100% Video Games; I don’t Have Time For That


Last night I was playing through Uncharted Drake’s Fortune where I was exploring on one level to figure out how to climb this disastrous tower. While doing so, I uncovered one relic. There are 60 relics to find in this first game and I have found maybe 6?. Looking back at my history in gaming, I have always been that gamer who would collect as many achievements or trophies as I possibly could before I moved on to the next game. Sometimes if I still had achievements left in a game to collect, I wouldn’t move onto the next game until I collected my achievements. Now, as I’m collecting these relics, I realize I just don’t have time to 100% games.

This stems from having many different video games to play! I still have the second & third Uncharted games to play through. I also haven’t beaten Sexy Brutale or Last of Us. Plus I’m planning on pre-ordering the PS4 Spiderman game because it looks stunning. I find the more time I spend to try to 100% complete a game, I miss out on other video games being released.

Trying to 100% a game is time consuming. When I was playing through Lego Marvel Superheroes, it took me four hours to go around and unlock characters, collect gold bricks and play through all the bonus levels. 4 hours!! on a Saturday just to unlock achievements. Normally, I like to play video games for at least two hours in one sitting, but I realize I could have been cleaning my apartment or out at a brewery with a friend.

That’s my gaming rant for the day. In high school or even winter breaks home from college, I had the time to sit down and achievement hunt in a game. With a full time job, social life and exercise eating into my free time, I want to be able to experience as many games as possible. So I’m okay with not getting all the achievements I want to get if it means I can move onto the next game.

Any other gamers out there who have struggled with this?


Halt the Daleks in Doctor Who Time of the Daleks

Last weekend I had the pleasure of driving to my uncle’s house for a classic table top gaming day. Most of the time we played Star Wars X-Wing from Fantasy Flight Games, but after dinner my uncle pulled out his copy of Doctor Who Time of the Daleks from his gaming shelf. I didn’t know a Doctor Who themed board game existed and my uncle knows I’m a fan of the show. My group only got to play it for 10 – 15 minutes, but I was surprised by how difficult it was and how I was looking forward to playing it in the future.

Doctor Who Board Game.jpg

To start the game, each player picks the First Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor or the Twelfth Doctor. I automatically called playing as Matt Smith because he has a special place in my heart with his fish sticks & custard along with his bow tie. My uncle read from the rules to help us understand the game. Our ultimate goal is to prevent the Dalek ship from reaching Gallifrey before we do. In order to gain companions, we can visit earth past, earth present or earth future marked on the board. As our Doctor’s visit earth along the different time lines, we have to overcome dilemmas. This is where the game is difficult.

On each dilemma piece lists a series of colors along with symbols. This correlates to the dice associated with your doctor. Your Doctor & your companions each contribute dice to the overall dice pool. These dice are used to overcome dilemmas by rolling the correct color die with the correct symbol. If you pass the roll by getting all the symbols & colors needed, there’s a reward which could be moving the Dalek ship backward. However, if you fail… bad shit happens like moving the Dalek ship forward.

As the Daleks move, they can set off time anomaly’s which can also punish all the players. In the 10 minutes we played the game, each of us failed a dilemma so the Dalek ship set off two time anomaly’s and moved the Dalek ship five spaces beyond our Tardis pieces. The difficulty doesn’t turn me away from the game, it makes me determined to keep playing.

In the 10 minutes I played the game, there was a lot I liked. I enjoyed the characters they picked such as 11 along with him being connected with Amy Pond. I like the difficulty, but I can see where other gamers might be turned away. I’m waiting for the expansion where they include the 9th doctor because Eccleston got me into Doctor Who.

Overall, if you consider yourself to be a Doctor Who fan, this is the board game for you. I think it works well with more than 2 players, but you could play it with your best friend or partner. I’m looking forward to playing this game for a full game on our next game night.

Lego Marvel Superheroes: Top #5 Favorite Characters

Lego Marvel Superheroes 3.jpg

My video game guilty pleasure is I genuinely enjoy the Lego games. I think they’re a perfect distraction if you’re stuck in another video game and need a break from that game. I had picked up Lego Marvel Superheroes for the Xbox One many months ago. I was looking for something new to play and I saw it sitting on the shelf. I have beat the story mode, but now I’m going back and getting all the achievements which is taking a while. I wanted to pick my favorite characters to play as in their cute Lego Form.

