Planet Comicon aka. Best Day of My Life

I’m officially back from my blogging hiatus due to my trip to Planet Comicon & lots of work. I have never been to a “bigger” comic convention; most of my cons have been local and no more than 6,000 people attending. Planet Comicon has about 15,000-16,000 on average. Once I got back from Planet Comicon, I had to spend time processing this weekend because guess what? Not only did I meet Jason Momoa, but I also met Matthew Lewis aka. Neville Longbottom. I’m still in shock this happened. I was telling a coworker about meeting Matthew Lewis and I was still red in the face and laughing nervously. Anyway, this post is to gush to you all about how awesome my weekend was and how I’m already planning my next “bigger” convention.

Arriving in Kansas City, me and my friend picked up our passes on Friday for Saturday. I’m glad we did because the line on Saturday to pick up tickets was really long. Immediately entering the convention hall on Saturday I was in awe over all the people. Walking around was difficult as there were huge groups of people walking at different speeds. There were so many creators tabling, artists sketching and multiple props to take pictures with. It was slightly intimidating.

The first place me and my friend stopped at was the celebrity booth to find Jason Momoa. His line was packed with cosplayers, families and other con goers. Me and my friend exchanged nervous glances of whether or not we would actually get our autograph we paid for because that’s how long the line was. While walking around the celebrity booth, we noticed Matthew Lewis doing signings. We both spontaneously decided to wait in his line for an autograph.

To purchase Matthew Lewis’s autograph, we waited for 2 1/2 hours. We were getting antsy because we weren’t moving and I was slightly dehydrated from all the standing. Finally, his line started to move and I was suddenly standing a couple feet from him. I started blushing hard core because Matthew Lewis is hot. Anyway, he said my name in his British accent and asked me how I was and I told him to draw me a Deathly Hallows symbol on my picture of Neville. After receiving my autograph, my hands were shaking and my heart was practically about to explode from my chest. I’m so happy we waited in line for him.

[picture of a wand next to a signed copy of Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter]


After Matthew Lewis we took a break by getting some lunch and walking around the floor. There’s so much shopping you could do! I wish I had purchased a day pass on Sunday so I could have looked at all the comics, books and art creators were selling. Once we got back to the convention, we waited in line for a photo with Matthew Lewis.

Originally, I didn’t want to buy a celebrity photo because I was afraid of the photo looking awkward. I was surprised by the fact that the photo looks really professional. The photo line moved pretty quickly and we were done within 15 minutes. Plus Matthew Lewis put his arms around us and made it look pretty casual. AHHH Matthew Lewis put his arm around me, I won’t forget that. ❤

Matthew Lewis Digital copy.jpg

He put his arms around us! ❤ 

Me and my friend were about to give up on Jason Momoa’s autograph (even though we paid for it, but the line was ridiculously long) when we noticed the line was considerably shorter. We walked up to a lady with a volunteer shirt on who told us to move in the line. We were given mean glances by those waiting in line for an autograph who didn’t pre-purchase it like we did. I wasn’t as nervous with Jason Momoa as I was with Matthew Lewis. I wanted to briefly describe what I said to Jason Momoa while he signed my Aquaman print:

Me: *nervously giggling* I’m so excited for the solo Aquaman movie.

Jason: *pauses* “Hellll yeahhhh. Here take a girl scout cookie.” (He did have thin mints at his table for fans).

Jason gave me his seal of approval for the Aquaman movie with two words. I’m pumped to see it in theaters.

Jason Momoa autograph


After Jason Momoa, me and my friend were exhausted, so we called an uber and changed out of our Hogwarts Student cosplays and had a beer with food. Overall it was one of the best conventions I attended. Usually, I attend smaller conventions, but this one was a nice change of pace. I’m not sure how I would feel attending NYCC or San Diego because I was overwhelmed at the hordes of people all around me. In general, I’m open to attending larger conventions because Planet Comicon was great. Plus I can now say I met Aquaman and Neville Longbottom in real life.







February Goals

I decided to take a break from goal setting in the month of January. I don’t really like setting “New Year’s Resolutions” because often whatever goal I set, I abandon within a month anyway. Now that January is over and done with, I wanted to talk about my month of February with a new set of goals waiting to be met.

Set a budget for Planet Comicon

I always spend too much money at conventions because I love to buy new comics, art and more. I haven’t decided how much spending money I will actually bring, but I’m going to set a budget for sure. Usually I bring cash with me so once I spend whatever I have in cash, I’m done. This seems to work for me at most conventions, but I think I’m planning on bringing at least $80. I did look at the exhibitor listing before the convention and Tee Turtle is one of them and I love their t-shirts so honestly, this is going to be tough for me.

Work at Steamship at least once per month.

