scrimgeour wants Harry wandering around the Ministry so everyone can see that he’s on their side. As an exchange, Harry could meet Gawain Robards, the head of the Auror office. How rich.
  • Harry is so salty with his convo page 346.
  • When Tom Riddle came to Hogwarts, the staff was impressed by him. He was talented, eager for knowledge and he seemed polite.
  • Dumbledore always mistrusted Tom (this can be seen by the diary Tom kept).
  • Riddle’s friends at Hogwarts were the first Death Eaters in his command.
  • Tom tried to find more of his family, but as he searched the trophy room, there was no record of his father. This allowed him to find out that his father was never a wizard. He also tried to trace his relatives through his Marvolo name given by the orphanage through Merlope Gaunt.
  • As Voldemort found Morfin, he took Morfin’s wand to kill the Riddle Family including Tom Riddle senior (Voldemort’s father and grand parents).
  • Morfin was accused of the crime and confessed to it. Morfin died in Azkaban mourning the loss of his father’s ring.
  • Dumbledore believes Tom planted a false memory in Morfin’s mind to make him believe he killed the family.
  • The Ministry can detect underage magic, but not the perpetrator.
  • If Slughorn’s memory of talking with Riddle, he’s already wearing the ring. Meaning he committed those murders while attending Hogwarts.
  • Tom Riddle was a prefect at Hogwarts.
  • Ron’s birthday is March 1st.
  • Harry falls off his broom during the Hufflepuff game (isn’t this the 2nd loss to Hufflepuff the first time being in the third book) Cormac kept shouting orders and taking the beaters bat to hit a bludger… what a jack ass.
  • Harry calls for Kreacher to spy on Malfoy. When he calls for him, Dobby appears. When Kreacher insults Harry, Dobby punches him. Dobby is much more vital in the books than the movies.
  • Voldemort after completing his 7th year at Hogwarts began working at Borgin & Burkes.
  • Voldemort wanted to teach at Hogwarts because it was his home, although there was magic along with influence among the staff.
  • As an employee of Borgin and Burkes, this allowed Voldemort to find Helga Hufflepuff’s goblet.
  • Voldemort also gets Salazar Slytherin’s locket from Hepzibah Smith (an old witch lady)
  • Two days after Voldemort met with Smith, she was found dead. The house elf, Hokey was accused of the crime.
  • By the time Voldemort appeared before Dumbledore for the job interview, Voldemort already had a sickly appearance, not quite snake like and he abandoned his muggle name.
  • Ron is the one who thinks Harry should use Felix on Slughorn.
  • Fenir Greyback is attacking more kids especially if their parents don’t help the Death Eaters. This happened to the Montgomery family, their little brother died after the attack.
  • Hermione passed her apparition test while Ron failed because he left half an eyebrow behind.
  • During the burial of Aragog, Slughorn brings down booze to drink. He had house elves taste it first to make sure it wasn’t poison.
  • The careless act of not concealing the diary showed to Dumbledore that Voldemort had created more than one horcrux. If he hadn’t he would have protected the diary better.
  • When counting horcruxes, Voldemort has 6 with the 7th being his soul in his body.
  • Dumbledore believes Voldemort wanted a position at the school for recruitment, but also to find more horcruxes.
  • Throughout the memories, Harry feels the locket and the goblet are horcruxes while Dumbledore gives Harry the impression Nagini is a horcrux too.
  • Voldemort was going to use the murder of Harry and his family as a horcrux.
  • Lucius, believing Voldemort to be dead, used the diary for his own political gain. He didn’t recognize that he was holding a part of his master’s soul. It’s also why in the later movies, Voldemort seems to be consistently punishing Lucius because of his failure at the ministry, but for also allowing his diary to be destroyed so mercilessly.
  • Voldemort singled out Harry because of the prophecy, but if he would have done nothing, the prophecy wouldn’t have come true.
  • The reason Voldemort couldn’t possess Harry is because of his love inflicted by his mother when she died to save him.
  • As Harry understands the prophecy, Harry realizes he doesn’t have to kill Voldemort. It’s because Voldemort will stop at nothing to kill Harry that if Harry wants to live, he has to stop Voldemort in the end.
  • Malfoy is seen crying in Myrtle’s Bathroom fear of failing Voldemort.
  • Harry was forced to copy records of old Hogwarts punishments which included transgressions from James and Sirius while they were at Hogwarts.
  • Harry and Ginny’s first kiss was after Gryffindor won the house cup with Ginny playing as seeker. Score was 450 to 140.
  • The night Dumbledore hired Trelawny was the night she made the prophecy regarding Harry.
  • On the night Snape heard Trelawny, he told Voldemort originally about the prophecy. Snape had no idea that it would be Harry and his parents who were being targeted.
  • “It’s the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.” Page 566.
  • The liquid potion is emerald  in the books versus in the movie it’s clear.
  • In the book, Dumbledore responds to the Inferi rather quickly where Harry isn’t pulled into the water versus in the movie, Harry is dragged into the water.
  • Harry apparated Dumbledore back, that’s quite an achievement.
  • The Dark Mark appears in the sky when Harry gets back with Dumbledore.
  • Dumbledore tells Malfoy to not use the term mud blood, Go Dumbledore fighting against slurs.
  • Dumbledore never approached Malfoy, because if he did Malfoy would have failed and Voldemort would have killed him (regarding Malfoy’s involvement in the necklace and for giving the poison to Ron accidentally). Also since Voldemort is great at Legilimency, he would have been able to tell Malfoy was lying.
  • Dumbledore offers Malfoy and his mother protection if Draco comes to the Order.
  • Draco is surprised Greyback came. It seems Malfoy has empathy and didn’t want to bring Greyback with.
  • Greyback, Amycus, Alecto and Malfoy are with Dumbledore that night.
  • As Harry leaves the tower, he stuns two Death Eaters one was Greyback. The other was unnamed.
  • Ginny was dueling Amycus, the brother when Harry stuns him.
  • McGonagal causes Alecto to run off.
  • Buckbeak attacks Snape in the book, why wasn’t this included in the movie???????
  • Harry straightens Dumbledore’s spectacles on his nostrils when he approaches his body after it fell off the tower.
  • The body referenced by Malfoy (in the tower Malfoy says someone died), is Bill Weasley as this was the moment he was attacked by Greyback.
  • THEY USED THE LAST OF THE FELIX POTION IN THE FIGHT WTF!? Why is this not in the movie.
  • Harry tells everyone what he knows about Snape and how he told Voldemort about the prophecy.
  • Hermione and Luna were outside Snape’s door when Snape urged them to check on Flitwick because he collapsed when in actuality he jinxed him.
  • Almost immediately, Dumbledore appeared in his own portrait in his old office.
  • Fuck Dumbledore’s death is hitting me more than I thought, “The phoenix had gone, had left Hogwarts for good, just as Dumbledore had left the school, the world. . . had left Harry” 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦
  • EWWW Umbridge is at Dumbledore’s funeral.
  • Ginny always loved Harry, but she dated other people to get away from him.

