New Comic Book Day Comedy Show

Wednesday is a special day during the week because it’s new comic book day! Besides new comic book day, a brewery in downtown Minneapolis hosts a comedy theme comic show every Wednesday night. I have been wanting to go for a long time, but I had been away at college for most of the shows. I attended my first new comic book day at Day Block Brewing Company this Wednesday and it was hilarious. Since I decided to sit in the front row, I cheered for the comedian who noticed me and gave me a free comic.

[picture of two glasses diagonal from the table]

Me and the boyfriend enjoying a beer before the show.

New Comic Book Day is hosted by Eliot Rahal and Katy Rex who are prominent comic creators from the Twin Cities. Eliot Rahal has written numerous comics including the one-shot for Bloodshot by Valiant comics. Katy Rex is a freelance writer and editor working on Jade Street Protection Services a comic that I can only describe as “punk rock Hogwarts students in detention and saving the world.” Both Eliot and Katy are energetic hosts helping to pull this show together.

[man on stage with a baseball cap on talking with a microphone up to his mouth]

Eliot Rahal performing a sketch.

Each show has comedians who come on stage to crack some jokes before an onstage interview happens with someone in the MN comic scene. I didn’t know what to expect with the show, but I laughed so hard I almost cried during some of the sketches. After all the comedians perform, an interview occurs between the hosts and the featured guest. For this show, the featured guest was Adam Vermillion from the podcast Panels and Pizza.  At the show I met Adam in person and he’s a nice guy who has been essential in promoting the MN comic scene.

New Comic Book Day 3

Daredevil themed comedy sketch.

Plus I got a free comic!!!! I received issue #8 of Animosity thanks to Eliot Rahal. I did a google search and Animosity is about animals waking up and taking over the world. I’m interested in reading it and if I like it enough I may pick up issues #1-7.

If you’re in the Minnesota area, head over to Day Block to see this show. It was a whole lot of fun and Day Block has a great brew list too. My recommendation is to sit in the front because you’re more likely to get free comics.



Road Trip / Back to Blogging

Today marks the morning after getting home from my epic U.S road trip. For the past two weeks I have been taking my new car around the U.S on a longer road trip. This road trip meant a lot to me because I made new memories and saw a new part of the U.S. Chattanooga, TN was one of my favorite cities I visited and I highly recommend traveling there this summer. The idea to take this road trip came to me because I wanted to go somewhere as a reward to graduating from college. I could have gone overseas, but my philosophy is there is so much to see in the country I was born in.

I’m happy to announce my return to blogging with some book reviews, comic reviews even some gaming themed articles hopefully. I also have a new goal with my blog to write when I want so blogging become a chore. I wanted to leave a couple pictures of my trip, but if you’re looking for more definitely follow my Instagram account: @bizarrebrunette0117.

ChattanoogaKauffman Memorial GardensKauffman Memorial GardnesSuperman StatueWolf Ridge Winery

MSP Comic Con 2017


The 2017 convention season has begun since last weekend I attended my first con of the season on May 21st at the St. Paul Grandstand. MSP ComiCon is run by volunteers which is pretty impressive. I always sit with the Twin Cities Geek table so I am considered an exhibitor at the convention. I have never paid to get into this con and I get free lunch that’s cooked by the volunteers for this con. This con is one of my favorites and I always meet new creators each time I attend. I made sure to bring cash with me and I wanted to show off the comics and books I purchased.

Kim & Kim #1 by Black Mask Studios


Kim & Kim details the rebellious story of two young women who hijack some bounties and are in deep shit. This comic emphasizes powerful female relationships, creates trans/queer representation and it’s all taking place in this punk rock, sci fi adventure. I am always on the look out for representation in comics and independent comic labels do a great job at providing different characters.

Crawfish by Rachel Topka


To be honest, I’m not sure if I will like this. Apparently it’s about a man who wakes up as a craw fish? I picked it up because it seemed weird, but it might be too weird for me.

Lake Lurkers by M.P. Johnson


Lake Lurkers is a scary tale about creatures living in Lake Harriet which is located in Minneapolis. I love the Cthulhu mythos so anything about undersea creatures is a 100% must buy for me. I can’t wait to read this, plus the author drew me a skull in my book!

Chapel by Anthony Hary

MSP 10

MSP 11

I don’t know that much about Chapel except that the main character is a former assassin. The way Anthony Hary talked to me about his comic intrigued me into purchasing it. When I purchased this comic I also got a free print. I don’t watch Archer, but I still think this print is awesome.

Big in Japan by Timothy Price

MSP 9.jpg

What would happen if a rock star/band traveled to Japan to fight a Godzilla like creature? Once I read this book, I’ll let you know how it turns out. My first impression of this book is imagining Led Zeppelin battling with the Kaiju from Pacific Rim. This seems like a cool premise for a book so I purchased it.