Kyoto Drip

Making Kyoto Drip Coffee

Steamship Coffee & Tea is the coffee shop I work at in Minneapolis which by the way is the coolest coffee shop in Minneapolis. My goal is to work there at least once per month. I’m their emergency barista in case someone needs time off or is too sick to come to work. I like it because I can set my own hours and choose shifts that work for me. Did I also mention my coffee shop is in the same space as Universe Games ? I can stock up on my board game needs while earning money making lattes.

Play D&D at least once this month.

I’m a part of an all female D&D group on Facebook and I haven’t once gone to a role playing session. I usually justify it because I have to meal prep on Sunday or go to the gym. I need to cut out the excuses and just go for a couple hours because I know I would have fun.

Read one book & one comic book this month.

I still have Paper Girls Volume #3, Saga Volume #2 and Madame Xanadu to read along with a pile of books. I want to set the bar low for this one because I do end up getting busy in between work. I have been better at reading before bed and I bring a book to read on my lunch break. So much to read and so little time to do it.

Happy February everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day and whatever else happens in this month.

Athena, my beautiful kitty

Ever since moving into my own apartment in August of 2017, I had bugged the boyfriend about adopting a kitty. I missed having an animal around since both of my kitties I had growing up passed away a year and a half ago. The boyfriend assured me would start “shopping” for a kitty after Christmas since he had to travel to Milwaukee for the holiday. Compatibility was important for us, we wouldn’t adopt a kitty we didn’t believe would be a good fit for us. December 27th we visited Feline Rescue Inc.  which is a volunteer run no-kill shelter specifically for cats. There were multiple rooms with kitties wandering around freely while other kitties sitting in their assigned cages. Athena was in a cage and actually wasn’t able to be adopted right when we fell in love with her. She needed a vet check up first and if all went well, we could adopt her. Athena was loving right away because we would hold our fingers to her cage and she would purr as she rubbed her head against them. We stopped back into the shelter again on Sunday, December 31st to see if she was available and she was! We filled out her adoption paperwork then and picked her up on Wednesday January 3rd! I’m going to share all the cute pictures I took of her.


Athena our new kitty!

This above picture is the first picture I took of her. She was still at Feline Rescue Inc at this point in time. She’s a gorgeous tabby kitty. This is my first time owning a grey tabby; my two other kitties were a calico and an orange kitty.

Athena End Table 2.jpg

Her favorite hiding spots so far are underneath the end table, laying on the floor of my closet onto of my suitcase and in the closet with all of our bath towels.

Sleepy Kitty.jpg

Athena is a pretty needy kitty. She usually greets me when I’m home from work looking for pets. She woke me and the boyfriend up at 4 AM with meows for her breakfast wet cat food. She is currently sitting next to me as I type this sentence. She’s a lap kitty for sure.

Family Photo 2.jpg

I am so happy to have a kitty around. She is comforting when I come home from a long day at work, she brings some energy to the apartment and she’s a stress release for me. If you’re thinking about adopting an animal, try to adopt and not shop. I feel this is easier to do with cats than dogs, but so many animals are looking for a good home. I am so glad I opened our door to this beautiful/needy kitty.

New Kitty, Trips + more! Welcome 2018

Happy New Year! I decided this year I wasn’t going to make a resolutions post like I have written in the past. I feel 2018 will be a great year because of how happy I am with my life right now. I’m lucky to have a job in my field I went to college for, I live in an area I enjoy and I’m grateful for the healthy relationships I have with my family, the boyfriend and my friends. I have a couple exciting trips / news for this year already and I’m just giddy about what the future holds for me. I wanted to jump in and talk about what I’m excited for:

New Cat


Athena our new kitty!

This isn’t “official” yet. We have filled out the paperwork and now we are waiting for the adoption center to call our apartment building. Ever since moving out, I have been bothering my boyfriend about a cat for our place. Cats are low maintenance and are loving creatures. Our kitty is named Athena and she’s a 5 year old female tabby. She needs to be the only kitty in the household unfortunately, so we probably will only have her for quite some time. I’m thrilled to be a cat mom and to have a cat welcome me as I come home from work.

Planet City Comic Con

I already wrote a blog post about this, but I feel like this will be a fun trip. I haven’t done a convention out of state before, so this is all going to be new for me. Plus the months of January – March are boring for me it will be nice to have something fun planned in that time frame.


My friend proposed a trip to NYC sometime in March and my family hasn’t stopped talking about going to Seattle. Hopefully this year I can explore new places and take loads of pictures. I’m a typical tourist whenever I see something new.