One of my favorite facts I wrote in this list is the one I made bold. During the battle near the tower, I believe it’s Ginny who mentions the reason they’re all alive is because they took the rest of Harry’s Felix potion. This isn’t mentioned at all in the movie, but I feel this allows Harry’s main group of friends to survive and fight at the tower.

My Harry Potter re-read is coming to a close. I only have the Deathly Hallows left. It’s like I’m reliving the loss of no new Harry Potter material all over again. Back in 2012 when the last movie came out, I didn’t know how I would get over it. Now, I have a Harry Potter tattoo and I’m thriving in my geeky self. I will leave you with another picture of my Harry Potter tattoo because I’m still so obsessed with it.

Harry Potter Tattoo 4



My Giant Nerd Boyfriend Web Toon

I used to read web comics on a more frequent basis, but then my phone broke and all my apps were erased. This caused a break in how often I read web comics. As I browsed through Facebook, I saw an ad on my feed advertising WEBTOON. WEBTOON is a free, web comic viewing app available on google play and iTunes. After downloading WEBTOON, I was hooked. One of my first series I started reading was My Giant Nerd Boyfriend.

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend.png

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend created by Fishball. All art belongs to her. Image screen shot taken by Me. 

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend describes the relationship between Fishball and her Giant Nerd Boyfriend. The Giant Nerd Boyfriend is a gamer, owner of at least 5+ Pikachu shirts and supports Fishball in her artistic career. The episodes vary whether they’re hilarious or invoking heart-wrenching emotions. For example in a couple episodes, the story tells how Fishball’s Giant Nerd Boyfriend was abandoned by his father and raised by his grandmother and his mom. Both of these strong women helped mold Giant Nerd Boyfriend into being the best boyfriend for Fishball.

