Board Game Bucket List

I used to believe that gaming meant only using a console, handheld or using a PC. This summer, when I stayed in Winona, I discovered a cute little gaming store called River Quest. My roommate got a job working there, so I was in the store at least once a week or every other week. I got to know the owner, who is one of the coolest guys in the Winona area. I was opened up to a world of a different type of gaming.

I’m creating a Bucket List of Board Games that I haven’t played yet, but I intend to. I will sticky this to the front page of the Gaming Section and I plan to update it as I play new games. Also I hope to post a review on some of these board games especially the ones with the strike out through the name. In the meantime, enjoy my bucket list! Also feel free to comment with various board games that I can add on the list.

Here is my Board Game Bucket List:

  1. Exploding Kittens Card Game
  2. Munchkin *any version*
  3. Ticket To Ride
  4. Dungeons & Dragons Role Playing
  5. Red Dragon Inn
  6. Arkham Horror/Eldrich Horror
  7. Star Wars X-Wing
  8. Red Dragon Inn 4
  9. Force of Will *card game*
  10. Pandemic
  11. Love Letter *card game*
  12. Smash Up
  13. Bang *card game*
  14. Red7
  15. Sentinels of the Multiverse
  16. Letters from White Chapel
  17. Here Kitty Kitty 
  18. Stone Age
  19. Agricola
  20. Betrayal at House on the Hill
  21. Seasons
  22. Ticket to Ride
  23. Takenoko
  24. Code Names

Link to my Board Game Reviews:

Sex Criminals, Zodiac Star Force + More *haul*

Since working a lot this summer, I have had some disposable income. I tend to use that more on graphic novels and books than anything else. I decided to stock up for the school year because I don’t know how many hours I will be working. Plus I have to pay for rent, food and more adult things that are super boring. I wanted to share my haul on my blog and I’ll eventually post reviews when I finish everything.

Comic Book Haul.jpg

Zodiac StarForce 

I wanted to read this for a variety of reasons: diversity in the characters including body type and how much it reminded me of Sailor Moon. I’m currently reading this and I love the story line and the characters. I also love the bright colors on each page. I definitely recommend this if you’re looking for something like Sailor Moon.

Sex Criminals Volume 2

I read the first volume of Sex Criminals and my discussion can be found here. I liked the first volume aside from some sex shaming incidents. I was told that it gets better so I decided to read the other volume. I found this one for only 8 bucks at a book store so I figured it was worth the price.

Rat Queens Volume 1 

I have heard so many good things about Rat Queens. I feel like I’m missing out by not reading this. I found it for only 5 bucks *what a score!!!!* I can’t wait to read this one too.

DC Rebirth: Suicide Squad 

I usually don’t buy individual comics. However, DC’s Rebirth just came out so I’m starting at the very beginning. This seems to take the characters from the Suicide Squad movie and give them more purpose. I just finished it yesterday and I really liked it. I’m hoping to keep up on this series.

I was also disappointed because I wanted to see if my comic book store had the first edition of Snot Girl and they didn’t! I may go back next week to see if they have any more in stock. I can’t wait for new comic book day!

Latest Binge: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a hoot.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to watch TV. That sounds weird because why watch TV when you can be outside in the sun. Summer is a time where your regular TV is suspended which allows me to watch other shows I may be interested in, but didn’t have a chance when it originally aired. Netflix and Amazon Prime help me choose shows to watch and I decided to take a chance and watch Crazy Ex Girlfriend. I loved this show for a variety of reasons.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend.jpg

In the first episode we meet Rebecca Bunch who seems to have it all. A great apartment in NY and she makes a lot of money working as a lawyer. However, when her boss offers her a promotion she runs outside and has a panic attack clutching at her medication. I like that this show tries to address mental illness. There isn’t enough discussion about mental illness and it would be great to see it portrayed on our television sets. Throughout the show Rebecca goes to therapy and takes medication which does seem to help her. I have never been diagnosed with a mental illness, but I have friends who have. Representing mental illness in TV or movie characters can try and eliminate the negative stigma behind being diagnosed with a mental illness.

Besides Rebecca’s mental illness, this show is about her chasing Josh Chan. She sees him on the street in NY and moves to West Covina, California to try and date him again. She knows she’s unhappy in NY so why not try and win Josh back? Hence the name of the TV show Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Besides focusing on Rebecca’s journey towards happiness, I like watching her friendship with Paula develop. Paula is such a sweetie and helps Rebecca try and win Josh back. I love their schemes in each episode.

