Dice Rolling & Deck Building; Star Wars Destiny

My table top gaming consists of cooperative game play, but not deck building games. I dislike the complexity of deck building games like when I play Magic the Gathering some of the cards are difficult to understand and it leaves me feeling frustrated. A couple weeks ago my friend dragged me to the Star Wars Destiny card game release at my local game store. I absolutely cannot recommend this card game enough and I had a blast playing multiple games in a row with friends. This weekend I am teaching my brother how to play this game because I am trying to get as many people hooked to Star Wars Destiny as possible.

Star Wars Destiny.jpg

Star Wars Destiny offers two starter decks: Rey or Kylo Ren. I actually wasn’t able to buy either of these because my game store ran out of starter decks. I bought a bunch of booster packs and a couple people gave me cards to help me build a deck, but it does help to buy a starter deck first. I pulled Anakin Skywalker and he is super powerful in this game so I ended up building a Sith deck.

Star Wars Destiny allows players to roll dice to simulate attacks with characters and activate special abilities. When I roll Anakin’s die, I have a couple outcomes including a light saber attack, his special ability, and a blank. If I don’t like the roll, I can discard a card out of my hand to re-roll all my dice. I have essentially one action per turn so if I choose to tap Anakin to roll his dice, that’s the end of my turn. My next turn I could play a card or use one of the dice on my opponent.

It sounds confusing, but once you play a few rounds you catch on pretty quick. There was one game where I kept rolling Anakin’s ability 5 or 6 times in a row and I annihilated my opponent #sorrynotsorry. I also heard that Star Wars Destiny will include Rogue One characters and I will hopefully have that pre-ordered because Jyn Erso will be one bad ass character to make a deck with.

Star Wars Destiny is probably my favorite table top game I have played this year. So now your next step is to buy Star Wars Destiny, obviously. Check out the description over at Fantasy Flight Games/Star Wars Destiny. This card game was so popular that Fantasy Flight is sold out of booster packs and starter decks. Local game stores should have more information about this game if you’re interested in getting started. Star Wars Destiny is a fantastic, easy to learn table top game to tie you over until the release of the much awaited; Star Wars the Last Jedi. 





The Tabletop Gamer Tag

Two weeks ago I participated in the gamer tag about my video game preferences. There is also a Tabletop Gamer Tag floating around the blogsphere and I happened to find it on this blog: It’s More Than Just Gaming. Now that you know my gaming preferences, let’s dive deep into the Bizarre Brunette’s Official Table Top Game Tag. 

Favorite Type of Table Top Game

Cooperative is my favorite. I like being able to pick a character and go through the game together. Some great cooperative games include: Arkham Horror, Pandemic and Letters from White Chapel. 

Favorite Game

Birthday Arkham Horror

Left to right: The boyfriend and my brother playing Arkham Horror. My 21st B-Day Summer 2015

Arkham Horror is my all time favorite board game. I have mentioned this game every chance I get, but I love it that much. This picture that I posted above is my boyfriend and my brother playing this game on our screened in porch. That was my 21st birthday and I was a little tipsy off of my martini I had at dinner. This was one of my favorite memories from that summer.

What game have you played the most?

Without a question Arkham Horror. 

What game do you want to add to your shelf?

Smash Up

Smash Up at River Quest

Smash Up is a game I definitely should purchase for my own collection. I love the cat deck obviously, but I also need the expansions too. It’s really easy to learn and goes by quick. Arkham Horror can take 5-6 hours which I am not always in the mood for.

Favorite Game to Share with Non-Gamers?

Shadow Hunters 2

Shadow Hunters is a great game for beginners. The artwork is inspired by anime which is great for all of your manga loving friends. This game also goes by pretty quick and it’s easier to learn too. In my opinion, it’s never a good idea to share a complicated game with a newbie. This game is simple and fun.

Well-Known Game you haven’t played?

Still have yet to play Munchkin! 

Show off your Game Shelf!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a game shelf. My room at my house at the moment is so small that my games are piled in the most random places. Instead of showing off my shelf, I’m going to show off some board game pictures I took. I tend to take a lot of pictures while playing board games because I like to upload them to my blog and it reminds me of memories while playing the game.

Shadow Hunters

Playing Shadow Hunters at my uncle’s house. My brother owns this game so it wouldn’t appear on my gaming shelf. This is a hunter card and she tries to hunt the demons and other such creatures. Isn’t the artwork super pretty though?