In recent episodes, Fishball and Giant Nerd Boyfriend adopted Biscuit who I believe is a Pomeranian puppy. I’m all about cute, hand drawn animals appearing in comics. Biscuit steals the show in certain episodes and goes to show how adding a pet into a healthy relationship can strengthen that bond. I think of my rescue kitty Athena and how she has become our fur baby with me and my fiance.

The story is the obvious draw with this comic, but the artwork is authentic. The sharpened images are able to contrast the physical differences between Fishball and her boyfriend. It creates humor within the comic, but also creating the realistic and healthy relationship between the two of them.

Thanks to WEBTOON for getting me back into reading web comics. I like being able to sip on my hot coffee in the morning and read an episode or two before getting ready for work. If you’re looking for a cutesy relationship web comic, I highly recommend My Giant Nerd Boyfriend. Let me know what else you’re reading on WEBTOON because recommendations are always appreciated.

Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix Re-Read

I thought I had already wrote this post, but I guess I didn’t! I finished The Order of the Phoenix a month ago and I forgot how much information was jammed into the book. Most of it is filler information to help string together the story that the movie removes. I thought the Order of the Phoenix would be a pain to read due to it’s length, but it was more enjoyable than I remember despite Umbridge being a main character. Here is everything I forgot from the Order of the Phoenix