Lego Jean Grey 

It’s funny because I’m not a huge X-Men fan, but I like the X-Men Marvel Lego characters the most. Jean Grey’s powers are used a lot in side quests and to unlock items during the free play mode. She’s a character I heavily rely on because she can fly in her bubble and pick up Lego pieces.

Lego Black Cat 

I only like playing her character because of her cute costume. As soon as I unlocked her, I bought her.

Lego Hulk

The biggest stress release is coming home from work, playing Lego Marvel Superheroes and smashing Lego’s with the Hulk.

Lego Magneto

Magneto flies around in his magnetic bubble and picks up Lego pieces for me, it’s super convenient.

Lego Wolverine

Wolverine is great in battle because he doesn’t die and cause you to lose Lego pieces. Instead he turns silver for a minute or two while he regenerates. I hate losing Lego pieces when I die, so Lego Wolverine is a nice character to play as.

Ultimately, I’m having a lot of fun collecting achievements for this game. Eventually I will move on to more complex video games, but right now I like just having a mental break and unlocking all the Marvel heroes.

Lego Marvel Superheroes

Juggling Gaming & Adulting

I discovered a new gaming blog I’m reading titled The Dragon’s Tea Party which combines gaming and drinking tea. There was one post I read titled Adulting and Gaming My Struggle to Do Both. This post just stuck with me because this describes my life at this exact moment. This post details their struggle with getting in the time to game when your time is taken up by exercise, cooking dinner, driving home from work and fitting in 8 hours of sleep. In the back of my mind, I thought about how rewarding it would be to finally beat this part in the Last of Us I’m stuck on. I look at my PS4 on the shelf and feel so guilty for not playing it more often.

Another part about playing video games is I feel guilty for spending the time to play video games. I could have been doing laundry or meal prepping for the week instead I chose to play a virtual game. However, every time I sit down and play a level in Lego Marvel Superheroes, I feel less anxious overall. Nothing is better than beating up super villains with a Lego Hulk am I right?

Luckily, I have been able to play more video games recently. I just carve out the time to do so. During the week, I often limit my time to play video games to an hour. If I have too much screen time before going to bed, I won’t be able to sleep. One hour is the perfect amount of time to get past a level or at least earn an achievement or two. The weekends I’m less strict because I have more time, still I will set a timer that goes off every two hours.

I need to stop feeling guilty about not being able to game one day. I also don’t want to be hard on myself by saying “why am I gaming when I could be doing other things”. Gaming is like any other hobby and I don’t get why there’s this stigma about gaming and being lazy. The Last of Us will be completed eventually along with the Uncharted trilogy. Since I just got a PS4, let me know of other video game recommendations in the comments. Also check out The Dragon’s Tea Party, it’s my new favorite gaming blog.



Gaming Walkthroughs: Yay or Nay

Sexy Brutale

This idea randomly popped into my head after I realized I had been using a walk-through while playing Sexy Brutale on my PS4. I had been trying really hard not to use a walk-through because this is a puzzle game it’s meant to challenge me. I eventually couldn’t figure out where I was stuck which lead me to pulling up a video on youtube to get me through this part of the game. It got me thinking, is this considered cheating? Can I actually take credit in beating the game myself 100%? I did use the controller to play through the part myself, but I didn’t actually figure everything out on my own. I’m curious to know what my readers think about this topic.

Usually I will use a walk-through video or article for multiple reasons:

#1. I hate the game, the walk-through gets me through it.

If I genuinely dislike a game, I can’t leave it unfinished. It bothers me to such an extreme that I can’t play any other game unless I beat this game. I use a walk-through because I don’t want to get stuck, I just want to play through it to end my agony of playing through this game I hate.

#2 Collectibles

I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to look for every single collectible in a game. I use a walk-through to find all the collectibles and unlock the trophy or achievement I have been looking for.

#3 I’m stuck.

The third and final reason I use game walk-throughs is if I’m stuck. Sexy Brutale is a game I’m enjoying, but in one level I was walking around aimlessly trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing. After watching a video of where to go, I was able to move onto the next level.

Anyway, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts behind whether a walk-through is considered cheating, or if you use walk-throughs all the time and it’s no big deal.