Here Kitty Kitty Game 2

Here Kitty Kitty is another quick game about collecting cats. At the end of the game you earn points based on what type of kitties you collect or what cards you have at the end of the game. It was a fun random night of gaming at River Quest. 

Red Dragon Inn

My last photo is from playing Red Dragon Inn 2 outside. Me, the boyfriend and my friend at the time drank some wine and played this game outdoors. This is one of my favorite memories of Summer 2015.

Link your Table Top Gaming tags in the comments because I would love to hear about your gaming memories.


The Gamer Tag!

I love casual blog tags such as this one. It adds some personality to my blog and sometimes I need extra inspiration for a blog post. I found this tag both on PrimaGeek and A Geek Girls Guide and I decided to incorporate this onto my blog as well. My gaming has decreased significantly, but I find random bouts of time to play.

1. What is your gamer tag?

Iceskater101 on Xbox Live. Being a figure skater since I was 6, I felt this was fitting and just iceskater was taken. I have thought about changing it, but I don’t want to pay the money.

2. PC or Console?

Console! I don’t have a computer at the moment that gives me enough memory to store video games on. Ever since receiving my Xbox 360 December 2007 (10 years ago!!!!!) was I converted to consoles.

3. Console of choice?

Xbox! As I said my Xbox 360 *nicknamed Sally* is still around. I have the chunky white 360 and I can’t believe it still hasn’t gotten red rings yet.

4. Handheld of choice? (DS, PS Vita, etc.)


My purple 3DS sitting in my Hello Kitty case. I am playing through Kirby Planet Robobot and I’m enjoying it so far.

5. Keyboard or Gamepad?

My preference is the keyboard, but I’m not a huge PC gamer so I would be willing to try out a gamepad.

6. Singleplayer or Multiplayer?

Single player without a doubt. I love getting entranced into the story of a game. Multiplayer can be fun, but I can live without it.

7. What was the first game you have ever played?

 Dig Dug was one of my first arcade games I remember playing. I always grew up around pinball as my dad was a pinball fanatic. I also played a lot of Sims 2 growing up too.

8. Hardest game you have ever played?

Most games are difficult when you play on the hardest difficulty and I will accept any challenge. I remember Halo being super frustrating on the Legendary difficulty.

9. What was your first gaming system?

Technically the PC was my first system. I remember having a sleep over with friends staying up till 3:00 AM playing the Sims 2. I also played an online game called VMK which was for Virtual Magic Kingdom from Disney. Too bad it’s not around anymore.

10. What is your favorite game of all time?

 There isn’t just one game that is my all time favorite. Bioshock, Gears of War and Batman Arkham Asylum were three games that shaped me as a gamer. I also enjoyed Animal Crossing New Leaf for the occasional cutesy game.

11. What game is currently your favorite?


Overwatch!!  They just released Orisa the defensive guardian robot and whenever I’m on the defensive, I’m choosing her character.

12. Favorite video game genre?

First person shooters have always been my go to, but I have been mixing it up more as I try out new games.

13. Favorite video game character?

Kirby Planet Robobot

 Kirby is my favorite cutesy creature character. I also enjoy Lara Croft and D.VA from Overwatch.

14. Which video game character do you hate most?

I can’t think of a character I genuinely hate. The Joker from Batman Arkham Asylum is obnoxious, but he’s the Joker and he needs to be in the game.  

15. What new game you are most excited for?

I’m excited for the Call of Cthulhu game that is hitting consoles at the end of the year. Otherwise, I’m kinda out of the gaming loop. I have a lot of gaming to catch up on that I’m looking forward to than new releases.

16. Favorite video game company/developer?


Epic produced Gears of War which is one of my all time favorite franchises. I also do enjoy Blizzard Entertainment because Overwatch rocks.

17. What gaming systems do you currently have?

My Xbox 360 aka. Sally and my Nintendo 3DS. My boyfriend has the Xbox One which I use a lot. I have no plans at this time to purchase any other consoles.   

18. How long have you been gaming?

At least a decade, probably longer.

19. How long was your longest gaming session?

I wish I had the time for one of these! Usually I’m in bed by 9:00 PM. My last gaming session probably lasted till 2-3 AM, but again that was from last year sometime?