  • Poor Dudley puked on the floor from the Dementor encounter.
  • Aunt Petunia knew what Dementors were.
  • Uncle Vernon recognizes Lore Voldemort’s name and how he was gone. When Harry tells Vernon that Voldemort is back, Vernon actually looks scared. He should be.
  • “Remember My Last Petunia.” That was a great howler.
  • Eight or Nine people show up to “rescue” Harry from the Dursley’s.
  • Tonks sent out a letter to the Dursley’s saying they won, “best kept lawn.” The Dursley’s are cashing in on their prize leaving Harry home alone.
  • Elphias Doge, Dedalus Diggle, Emmeline Vance, Sturgis Podmore and Hestia Jones are all witches and wizards who show up to escort Harry out of the Dursley’s home.
  • Tonks got top marks as an Auror for her being able to change her appearance. It was the “conceal & disguise” test as an Auror. She just passed this test recently.
  • Metamorphmagus are born, not made. Very rare.
  • Harry became “disillusioned” when he flew to 12 Grimmauld Place. This meant Harry became a human chameleon.
  • Percy was hired up into the Ministry to act as a spy for Arthur since Arthur is working with Dumbledore. This is punishment for Percy because he couldn’t see that Barty Crouch was under the Imperius Curse. Percy moves out from the Weasley’s home and doesn’t speak to his family.
  • Evanesco makes things disappear. Used on the Order of the Phoenix’s plans to make them disappear, so Harry couldn’t see them.
  • Sirius is stuck in Grimmauld Place because Wormtail revealed Voldemort’s return and told the Ministry of Sirius being an animagus. They ministry would be looking for a Black Dog wandering around.
  • Sirius and Molly debate surrounding whether Harry should know what the Order is discussing. Molly says Sirius isn’t a great role model and wants to protect Harry. Sirius reminds Molly that Harry isn’t her biological son.
  • Molly makes a good point. Harry isn’t an adult. He is only 15 years old. Being older reading this book, Sirius does come across as a bit immature.
  • Kingsley Shacklebolt has been feeding false information to the Ministry such as strange places Sirius Black has been spotted.
  • Dumbledore’s been demoted from Chief Warlock on the Wizengamot because of his announcement of Voldemort’s return. They also debated taking away his Order of Merlin, First Class.
  • Didn’t know “breakfasted” was a word. Harry and his friends “breakfasted” rather quickly. Page 101
  • Buckbeak is hiding out at 12 Grimmauld Place upstairs in Sirius’s mom’s bedroom.
  • Sirius was a disappointment to his mom “broke her heart”. According to Kreacher.
  • Sirius can’t “release” Kreacher because he knows too much about the Order.
  • Sirius’s Uncle Alphard left him gold. Helped him get his own place at age 17 and allowed him to escape his insufferable family.
  • Sirius’s family suffered from “pure-blood mania” where they wouldn’t look at a person who wasn’t “pure-blood.” The Black family thought they were royalty.
  • Regulus became a Death Eater (first mention of his brother) and was killed by Voldemort (we find out that’s not entirely accurate).
  • Sirius’s family originally supported Voldemort’s ideology. Once they realized what Voldemort would do to get that power, his family started to fear him.
  • Nigellus was Sirius Black’s great-great- grandfather who was the most hated head master at Hogwarts.
  • Araminta Meliflua was a relative who wanted Muggle Hunting legalized.
  • Aunt Elladora would behead her house elves when they couldn’t lift tea anymore.
  • Tonks is related to Sirius and she’s also a half blood, her mom being a witch and her dad being a muggle named Ted.
  • Sirius is technically related to the Weasley’s and Draco Malfoy.
  • Sirius yells at Harry when Harry said Sirius didn’t mention he was related to Bellatrix.
  • 12 Grimmauld Place is unplottable (mentioned in the Goblet of Fire) can’t be located on a map.
  • Kreacher actually cried when Sirius threw out a golden ring with the family crest on it.
  • Dumbledore ordered Sirius to stay at the Order while Harry went to his trial [much to Sirius’s chagrin]
  • Sirius seems angrier in the book than the movie. Being stuck in his house and not being able to go outside is taking a toll on him.
  • Harry and Mr. Weasley entered through a red telephone booth, I can’t remember if that happened in the movie or not.
  • Harry is on level #2 in the Ministry of Magic, that’s one of the top floors I believe. In the movie, it makes it seem like Harry is going underground.
  • Harry enters the same courtroom used in Dumbledore’s memories with Barty Crouch Jr.
  • Fudge keeps saying he, “wants this over with.” Meaning Fudge wants to quickly expel Harry because of what he’s been saying about Voldemort’s return. That’s really gross.
  • Harry donates his galleons to Mungo’s after being cleared of all charges.
  • Hermione makes a comment about how Sirius isn’t sure if Harry is Harry or James. Imagine how Sirius must feel. His best friend is murdered, he’s imprisoned wrongly and he sees his best friend’s son who looks exactly like him. That much be tough for him.
  • Ron becomes a prefect and Mrs. Weasley is so excited.