Playing my PS4

Normally, I don’t go Black Friday shopping, but I was scrolling through Facebook and saw Gamestop’s sale of a PS4 for $250. I couldn’t pass it up, so after work I went to the store and purchased it. I’m currently playing Sexy Brutale which is a murder / puzzle mystery, but I also have Last of Us, Uncharted and more PS4 games to play. I was hoping after the holiday season I would be less busy so I could play more video games during the harsh winter.

I could go on and on about how happy I am right now. Here’s to a Happy Healthy 2018.

2017 Pop Culture Year in Review

At the start of 2017,  I started typing a post summing up all the movies I saw in theaters, TV shows I watched and video games I played. I plan to do this again for 2018 to help keep track of my entire year. This post will be a little bit longer, but I think it perfectly sums up my geeky year. Here is my recap of the wonderful 2017:

Movies I saw in Theaters this Year:

  • Lego Batman
  • Logan
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (twice)
  • Wonder Woman (twice)
  • Spiderman Homecoming (twice)
  • IT
  • Thor Ragnorok (twice)
  • Justice League
  • Star Wars the Last Jedi

TV I watched:

  • The Tick
  • The Following
  • Iron Fist
  • The Flash Season #3
  • Arrow Season #5
  • Scorpion
  • Riverdale
  • Punisher

Video Games I played:

  • Gears of War 4
  • Overcooked
  • Life is Strange
  • Life is Strange Before the Storm Episodes #1 & #2

Most Thrilling New TV Show of 2017:

River Dale

Photo from Netflix

Riverdale is easily the best show I watched in 2017. It reminds me of a teenage version of Twin Peaks. The Archie comics are known for being light and the show takes the characters into a darker tone. I binge watched the first season over the summer and was waiting impatiently for the second season on the CW. It’s the one show I will watch the next episode the day after it airs.

Most Boring TV Show of 2017:

Iron Fist was easily the worst Marvel Netflix show for me. I find Iron Fist closely resembles the Green Arrow, but he comes across as naive and annoying. I was even more disappointed Iron Fist was the lead in the Defenders especially when his show wasn’t  great. If there is a season #2 of Iron Fist, the writers/producers/directors need to step up their game.

Most Bad Ass Superhero Movie of 2017:

Wonder Woman will always be such a bright spot in 2017. I will never forget the moment I watched Wonder Woman turn to Steve during the No Man’s Land scene and say:

Steve: No — we are doing something. We are! We just … we can’t save everyone in this war. This is not what we came here to do.

Diana: No. But it is what I am going to do.

Then Wonder Woman rushes onto No Man’s Land and kicks some serious ass. Wonder Woman is the movie all female geeks deserved. It also provides us DC Comics fans with hope that DC movies can be as great as Marvel movies.

Least Favorite Superhero Movie of 2017:

The only reason I’m going to put Logan for this award is because I’m also not the biggest X-Men fan in the world, so unfortunately, it was my least favorite movie.

The Last Jedi Thoughts:

I added this question because of everyone’s different opinions over the Last Jedi. I personally overall liked the movie, but I didn’t love it. I also didn’t hate the movie either and I disagree with fans who consider this as bad as the prequels. The Star Wars fans seemed to have mostly hated it considering there is a petition to remove Star Wars the Last Jedi as official canon. Personally, I think this is a bit ridiculous just because you don’t like the way the movie told a story doesn’t mean you have any right to remove it from being canon.

Podcast I Couldn’t Stop Listening to:

Adult Sh1T is the podcast by Kelsey Darragh & Kate Peterman from Buzzfeed. These two tackle a variety of topics in a fun way such as chronic pain, sex and mental illness. Every time I see their new episode appear on my podcast app, I make sure to put this at the top of my podcast feed.

Catchiest Song in 2017:

Lady Gaga Concert 3

Lady Gaga’s the Cure is my favorite song of 2017. I saw Lady Gaga live in August and it was one of my favorite concerts I attended. She’s so full of energy and made her concert personal. She told us the story of Joanne which she named her album after. Lady Gaga is one of my favorite pop artists.

Favorite Vlogger from Youtube:

Magic the Amateuring is my favorite vlogger of 2017! They also have their own podcast as well which is usually how I prefer to listen to their episode. This podcast is for anyone wanting to get into Magic the Gathering, but feels intimidated by the atmosphere. Bonus points because it’s two women co-hosting this podcast. I have considered for a while to donate to their patreon page because that’s how much I love their podcast / youtube channel.

A close second would be Ash Hardell & Riley Dennis for all of their political / LGBTQIA+ videos. I feel I have learned a lot from both of these vloggers.

Top Video Game I played in 2017:

Life is Strange Photo from Wikia

Life is Strange was my favorite game of 2017 and even probably one of my favorite games of all time. I have linked my Life is Strange review on other articles so I won’t link it here, but you can find it on my gaming section of my blog. My friend recommended this game to me and I was addicted after the first episode. Max Caulfield was me when I was attending college; scared and insecure. This game is amazing please play it if you haven’t already.