20. What game have you clocked the most time on?


Overwatch!! For right now at least… I would say the Halo franchise combined is where I have put most of my gaming hours at. Coming home from school and playing hours of Halo 3.. those were some good times.

Was Gears of War 4 Unnecessary?

Oh Gears of War, I will pretty much spend money on every game in this series. I try and complete every campaign on insanity even if I feel like chucking my controller out the window. Marcus, Dom, Cole and Baird each had their unique personalities that turned them into an amazing team. When I heard Gears of War 4 was being developed, my initial thought was really, is this necessary? Honestly, I had a great time with this game, but I’m not certain if this needed to be created.

For those who aren’t a huge Gears of War fan, here is a brief overview of the games. Sera is the fictional planet that Gears takes place on. At the end of Gears of War 3, an imulsion countermeasure was released wiping out the Lambent and the Locust which are the evil creatures in the game. 25 years later, humanity has been effected heavily by this imulsion. Cities are walled-off to prevent the decline of humanity and “outsiders” are humans who oppose this action. J.D. Fenix (aka. Marcus’s son), Kait Diaz and Del Walker are apart of this group who travel between cities and violate all sorts of international laws.

Gears of War 4 Group

Kait, J.D. and Del (left to right)

As the group attempt to steal supplies from the C.O.G (which is the army that Marcus, Dom, Cole and Baird were apart of) they’re attacked by “the Swarm” a group of creatures that are clearly not human. The group tries to find Kait’s mother who was kidnapped by the creatures.


She’s my favorite. 

Phew that’s a lot of Gears knowledge to know, but that’s all of the basics. I will say that Kait is my favorite character of the group because she’s kick ass without being too sexual. The action sequences in this game were entertaining as I’m the person who enjoys hiding in a corner and sniping enemies while the boyfriend runs in and shoots things.

Gears of War 4 Swarm.jpg

Doesn’t he look cute. “The Swarm” 

After completing this game, I was rather irritated. I still have no idea what “the Swarm” is doing. Are they invading Sera? What brought them to the planet? I have no idea. I’m thinking this will be answered in later games, but I’m still annoyed.

Overall I enjoyed the game because I like the mechanics of the Gears games. So was this game necessary? Eh… maybe. As a Gears diehard fan, I liked it. I’m probably going to collect all the collectibles and beat it on insanity, but then I will consider myself done. Now that I’m done with Gears I can devote more time to play Overwatch because it’s fantastic.


Depression Quest *game discussion*


I have never been diagnosed with a mental illness. I have no idea what it’s like to feel a lack of motivation to get out of bed due to depression or to get a crippling panic attack over something minuscule. Therefore, I don’t often talk about mental illness on this blog. Last weekend while randomly surfing through Wikipedia pages did I come across the game designer; Zoe Quinn. They created a simple point and click game about what it’s like living with depression titled Depression QuestCompleting Depression Quest helped me gain insight on what it’s like battling with this illness.

The game has an opening page detailing a trigger warning because the content in the game is heavy. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline URL is also located towards the top of the page. As you may infer, Depression Quest is not a happy game. The unnamed main character begins with a feeling of being “inwardly angry towards feeling lazy”. Additionally the character has a job, a partner named Alex and a loving family. As you click through the game, different experiences will shape the character and how they react to changes in their life.

Depression Quest 2.png

Again, I have never been diagnosed with depression, so I usually become informed about mental illnesses through the stories of others. This game didn’t teach me anything new about what it’s like to have depression, but I feel more empathy towards mental illnesses. I used to be ignorant when it came to mental illnesses because when I was growing up and going to school, depression wasn’t talked about. I think our society has become more open with mental illnesses, but I think that we could reduce the stigma that exists surrounding mental illnesses.

This game goes by quick and I recommend checking it out if you haven’t. Mental illnesses can be debilitating, but the more we understand them, the better we can act as a support system to those who have been diagnosed. Video games can be a teaching medium for important issues and thanks to Zoe Quinn for their strength in telling a shorter version of their daily battles with the disease.

Testing your Sanity in the Call of Cthulhu Game Trailer

Arkham Horror is the game that brought me into the table top atmosphere. Based off of H.P Lovecraft’s early 1900 horror stories, the game itself has it’s own world of shops and characters to learn from. Lovecraft thought the scariest story to be written is to focus on the fear of the unknown which often included weird entities that once seen took away your sanity. Cthulhu is one such creature that is the most popular from his stories possibly because of his gigantic size and fearsome appearance. Focus Home Interactive is creating a game based on Lovecraft’s New England world with a probable appearance of Cthulhu. I watched the new trailer yesterday and I’m pumped. You can watch the trailer yourself down below.