  • Harry felt he should have gotten the prefect badge because of everything he’s done. For once, Ron has beaten Harry in something and it makes Harry say some awful comments. This is definitely a toxic side to Harry.
  • Lupin was the prefect when James and Sirius were in school.
  • Moody gives Harry the picture of the original Order of the Phoenix.
  • Marlene McKinnon is a witch in the picture and her whole family was murdered two weeks after the picture was taken
  • Benjy Fenwick is a wizard in the Order of the Phoenix who was also killed after the photo was taken.
  • Edgar Bones was also killed after the photo was taken.
  • Caradoc Dearborn vanished 6 months later never to be seen again
  • Hagrid was also in the Order of the Phoenix
  • It took 5 Death Eaters to kill Gideon Prewett and his brother Fabian
  • Aberforth Dumbledore was also in the Order of the Phoenix
  • Dorcas Meadowes was murdered by Voldemort himself
  • Harry found the photograph to be disturbing and after Moody shows it to Harry, he runs off. Their happy faces in the picture without knowing their demise. I feel for Harry as I would probably be disturbed looking at this photograph as well
  • Molly seeing her dead family members as her boggart was really sad.
  • Seeing the photograph, Harry was forced to grow up. This is what Molly was referring to, he is still a 15-year-old kid.
  • Luna is a 4th year student  I assumed she was in the same year as Harry, Ron and Hermione.
  • Neville brings his mimbulus mimbletonia on the Hogwarts Express. It squirts dark green liquid that smells terrible. Poor Harry gets a face full of it.
  • Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson are the prefects for Slytherin house.
  • Ron and Hermione initially don’t know that Harry gave the twins his triwizard tournament money.
  • Ron wants to be an auror!
  • Draught of Peace is a potion that’s supposed to decrease anxiety. It’s super complicated to make.
  • Ron and Hermione call Harry out for his rude behavior. [Harry is constantly yelling at Ron and Hermione]
  • I can sympathize with Harry. He’s sent to McGonagall’s office and she tells him to keep his temper under control.
  • Bowtruckles are taught in their lesson.
  • Hermione is initially super rude to Luna and Harry puts her in her place.
  • Sturgis Podmore (member of the Order of the Phoenix & who picked up Harry in the beginning) was arrested and sentenced to Azkaban for 6 months. He was convicted of stealing from the Ministry of Magic. Was this a lure by the Ministry to take down allies of Dumbledore?
  • Fred & George accidentally gave Katie Bell a blood blisterpod and now she has to go to the hospital wing.
  • Percy writes to Ron letting him know he should cut ties with Harry. What an idiot.
  • Umbridge is proposing policies to discriminate against werewolves and mer-people. It’s also made it difficult for Remus to get a job.
  • Sirius made a comment “you’re less like your father than I thought.” As far as Sirius risking his safety to see Harry. It’s not Harry’s responsibility to be exactly like his father. That’s an unfair statement for Sirius to make.
  • Hog’s Head is where Harry meets the soon to be members of Dumbledore’s Army. It’s also the same place where Hagrid won Norbert.
  • The people who showed up were. . .
    • Neville
    • Dean Thomas
    • Lavender Brown
    • Parvati and Padma Patil
    • Cho & one of her friends
    • Luna
    • Katie Bell
    • Alicia Spinnet
    • Angelina Johnson
    • Colin Creevy & his brother Dennis
    • Ernie Macmillian
    • Justin Finch Fletchley
    • Hannah Abbott
    • Random Ravenclaw students
    • Fred & George Weasley
    • Lee Jordan
    • Ginny Weasley
  • Foreshadowing! Cho’s friend shows up and she doesn’t look happy to be there. This is the same friend who rats out Dumbledore’s army to Umbridge
  • Susan Bones, a Hufflepuff student who’s aunt served on Harry’s trial also showed up to Hog’s Head
  • Random fact: if a boy goes up to the girl’s dormitory, the stairs turn into a slide.
  • Umbridge rule of “no clubs.” Also includes Quidditch. The Gryffindor team had to reapply to be able to play Quidditch. What an evil person.
  • Sirius finds out about Dumbledore’s Army from Mundungus who was in the Hog’s Head listening and following Harry. Sirius feels a sense of pride with Harry acting more like James.
  • Sirius contacts Harry through the flames and Umbridge’s hand arises from the ashes to squish out the flames. Another reason why she sucks.
  • Dobby is the one who tells Harry about the Room of Requirement in the book.
  • Dumbledore’s Army completes their first lesson on practicing expellarimus.
  • Hermione gives all the members of the Army a coin that’s been put under the Protean Charm. Any time Harry changes the meeting, the coins grow hot and change to the date on the other member’s coins. That’s awesome.
  • Crabbe & Goyle are Slytherin Beater’s this year.
  • Harry beats Malfoy AGAIN in Quidditch. Unfortunately, Ron let in most of the goals as Keeper.
  • Umbridge gives Harry and George a lifetime ban from playing Quidditch after Fred & George pummel Malfoy after he throws insults about their mom.
  • Hagrid goes to find the giants with Madame Maxine unlike in the movie it appears he goes by himself.