Outside by Kristin Tipping

MSP 12.jpg

This adorable and beautifully drawn book is made by Kristin Tipping who also illustrates a comic on tapastic called Evil Witch Allie. Evil Witch Allie is a great web comic to keep up on, so I added the link to this post. Anyway, this book is about a cat named Smudge awkwardly finding his way in the world. Can I just say that I want to name my future cat Smudge now because the name is cute.

Midwinter by Kayla Swain

MSP 13.jpg

I know we aren’t supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but I definitely did when purchasing this book. I was walking by her table and the cover caught my eye. I’m not exactly sure what it’s about because I bought this on a whim, but it seems like it would be a fun read.

RoboCatz vs. Thunder Dogs by Justin Cermak

MSP 14.jpg

Robot dogs are destroying robot cats and vice versa in this epic comic. I am rooting for the robot cats of course.

H.E.N.C.H (Helping Evil Nefarious Criminals Hire) by James Person & Chad Freund

MSP 15.jpg

Super villains usually always lose against the heroes, so how about trying to hire villains for other job positions. I’m doing a terrible job explaining this comic because it’s more interesting than how I’m describing it out to be. I am linking the H.E.N.C.H Facebook page so you can learn more yourself.

That is everything I purchased from MSP ComiCon this year. I am actually slightly overwhelmed at all the comics I have yet to read, but at least I can say I helped support MN artists.

Forever a WSU Warrior

Hello geek friends and blog followers! As you can probably tell.. my posts have been somewhat irregular. I actually really dislike when I go more than a week without blogging, but life happens. I am thrilled to announce that I officially graduated from college at Winona State University! My B.S. is in Exercise Science with a minor in nutrition and I am currently in the process of relocating with the boyfriend to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I wanted to reflect on my years at school and post plenty of pictures.

Freshman Year; Naive, Insecure and Excited (2012 – 2013)

August 21st 2012Freshman Year 2012September 15th 2012

First of all, I look like a baby in all three of these pictures. The first picture was right before my family left me at school. I remember seeing them leaving and crying my eyes out for a good hour. I was scared and I didn’t know what to expect. Eventually I grouped with my floor mates and I figured everything out.

The one thing I will miss about freshman year is how exciting everything is. I’m in a fresh town to explore, new people to meet and I took a lot of pictures. The last picture was with one of my very first friends I met in college. Unfortunately we don’t keep up anymore, but in this picture I was still incredibly happy that I met her. College just forces you to meet so many new people at once and it’s overwhelming in that way.

Sophomore Year; Lonely, Confused and Insecure (2013 – 2014) 

Astronomy Club August 2013October 2013Spring 2014

The first photo is confusing, but my sophomore year I felt alone. A lot of friends I made freshman year were nonexistent sophomore year. Some say that you find your “tribe” in college, but it wasn’t until junior year of college where I felt happy with my friend group. That’s okay. College is a different experience for everyone and I happened to have my own journey in meeting friends who had my back.

I did join Astronomy Club my sophomore year of college which I really enjoyed along with volunteering at the local humane society. These experiences helped get me through the toughest year of college.

Junior Year; Independent, Delighted and Spectacular (2014 – 2015) 

Juinor Year Party YearJunior Year Party Year

Junior Year Party Year 2

This was my absolute favorite year in college. I found my friend group, I started a new healthy relationship (the boyfriend & I have been together for 3 years in October!!!) and I started my new major. My favorite memories this year include: meeting my boyfriend, “welcome week 2014”, visits to the St. Paul science museum, homecoming parade, hiking in White Water National Park with a friend, Free Comic Book Day, Living in Winona for the summer and so much more. Thanks Junior Year for lifting my spirits.

Senior Year; BROKE (2015 -2016) 

It’s common for most college students to have that one year in school where you struggle to pay for food. That was my senior year. I took trips in the summer of 2015 that left me without much money. I really have nothing else more to say about this year so let’s move on.

Super Senior Year; (2016 – 2017) Bored, Impatient and Proud. 


I was impatient because I was taking a 5th year to complete my degree and bored with the college experience. I just wanted my degree and to move on with the next chapter of my life. I am so proud of earning my degree by myself! It didn’t feel like I was graduating until I walked into the gymnasium filled with loved ones. I waved to my mom as I found my seat and that’s when I had the epiphany of being done with college. I almost started to cry because I am sure in a couple months I will look back on these years and really miss each year. Eventually, I want to write a post about the life lessons I learned from college because I am a changed person in these 5 years compared to my shy 18 year old self.

That’s the basic summary of my college experience. I am so proud and am slightly tearing up writing this post. I am now an alumni and not a student. I am now a confident woman ready to take charge in the work force and change the world.

March for Science!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of marching in downtown St. Paul, MN for the March for Science. The march for science is protesting the neglected scientific research for global warming exhibited in the Trump presidency. Science is extremely important for the success of our planet and I’m not agreeing with how Trump is handling the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). This post isn’t to necessarily start a political debate, but I am proud to say that I protested for something I believe in. I’m a biologist at heart and I’m a firm believer in funding NASA and traveling through space. Therefore, attending this march was crucial for me. I wanted to share my pictures with you and feel free to comment about your science background in the comment section below.