Weirdest Video Game I played in 2017:


Octodad is probably the weirdest yet most challenging game I played this year. You play as an octopus being a dad and doing “dad” things like taking your kids to the aquarium. Me and the boyfriend play this together as an added bonus.

Favorite Comic Book Convention I attended this year:

Convergence 2017

Convergence will always be my favorite conventions because this was my first convention I went to. I have gone for 4 years now and it’s always been a highlight of my summer. In the above picture is my aunt and uncle who both have attended Convergence longer than I have. We were in a Star Trek party room standing under the beaming portals *sorry I’m not a Trekkie* I’m counting down the days for Convergence 2018.

Personal Moments:

Top Three Memories of 2017:


Graduating from College: I almost cried happy tears while I sat down at my school’s gym listening to everyone getting their degrees. Even though this was almost six months ago, I don’t miss college… yet. In a year from now, I’m sure I will have a random memory from college pop into my head and remind me how much my college years mean to me.

Kauffman Memorial Gardens

Road Trip in June 2017: Me and my family had such a great time driving around the US. This has prompted us to plan more trips together in the future. Hopefully they can be road trips because my car is great to drive around in.


Moving Out: I love my new apartment. Me and the boyfriend have done some decorating and now our apartment feels like home. All we need is a kitty walking around the room.

The Worst Memory of 2017 / One Moment in Time I Wouldn’t Want to Re-Live:

All the moving! First, we moved all of my stuff from Winona, MN to the cities. Then we moved everything to our permanent apartment. I hate moving with a passion, thankfully I’m all done. That’s not something I want to do again.

My Resolution for 2018:

I don’t like setting specific resolutions so instead I will say a couple things. I want to read more books & comics, play my PS4 more and travel! I want to go to Harry Potter world, travel to the Carolina’s, see Seattle and more.




Planet City Comic Con!!

I cannot believe I haven’t already written about this already. I’m excited to announce in February 2018 I will be attending Planet City Comic Con in Kansas City, MO and meeting Jason Momoa! I am super excited to meet him even though I don’t watch Game of Thrones, I’m still a big fan of him as Aquaman from Justice League. My friend hasn’t been to a comic book convention so this will be a new experience for her too. We will be planning on driving there which I’m happy about because I enjoy road trips.

As far as our tickets go, me and my friend decided against getting a picture with Jason. It was expensive and pictures to me look really awkward. An autograph though, that will last a lifetime. I’m planning on bringing a New 52 Justice League graphic novel for him to sign since I enjoyed Justice League and I’m interested in his solo Aquaman movie. Also Matthew Lewis aka. Neville Longbottom will be there and me and my friend might pay for his autograph because we both are apart of the Harry Potter fandom.

Besides the autographs, I’m excited to spend money on comics and cosplay for this comic con. I have never been to Planet City Comic Con so I have no idea what to expect. I’m a very casual cosplayer as in I would rather thrift a cosplay together than hand sew pieces of cloth. I’m sure once I know who I’m cosplaying, I’ll make a post about it here.

February 2018 cannot come faster. I’m happy to escape the MN area and explore other comic book conventions out of state. My next comic con I want to attend would be C2E2 or New York Comic Con.



Chicago Road Trip!

If you have been keeping up with my blog, I spoke about how I was driving to Chicago to visit a friend from college. I acted like a tourist taking pictures of everything while she took me around the city. When you visit Chicago, you walk everywhere! On Friday alone I walked about 10 – 12 miles and Saturday probably at least 7 according to my iPhone.

Chicago has a lot of really good food. My friend took me to Portillo’s which is a chain featuring Chicago style hot dogs with no ketchup and plenty of pickles. Deep dish pizza is all the rave as well and we ended up picking Giordiano’s and it was heavenly. We also went to this cute little cupcake shop in the “richer” side of town. I knew it was the richer side because the shops were all designer / name brand clothing. My red velvet cupcake was small and sweet.


As far as this trip, my main goal was to see all the museums. Museum campus is right along Lake Michigan and it features the Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum and the Planetarium. Shedd Aquarium was breathtaking! My favorite part of the aquarium were all the otters because otters are the cutest. The Field Museum has Sue right in the middle of the first floor which is an almost complete T-Rex. Unfortunately, we did miss the planetarium as it closed early, but we also saw the MSI which was the Museum of Science and Industry. My favorite part of the exhibit was the human body portion and the storms portion.


Beluga Whales!


Sue the T-Rex


Science Rules.



Overall, it was a nice getaway from my normal routine on weekends. I am glad I got to see her and catch up. I am considering making another trip down to Chicago for C2E2.? Don’t know if that will happen, but I have always wanted to go.