  • Hagrid was negotiating with a giant named Karkus except he was killed by another giant named Golgomath. Gologomath was the giant who injured Hagrid. Hagrid saw Death Eater’s approaching the giants.
  • Hagrid teaches about thestrals in his first lesson back at Hogwarts. Meanwhile, Umbridge is super racist and rudely asks students if they can hear him because he’s a giant.
  • Umbridge announces that thestrals are classified by the Ministry as dangerous. The Ministry of Magic is a corrupt government society.
  • Dobby decorated the Room of Requirement for Christmas, how cute.
  • Ginny replaces Harry as the Gryffindor seeker.
  • Dumbledore’s headmaster portraits are displayed in other areas, so they can go to and from the Ministry and St. Mungo’s as needed.
  • Dumbledore starts ordering Phineas to send a message to the Order. This is the same Phineas that’s related to Sirius Black who was also one of the worst Headmaster’s in Hogwart’s history.
  • Immediately after meeting with Dumbledore, Harry & the Weasley’s use a portkey to go back to Grimmauld Place. McGonagall has to distract Umbridge from finding out the boys were walking around Hogwarts late at night.
  • There’s an argument about whether or not the Weasley kids can go see their father. The Order doesn’t want the Ministry to know Harry is having visions. It would look rather suspicious if they showed up to the hospital without anyone telling them about Arthur’s attack.
  • Mungo’s is disguised as a red brick building titled Purge and Dowse LtD.
  • The logo of St. Mungo’s was a wand and a bone crossed together.
  • Dilys Derwint was a former healer (not doctor) and she was one of the headmaster portraits in Dumbledore’s office.
  • The floors of St. Mungo’s are as follows:
    • Ground Floor – Artifact Accidents (wand backfiring, broom crashes)
    • First Floor – Creature Induced Injuries
    • Second Floor – Magical Bugs (Dragon Pox or Scrofungulus)
    • Third Floor – Potions (rashes, uncontrollable giggling)
    • Fourth Floor – Spell Damage (jinxes, hexes etc.)
    • Fifth Floor – Visitor’s Tea Room and Hospital Gift Shop
  • Arthur says every time they take off his bandages, he keeps bleeding. Must be with the snake’s poison that’s preventing him from being able to stop the bleeding.
  • Next to Arthur is a man who was bitten by a werewolf and there’s no cure for that.
  • Harry thinks about leaving Grimmauld Place after hearing about how he could be possessed by Voldemort.
  • Phineas Nigellus tells Harry a message from Dumbledore instructing him not to leave Grimmauld Place.
  • Ginny is much better in the books than the movies. Ginny reminds Harry she knows what it’s like to be possessed by Voldemort. Ginny couldn’t remember where she was when she was possessed by Voldemort. Since Harry has been in control of his thoughts, it’s clear he isn’t being possessed.
  • Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny see Professor Lockhart and the healer accompanying him is impressed he has “visitors.” Apparently no one has visited Lockhart since being admitted to St. Mungo’s.
  • I forgot how terrible Neville’s grandmother is. She says how Neville doesn’t have his father’s talents.
  • Neville’s grandmother accuses Neville of being ashamed of his parents. She proceeds to tell the group how they were Aurors and they were tortured.
  • Alice Longbottom gives Neville one of her bubblegum wrappers to which Neville sadly puts the wrapper in his pocket.
  • Sirius and Snape have a huge fight which leads to Sirius pulling out his wand and Harry getting in the middle. It’s rather immature that a fifteen-year-old boy has to get between them.
  • Legilimency is the ability to extract feelings and memories from another person’s mind. Occlumency helps protect someone from that.
  • Being skilled in legilimency doesn’t mean someone can read minds, but rather know if someone is lying to them.
  • Someone usually has to make eye contact with them in order to use Legilimency.
  • Hogwarts has protections that protect student’s minds from outside sources.
  • Resisting Legilimency is similar to resisting the Imperious Curse.
  • The spell is Legilimens.
  • Harry starts randomly laughing as he is on his way to his bed. It’s because Voldemort is really happy and it caused Harry to feel that way too.
  • There was the murder of Broderick Bode. He was injured at the Department of Mysteries, someone delivered him Devi’s Snare to his bedside where it strangled him. Harry met him talking to Arthur Weasley and Ron remembers his dad talking about him.
  • The prisoners breaking out of Azkaban has swayed how people view Harry’s story of Voldemort’s return. The Ministry seems unorganized with how they are dealing with the prison break out.
  • The breakout motivates Neville to improve on his spells. He is the one who learns the spells the quickest aside from Hermione.
  • Wood was recruited into professional Quidditch by Puddlemore United.
  • Cho always wants to talk about Cedric and she asks Harry about whether he asked about her before he died.
  • Hermione writes to Rita Skeeter and brings Luna with her. They plan on writing Harry’s side of the story in the Quibbler (I forgot about that.)