What makes this TV show so fun is all of the singing. This feels like a dramatic Glee set in California and not in high school. Rachel Bloom who plays Rebecca is a really good singer. All of the songs are hysterical and I identify with them. There’s one song about getting a UTI and how painful it is. This just hits right home with me because I have had a couple and they’re the worst.

In the season finale, Rebecca does end up with Josh. That kind of pisses me off because she decided to abandon Josh because he was with Valencia. So now she basically used Greg so she wouldn’t have to be alone. That really bothers me because I feel really bad for Greg. I just think that if you’re not over someone, you shouldn’t immediately date someone else. I’m interested to see how the show will progress with Rachel and Josh’s relationship.

Who else watches this show? What did you think of the finale?


Podcasts, Shopping and Tabletop Gaming

As the title suggests, last week was busy with new projects and fun adventures. I got together with a couple of geeky ladies to record a podcast about Mario/Nintendo, I went shopping with my aunt and I played some new board games that I really enjoyed.

Fandom Friday Podcast 


Kayla over at Epicfied does a daily segment on her blog titled Fandom Friday Q&A. She sends bloggers questions about a fandom and we answer them. She does one final post that sums up every blogger and their answers. My answers to the Harry Potter fandom are included in one of her posts. Anyway, Kayla had the brilliant idea to turn this into a podcast. She got together a couple geeky ladies including myself to make our first podcast. Yesterday, we brought out our gaming headphones and discussed old school Nintendo. If you would like to see my awesome & awkward self check out the live stream on Twitch.

I had a lot of fun making this podcast and I’m so glad that I was included in the stream.

Nintendo Stream

Shopping Time 

On Friday, I went on a shopping trip with my aunt aka. my mom’s sister. I love fashion and personal style so much. I was considering adding another category to my blog that’s all about geek fashion and expressing style. Anyway, I was on the prowl for jackets because I don’t really have a fashionable jacket besides my winter coat. I got lucky because I found an olive military jacket and a denim longer jacket. I can’t wait till it gets colder so I can wear them!

Additionally, I have some money left over which I’m going to save for more cardigans and colored denim because I love having color in my closet.

Tabletop Gaming

Saturday me and my brother drove to my uncle’s house to play board games. My uncle is super cool because he’s into D&D, Magic the Gathering and more. I got to try out Eldrich Moon which is the newest Magic the Gathering set. My brother brought over a couple board games including Shadow Hunters. I don’t want to talk too much about the game because I want to make a separate post about my review. It was super fun and quick though and I’m glad I got to play it.

If anyone is a podcast expert, I would love your hints so leave those in the comments. Also I am always looking for new tabletop games to try so leave those in the comments too!:)

Suicide Squad: Fun and Problematic.

Last weekend, I was one of many who paid for a movie ticket to see Suicide Squad. This was the summer movie that looked the coolest and the most fun to watch. I hoped that this would be the epic showdown DC needed to relaunch their movies. Unfortunately, Suicide Squad is far from perfect. I loved watching it in theaters, but I had some problems with the final outcome. That being said, I wanted to quickly recap what I loved and just despised about this movie.

Adored. . . 

  • Harley Quinn! I was initially taken back by her outfit, but I thought Margot Robbie was the perfect choice! She had Harley’s accent nailed down and her demeanor as well.
  • The Suicide Squad soundtrack! I love every song including “Wreck Havoc” and “Gangsta” The soundtrack is fun and really upbeat. I included some of the songs on my workout playlist and I can’t wait to lift to the soundtrack.
  • Viola Davis was the perfect choice for Amanda Waller. The film does a good job at establishing her character and her brutality.
  • The appearance of the Flash and Batman! I didn’t expect the Flash to apprehend Captain Boomerang, but I thought it was a nice addition to the movie to help prep the launch of Justice League. 

Problematic. . . 

  • Where was Katanna in the movie? She barely talked and maybe had two fight sequences. Seriously Katanna is such a cool character with the sword that captures souls. There should have been more of her, shame on you DC.
  • Killing Slipnot was incredibly stupid. Why introduce the character in the first place? They could have demonstrated the effect of their bomb on a dummy or something, but no let’s throw the only Native American actor in the film under the bus because why not?
  • Rick Flagg/June Moon/Love Story is kinda silly.
  • The movie felt like a Deadshot and Harley Quinn movie instead of a Suicide Squad movieThey introduced characters who didn’t have a presence in the movie, like Killer Croc and Katanna *see above*

One of the biggest excuses I hear is “Oh the movie was two hours there was no way to introduce that many characters”. Why include that many in the first place then? Also let’s take a look at Guardians of the Galaxy.  Guardians introduces characters I was unfamiliar with and one of the characters only speaks three words throughout the entire film. There is no excuse that Suicide Squad couldn’t have done the same thing. DC has a long way to go with their movies, but I’m still going to be in the front row of every film hoping that this one will be faithful to comics and the fans.