My friend’s sign she held up


“Stand Up for Science” sign


“We’re gonna hafta Science the SH*T outta this. . . ” sign


St. Paul Capitol Building. We were within a couple feet.


I’m second from the left 🙂 


Notice my Hufflepuff cardigan! 


Easter + College Graduation!

I’m starting to think Easter is April’s version of Thanksgiving. I ate my cookies and cream flavored Easter bunny and decided to talk about my awesome weekend. I traveled near the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area to see the boyfriend’s side of the family. Also a lot of other life stuff happened so I’m going to throw that into this blog post too.

First off, this past week I finished my internship hours for college! I am all set to walk in the next three weeks. I am anxiously awaiting graduation and a little afraid of the unknown. I have been applying for jobs because I need to make money, but I’m also going on a road trip with my family in June. My positive self is looking forward to the road trip while also enjoying moving back to the Twin Cities area.

I am a Minnesota girl by heart, but the boyfriend took me to Racine, Wisconsin. This is a beautiful area of Wisconsin and I was impressed. The town is right by Lake Michigan and the downtown area had a bunch of cool art galleries, boutiques and smaller cafes. We also went to this restaurant that’s right on Lake Michigan for beer and food. The great lakes in the mid western U.S are stunning because they have that ocean feel to them since you can’t see the other side of the lake. I basically could ramble all day about how Racine is the only place in Wisconsin I would want to live, but I digress. Instead I’ll post these pictures at the bottom of this post.

I hope you all ate as much chocolate as I did and you spent time with the people who love you the most. The countdown to my college graduation has begun.

Brew House Beer April 15th 2017


Gelato in Downtown Racine April 15th 2017

Cookies & Cream + Espresso flavored Gelato! 

Lake Michigan Downtown Racine April 15th 2017

Take a trip to the Great Lakes sometime, you won’t regret it. 

Lighthouse April 15th 2017

Oldest lighthouse on the Great Lakes

Racine Wisconsin

Lesson Learned after 22 years: Always wear sunglasses. 



Blizzard World Comic Con 2017

Blizzard World Logo.jpg

*photo from Blizzard World Comic Con Facebook Page* 

Welcome back to Bizarre Brunette after an unplanned 11 day writing hiatus. My work schedule was chaotic and all I have been doing after work was finishing the Following on Netflix while reading books and various comics. After a relaxing weekend home I come prepared to write about a smaller local convention I attended on Saturday the 25th: Blizzard World Comic Con 2017. 

Hall of Justice Legos.jpg

*photo by Blizzard World Comic Con Facebook Page*


*photo taken by Blizzard World Comic Con Facebook Page*

Look at all the Legos! These are two pictures of the Lego Hall of Justice set up. Almost every Justice League/DC Superhero is in Lego form on this display. I can’t help but notice the cute Lego Tardis making an appearance as well.

Blizzard World Comic Con is a convention that offers up tables for super cheap. Artists can display their newly minted comics, art prints and cute toys without breaking the bank. Unlike other conventions that have panels and activities, Blizzard World is a con where you spend money. I had my budget as to how much I could spend and I was determined to spread that money across as many artists as I possibly could. I only ended up spending about $30 and I went home with a couple of comics and a cool sticker which I will show you further down this post.

As for my first time being at this con, I really liked it. It was small so I felt that I could actually talk with each artist at the booths. I could learn what inspires them to create art or detailed stories. This helped make purchases that I felt really proud about. I will say that I only stayed for about 45 minutes because I blew through my money very quickly so I wish Blizzard World offered more activities besides walking around the booths. Otherwise I can definitely say that I will be back again next year.

The last part of this post is to detail what I bought because that’s always the fun part about every convention you attend.

Phil Juliano.jpg

Phil Juliano’s book and Velma print.

This book I ended up purchasing not at Blizzard World, but through a go fund me page initiated by Phil. He ended up saving me this Velma print and isn’t it so cute?!

Wolf of the Tesseract.jpg

Book Written by Christopher D Schmitz. 

I don’t need new books to read, but this urban fantasy book caught my eye. Apparently there are references to Cthulhu and Lovecraft stories which swayed me into purchasing this book for my shelf.

Mindwave Comics.jpg

The book on the far left is Breakwater, a comic about undersea demented tales. Dave Branch wrote a tale for this comic with more Cthulhu references which I can’t get enough of. The middle comic is produced by Mindwave Comics in Minneapolis. I have been eyeing Totem for a while because the character is a Native American superhero.  Finally, this comic on the far left has Gothic undertones about a mother rescuing her baby.


This Avocados at Law sticker caught my eye because the Netflix Marvel shows are addicting. This sticker will immediately be stuck onto the front of my planner.


Finally, I swiped a bunch of business cards from each table. I like eyeing local art talent in case there are kick starters to support and new books hitting the shelves.

Hopefully I will keep a regular blogging routine as I really don’t like to go almost two weeks without writing. I can’t make any promises, but I do have some ideas about posts in the coming days. I wish everyone a good start to the week!