  • Ginny would steal Fred and George’s brooms when she was six.
  • Ginny caught the snitch in their game against Hufflepuff, but they still lost because Ron let in so many goals. Angelina was hit in the mouth with a bludger.
  • Harry in the Quibbler article named Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle’s father’s as current Death Eaters.
  • Bode (the man who was murdered from St. Mungo’s was under the Imperious Curse by Lucius Malfoy (I believe he learns this from a dream by Voldemort)
  • Dumbledore hires Firenze, a centaur, to replace Trelawny after she’s sacked by Umbridge.
  • Dobby warns Harry that Umbridge knows about Dumbledore’s Army. In the book, only Harry is caught instead of the whole DA.
  • Marietta was the snitch and she was horribly disfigured from these purple pus filled blemishes on her skin.
  • Umbridge grabs Marietta and shakes her which prompts Dumbledore to pull out his wand. Go Dumbledore.
  • Dumbledore gloating Fudge “I could break out, of course, but what a waste of time.” This is a reference to being put away in Azkaban.
  • I wish in the movie they kept the part where Dumbledore hexed Fudge and Umbridge.
  • Umbridge invites Harry up to her office to ask about Sirius Black. She makes it very clear he knows where he is.
  • Harry makes it clear to Cho that he doesn’t have any sympathy for Marietta and what Hermione did was justified.
  • When James Potter curses Snape, Snape cursed back at James causing a huge gash to leak with blood.
  • James says he will stop bullying Snape if Lily goes out with him (which is really gross manipulation).
  • Snape calls Lily a mudblood after she defends him.
  • Harry uses Umbridge’s floo powder fire place after Fred and George cause a distraction. This allows Harry to talk to Sirius and Lupin about his father.
  • Lily dated James in their seventh year.
  • Both Lupin and Sirius are upset that Snape discontinued Occlumency lessons.
  • Fred and George were going to be whipped by Umbridge and this was the moment they leave school (not during exams like in the movie.)
  • OMG someone let a hairy sprouted Niffler into Umbridge’s office where it tried to eat her rings.
  • Students would use Fred and George’s stuff to vomit to get out of Umbridge’s classroom.
  • Peeves even starts wreaking havoc and the professors do nothing to stop him.
  • Harry (after Fred and George leave Hogwarts) admits to Ron and Hermione he gave them the gold to open the shop.
  • During the Quidditch match with Ravenclaw vs. Gryffindor is when Hagrid allows Harry and Hermione to meet Grawp.
  • Umbridge thinks Hagrid put the Niffler in her office (which he didn’t).
  • Hagrid ended up saving Firenze’s life from the other centaurs, therefore he is not welcomed in the Forbidden Forest.
  • Ron won the Gryffindor Quidditch Cup in their fifth year.
  • A second niffler was let into Umbridge’s office, lovely.
  • While taking their astronomy exam, Umbridge brings people to Hagrid’s cabin where they attempt to hex him. They also hex Fang. When McGonagall comes to Hagrid’s aid, they hex her too.
  • A Giant’s blood makes it tough to stun them.
  • Lee Jordan admits he was the one who put the Niffler’s in Umbridge’s office (not Hagrid). He admits it because he felt bad that Hagrid took the fall for that.
  • After Harry’s first Sirius dream, he tries to find Professor McGonagall, but she is at St. Mungo’s recovering from the stunning spells she received trying to come to Hagrid’s aid.
  • Before they go to the Department of Mysteries, they attempt to contact Sirius in Umbridge’s office.
  • When they get in trouble in the book, it’s because Harry tries to contact Sirius. In the movie, it’s when they are all caught after their Dumbledore’s Army meeting.
  • Umbridge puts Snape on probation because he doesn’t have any more veritaserum.
  • Umbridge called the Dementor’s to Harry’s place at the Dursley’s
  • Incarcerous is the spell Umbridge uses to tie up one of the centaurs. As an added slap in the face, they break her wand too.
  • In the book, Grawp rescues Harry and Hermione from the centaurs, not from Umbridge. In the book, Grawp is injured as one of his blood droplets drops on Harry.
  • The thestrals come to their aid because they smell the giant blood off of Harry and partially on Hermione.
  • When the group enters the Ministry of Magic, there was no security person to scan their wands.
  • When they enter the Department of Mysteries, the doors rotate, so they have no idea which door they entered from.
  • In one room they find a tank filled with brains (becomes important later).
  • Harry discovers the arch way in a pit similar to an amphitheater. This is where one of the main battles takes place.
  • The Death Eaters who come to the Department of Mysteries include:
    • Nott * stunned by Hermione early on in the battle*
    • Jugson
    • Bellatrix – Tortures Neville, Stuns Tonks, Kills Sirius, Injures Kingsley later escapes with Voldemort.
    • Rodolphus
    • Crabbe
    • Rabastian
    • Dolohov – injuries Hermione, Hermione also removes his speech, so they can’t give away their position. Also kicks Neville in the face and breaks his wand. Stunned by Harry. Revives himself, injures Moody causing his eye to roll around in the amphitheater with the arch. Sirius begins dueling with Dolohov after he tries yet again to go after Harry.
