Bizarre Brunette Binges: Iron Fist

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Welcome to my second post on a new category I like to call, “Bizarre Brunette Binges” On this series, I will discuss the latest TV show I finished watching. All of my posts under this category will include spoilers.  Let’s talk about the show that caused the most uproar; Iron Fist.

Iron Fist is about Danny Rand who becomes a trained warrior titled the Iron Fist after his parent’s plane crash in the Himalayas. After 15 years he returns to modern New York and is quickly shocked to find that the Hand (terrorist organization that is the sworn enemy to the Iron Fist) has infiltrated Rand Enterprises/Danny’s company. The show basically tells Danny’s story as he takes back his company and uncovers what happened to his parents.

To make this post easier to read, I decided to put bullet points for my initial thoughts of the show. Another reminder that there will be spoilers after this paragraph. 

Marvel Defenders 2

Cast of the Defenders!



  • Finn Jones did an okay job being Iron Fist, but I think it would have been really cool if Marvel added diversity to the cast of the Defenders and cast an Asian American actor. Yes, this isn’t an example of white washing, but there are so many white male superheroes that we could have altered Iron Fist a bit to have an Asian descent.
  • Ward Meachum is an asshole in the beginning.
  • Wow Faramir is a bad guy and is portraying an evil dad, how ironic.
  • Iron Fist does a better job explaining the back story of the Hand than Daredevil Season #2.
  • I was shocked that Colleen ended up being a part of the Hand, I wasn’t expecting that. It goes to show how you can be so devoted to a cause without really understanding what you pledged yourself to.
  • Iron Fist goes at a slower pace than the other Marvel Netflix shows
  • Colleen Wing was my favorite character in the show along with Ward Meachum.
  • I felt bad for Joy Meachum because I feel she didn’t get the character development that she deserved.
  • This show isn’t mediocre because of Donald Trump’s presidency (Finn Jones blamed the show for being bad because of Trump being elected as president)

As for ranking the Marvel Netflix superheroes, Iron Fist is my least favorite. I don’t think the show was horrible like other reviewers stated, but it definitely has its weak moments. I will say that I was disappointed because I had high hopes for the show. I’m still excited for the Defenders, but if Iron Fist does receive a second season, I hope it will be better in quality.



Bizarre Brunette Binges. . . The Following

I never used to watch copious amounts of TV shows. Moving to college I found that my free time was cut into shorter chunks of time. So I had plenty of time in that time slot for a 40 minute episode. I’m always looking for a side show to watch and thanks to Netflix and Amazon Prime, I have access to quality content. The Following sparked my interest because when the first season aired, I heard it was a thrilling show with dark characters. I gave it a watch on Netflix and soon enough the first season was finished. Yesterday, I watched the last episode of season 3 which was the series finale since The Following was cancelled. I liked the show, but as the seasons progressed, I feel the quality of the show was decreasing.

The Following.jpg

The Following opens with Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) a famed FBI agent pouring vodka into his flask. He arrested literature professor Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) for killing numerous young college women. He had been killing for some time, but Ryan was the only one who found out about his secret. Joe sees Ryan as his equal, someone who has the intelligence to keep up with his games. Joe doesn’t stay in prison for long and it’s revealed that he escapes, but has a league of followers who will kill for him. The first season revolves around Ryan trying to capture Joe’s cult members and stop Joe from committing more heinous crimes.

The relationship that Ryan and Joe have is what makes the Following a hit series. They have great chemistry together in their respected episodes. Season 1 goes by quick because every episode leaves off on a cliff hanger however, season 2 was okay. It focuses less on Joe, but on a new cult leader with her adopted children although Joe appears in the season quite frequently, but at parts he isn’t the main character. I do like the introduction of Max Hardy (Jessica Stroup), Ryan’s niece as a fellow companion. Season 3 was mediocre at best. Joe doesn’t really take front and center, and there’s this group led by someone named Eliza. I don’t know what she was trying to accomplish because the series ended, but it wasn’t the show I enjoyed back in season 1.

The Following Mike and Max.jpg


It’s unfortunate that the Following was cancelled, but after watching season 3, I can respect why it was. This show did help develop my OTP which is Max Hardy and special agent Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) because they are perfect together. If you enjoy FBI dramas/detective shows and want something that’s binge worthy, the Following should go on your list. Sure season 3 isn’t all that great, but season 1 is entertaining. I love the feeling of finishing a show because then you can devote time to more TV. It’s a never ending cycle.