“Mr. Pierce have you questioned your own sanity? Maybe you should!”

I’m not usually into horror games, but this one appeals to me. I think what makes H.P. Lovecraft’s stories stand the test of time is how he appeals to the quest for knowledge that humans naturally have. Mr. Pierce is only trying to find out what is happening to these people and why they’re having dreams from under the sea.

There is no release date as of yet, but I’m anxiously awaiting to play it and to be scared of the all mighty Cthulhu.


2016; A Geeky Review of the Year

End of Year Review.jpg

2016 was quite the year to say the least. A couple of my blog posts are going to be devoted to end of year wrap ups including this cute and clever tag created by Princess Deia. Here is my last hurrah to 2016.

Highlight – What’s one great thing that happened to you this year.


Visiting Chicago is one of my favorite experiences this year. I have always driven by Chicago, but I have never been in the heart of the city. It reminded me of a smaller and mid western NYC. The deep dish pizza was to die for thanks to Gino’s East. One of my old roommates lives in the Chicago area so I’m trying to plan another visit soon to hit up all the museums.

Surprise – Be it TV show, film, game etc. that impressed you the most.

Mercy 2.jpg

Mercy; my favorite healer. 

D.Va 2.jpg

Overwatch is a game I wanted to play, but didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I did. There is a steep learning curve for me because when I first played, I sucked. With more practice I got much better and actually was a vital role for my team. Mercy is my go to healer character though I also love D.VA and her gigantic pink robot along with Zarya. Zarya is a bad ass muscular chick that I aspire to be.

New Fandom – Did you gain a new obsession in 2016?

Pandemic Game 2

Table top gaming is a recent new fandom of mine. I played Pandemic for the first time this year and I also dipped my feet into a Star Wars D&D campaign. I hope to play more table top games and try another campaign sometime this year.

The Comeback Kid – Was one of your fandoms rebooted, re-released, or re-imagined this year.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was wonderful. The niffler is the cutest creature plus it’s always up to no good. The jewelry store scene in the movie is hilarious thanks to the appearance of the niffler. I’m interested to see where the movie series goes because let’s face it, if it’s Harry Potter related, I’m going to see it or watch it.

Still going strong? – did one TV show have an amazing season. Or did a book series have a truly impressive addition this year.

Earlier this year I read Firefight the second book in the Steelheart trilogy. The second book was really good and I have Calamity on my to be read list. I love this series because it’s almost a dystopian X-Men novel about beings with superpowers, but end up taking over the world instead. It’s one of my favorite series I have ever read.

Biggest disappointment of the Year.

DC’s movie line up was discouraging. Batman V. Superman had a variety of issues including Lex Luthor/Jessie Eisenberg’s Riddler Lex. This movie was a mess with too much crammed into one movie. Darkseid references and a weird Flash dream? I had expected Suicide Squad to be the movie to redeem DC, but nah. Suicide Squad was okay, but it was problematic on many levels. I’m hoping Wonder Woman will be the movie that saves DC.

Event of the year – be it a convention, viewing party, geek girl brunch etc.

Convergence 2016 was kick ass. I made my cosplay which was an interesting experience and I could unwind with friends. I also met up with my uncle and my aunt (they’re the coolest people who attend conventions too) and I went to the party rooms with them. Another highlight was MCBA Comic Con 2016. This con is entirely devoted to comic books and illustrators. It’s where I met Phil Juliano who I wrote about here: [insert Phil Juliano blog post] I wish I had brought more cash to spend.

What are you looking forward to next year.

Movies: Wonder Woman, Spiderman Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy, Justice League, Beauty and the Beast. Besides movies, I’m going to try and read more books and comics because this wasn’t as good of a reading year for me.

Quick Fire Round:

TV Show of the Year: The Night Manager with Tom Hiddleston.

Movie of the Year: Fantastic Beasts 

Game of the Year: Overwatch 

Book of the Year: I’m going with Naibiter. It’s a horror graphic novel that I wrote a review about earlier in the year. It’s so good, I need to get my hands on the next couple volumes soon.