    • MacNair – attempts to strangle Harry. Poked in the eye by Neville where Harry is able to stun him.
    • Avery
    • Rookwood
    • Mulciber
    • Lucius Malfoy – attempts to steal the prophecy from Harry, is stunned by Harry and duels with Lupin.
  • One unnamed Death Eater was stunned by Harry.
  • There’s a Death Eater who puts his head in a jar and it turns into a baby’s head. This Death Eater is also unnamed.
  • Dolohov releases purple flame across Hermione’s chest which causes her to fall unconscious.
  • Neville’s wand that broke (caused by Dolohov) was his father’s old wand. To be fair, his dad would be so proud that Neville came to the Department of Mysteries and he partook in a battle that his father started.
  • The room with time was where all the Time Turners are kept.
  • Ron was hit with a curse that makes him laugh whereas Ginny’s ankle is broken after Luna uses a curse nearby her.
  • Luna was hit with a stunning spell after trying to seal the doors they’re in.
  • Ginny shouts a warning to Harry, but is stunned immediately after.
  • Harry trips and falls into the room with the arch.
  • Neville tries to come to his aid, but he’s tortured by Bellatrix with the Cruciatius Curse. This is so infuriating to me.
  • As Harry begins to hand over the prophecy to Malfoy, this is when the Order shows up.
  • Lucius Malfoy attempts to steal the prophecy from Harry, but after throwing the prophecy to Neville, stuns Lucius.
  • Lupin jumps in between them to duel with Lucius.
  • The prophecy finally breaks after Neville drops it as they try to escape.
  • Dumbledore arrives looking “white and furious.” Dumbledore is mad as hell and I’m here for it.
  • Sirius is killed when he battles Bellatrix after making fun of her. His death scene in the book is more quick than I expected. I thought I would be more emotional reading about it, but honestly, I was angrier at Bellatrix and what she is capable of with dark magic.
  • Kingsley continues to duel with Bellatrix.
  • Dumbledore groups the other Death Eaters with white ropes.
  • As Harry is dueling Bellatrix, Harry taunts her about the prophecy breaking and how Voldemort will be angry. Bellatrix begs for Voldemort not to punish her.
  • As Voldemort attempts to kill Harry, the statue in the fountain springs to life and wraps itself around Harry and drags him away from the battle.
  • One statue goes after Bellatrix and pins her to the floor.
  • Fawkes comes to Dumbledore’s aid and swallows one of Voldemort’s kill spells killing the phoenix.
  • Portus is the spell used to create a portkey
  • The real reason Dumbledore didn’t speak to Harry was his fear of Voldemort using Harry to spy on him.
  • Kreacher lied to Harry about Sirius being at home when he originally contacted him. Kreacher purposefully injured Buckbeak which caused Sirius to come to his aid. Kreacher left after Sirius told him to “get out” during the Holiday break. There he traveled to Narcissa Malfoy’s home where he revealed how Harry would do anything to protect Sirius if he were to be “in danger.”
  • Snape became worried when Harry and Hermione didn’t come back to the school, so he called the Order. Snape knew about Sirius being at the Department of Mysteries because Harry had told Snape earlier.
  • The reason Harry is protected at the Dursley’s is because of his Aunt Petunia’s blood bound to Lily. This is the same magic that protected Harry from Voldemort as a baby.
  • Hermione had to take ten different potions to recover from Dolohov’s magic.
  • Dumbledore rescues Umbridge by himself from the centaurs.
  • Towards the end of the book, Moody, Tonks, Lupin and Mr. Weasley basically threaten the Dursley’s to take care of Harry this summer. Moody even shows them his eye to properly scare them. What a way to end the book.

As I mentioned the Order of the Phoenix has many details that are important to the story, but are left out of the movie. For example, when Harry has his dream with Sirius in the Department of Mysteries, he tries to go to McGonagall, except she’s hexed by Umbridge and is in St. Mungo’s. Harry can’t go to Dumbledore as he’s been banished. Harry even uses floo powder to go to Sirius at 12 Grimmauld Place, except he can’t find him before he’s caught by Umbridge. Harry isn’t as impulsive as the movie would make it seem.

Another point I wanted to make about the Order of the Phoenix is the deterioration of Sirius Black’s mental health. Sirius wants Harry to be like James that it’s become unhealthy. Molly is right when she argues with Sirius especially about whether to give Harry the original “Order of the Phoenix” photograph. Harry becomes revolted as Moody reveals that many of those members were murdered shortly thereafter. Harry is only fifteen years old, he’s still a child. 

The Order of the Phoenix is one of my least favorite books because of Umbridge’s presence. She’s one of the worst book villains I have ever read about. I’m glad I can move on from her “teachings” and read my favorite Harry Potter book and that’s The Half Blood Prince. 

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