Become an Octopus in Octodad


I’m devoting much of my gaming to my PS4 at the moment, but every once in a while, the boyfriend recommends a coop game he thinks we should play. I wish there were more split screen coop games for me and the boyfriend to enjoy, but they are rather limited. He suggested playing Octodad, a game all about being an octopus and managing typical father duties like grocery shopping and taking the kids to the aquarium. Overall, I found this game enjoyable, but I did have a couple issues with the game itself.

When mentioning Octodad, I find it’s important to bring up the origin story behind creating a game with an Octopus as a dad. Young Horses Inc was a company founded by university students attending college in Chicago. They created their original game in 2011 and it was a huge success. Young Horses Inc. launched a kickstarter to create a new Octodad game that was much more polished which is the game I officially played on my Xbox.

Moving around is actually more the challenge with the game because of his limbs being so floppy. Me and the boyfriend took turns being the arms and the legs so now you’re coordinating with someone else on how to move Octodad. Don’t even ask me how we got Octodad up the escalator, it took some time.

The game is pretty short with only a couple levels. You could definitely beat this in one day if you took a couple hours to play through it. One part of the game I actually disliked was the view. While on the aquarium level, I had my limb wrapped around a ladder and I was physically stuck. I couldn’t get Octodad untangled. I wish I could have rotated the view so I could see how his limb was stuck so I could have gotten untangled quicker.

Ultimately, this game is a fun, laid back game about an Octopus doing dad stuff. The game is out on Steam for PC & Mac, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, iOS, Google Play and NVIDIA Shield.

Life is Strange Before the Storm Epi. #3 Review

If you have been following my gaming section on my blog, I have been writing reviews for Life is Strange: Before the Storm episode #1 and episode #2. This three part prequel made the third episode available for download in December. Once I finished downloading it, I played the entire episode. Episodes #1 & #2 are rather slow moving, but Episode #3 is easily the best episode of the series. The final decision you have to make at the end of the game is one of those “oh fuck what do I choose”. This gaming review like all the others is going to be filled with spoilers.

Chloe and Rachel

Chloe on the left & Rachel on the right. *Image from Youtube*

Final Warning *Spoilers Down Below*




Episode #3 begins in Rachel’s house after James Amber (Rachel’s Father) tells her the woman he was kissing is her actual birth mother, Sera. Sera has been battling addiction for many years often putting Rachel in danger to score drugs. Rachel’s father took Rachel away from Sera and is sending money to Sera every month to keep her away from Arcadia Bay. Rachel is beyond devastated having retreated to her room to be alone.

Chloe after cheering up Rachel devises a plan to use Frank to figure out where Sera is because ultimately, Rachel wants to meet Sera. This meeting goes downhill quickly as Rachel is stabbed in the arm by Damon Merrick a known associate of Frank. Chloe visits Rachel in the hospital and requests she goes into her father’s study and search for any leads to her mother.

This is where things get interesting. As Chloe is searching James’s study, she finds a secret phone. This secret phone belongs to Damon Merrick, the shitty guy who stabbed Rachel. Damon has been hired by James Amber to locate Sera and kill her so she won’t interfere with Rachel’s life anymore. Like what the fuck!? I understand wanting to keep Rachel safe, but James is the district attorney for Arcadia Bay. He can’t just hire people to do his dirty work and not expect to get caught.

Chloe drives to where Damon is holding Sera. A struggle ensues and Chloe wakes up with Sera being freed and smoking a cigarette. Sera attempts to convince Chloe to never tell Rachel about all of this. Sera recognizing James’s threat to stay away, wants Rachel to have a normal life with plenty of opportunities she could never provide for her.

This is the “oh fuck what do I do” moment. Chloe goes to visit Rachel in the hospital again where Rachel asks if Chloe found anything from her father’s study. You have two options: You can either tell Rachel about how cruel her father is or you can lie and say you found nothing about Sera. I chose the latter option. Obviously James Amber is shady and probably has done other illegal things, but I know that he wanted to protect Rachel. It didn’t make his actions right, but I also wanted to make sure to respect Sera. The other scene that hit me hard was when it shows Rachel’s phone on a table with Chloe calling her and the camera flashes in the background. If you played Life is Strange, you would understand how chilling this scene is.

To wrap up, Episode #3 is my favorite episode. This episode featured decisions which I had to contemplate whereas Episodes #1 & #2 had more fluffy choices which didn’t make all that much difference in the story. Please go play Life is Strange if you haven’t already, it’s my favorite game I played in 2017.