Retro Gaming: Carmen Sandiego, the most stylish criminal.

Carmen Sandiego.jpg

My gaming section has been really lacking. I still need to get past the final Joker boss battle on Batman Arkham Asylum on hard and he’s kicking my ass. Unfortunately, the boyfriend has his Xbox One at my apartment at college and I haven’t been able to play this summer. Also I got Overwatch for my birthday so I’m super excited about being able to play it. Anyway, I decided to write about more retro games that led to me becoming the devoted gamer that I am today. So let’s talk about the most stylish video game criminal I know; Carmen Sandiego.

Carmen Sandiego was a criminal who would be up to these really extreme schemes. She’s the ringleader of the criminal organization called V.I.L.E. In every game, you’re an agent to the A.C.M.E Detective Agency assigned to track Carmen around the world. The games don’t really go into what Carmen’s objective is, but I always assumed it was world domination. Carmen is stylish as I mentioned earlier as she always wears her red trench coat and her red hat. It’s her signature look and it’s always what you want to look for when you want to capture her.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.jpg

The Carmen Sandiego games are unique because they were meant to be educational. The gaming company Broderbund wanted to create a fun educational game. They succeeded because I learned about math, english & grammar and more. I still play this game every once in a while and I love playing the games still.

My favorite Carmen Sandiego game was Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. It was so fun traveling to different locations and capturing other criminals from V.I.L.E. Truthfully I have probably beat this game at least 10 times. I also really enjoyed Where in the U.S.A is Carmen Sandiego. Learning about the United States was kinda fun. I still remember some random fact that I learned from a Carmen Sandiego game.

Carmen Sandiego Comic Series.jpg

Did I mention she was in a comic series by DC in the 90’s?

I’m not sure where you can find a copy of a Carmen Sandiego game. I have the really old CD rom discs for my HP laptop from the early 2000’s. I searched Steam and I can’t find any of the older Carmen games. That’s rather unfortunate because Carmen Sandiego is a really cool female character and I wish she was still relevant. Regardless, I will always have fond memories of the Carmen Sandiego games. I wouldn’t be the gamer I am today without trying to attempt to capture Carmen in Egypt.

Suicide Squad Merch *Wish List*

To say that I’m pumped for Suicide Squad is an understatement. I love Harley Quinn so much! She’s one of my favorite villains in the Batman/DC Universe because of her unique backstory and her relationship with the Joker. At first I hated Harley Quinn’s look. I thought it was too sexualized for a super hero villain movie and I didn’t like her blue pig tails. However, after further release of trailers I have started to warm up to her. Anyway, I did some browsing and I wanted to list my favorite Suicide Squad merchandise that’s totally on my wishlist besides seeing the movie this weekend

Harley Quinn Pop Funko

Harley Quinn funko.jpg


I have the Batman Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn pop figure so I feel like this would really fit in with my collection. I love that Suicide Squad will look at her back story and how she and the Joker got together.

Suicide Squad Blind Boxes

Suicide Squad Blind Box

Of course I want the Harley one, but I also was eyeing Enchantress and the Joker too. Also Katana because I want all of the female characters. On the midtown comics website they are listed as $1.49 cents each which is pretty cheap.

Daddy’s Little Monster T-Shirt

Daddy's Little Monster

I swear this is the last Harley Quinn item on this list. I love Hello Kitty and Harley Quinn so this t-shirt just needs to get into my closet. It’s so freaking cute.😛

Suicide Squad ReBirth Issue #1

Suicide Squad ReBirth.jpg

Not necessarily movie related, but I had to include the new Rebirth on this list. It seems like it’s based more off the movie and I think I will like ReBirth more versus the new 52.

Katana Figure

Katana Statue

Katana is another character I’m looking forward to see in the film because I loved her run in Arrow. I think her character is a bad ass and she will fit well in the movie. This figure is so detailed though I don’t have $154 for an action figure at the moment. Still she looks cool.

Enchantress Tank Top 

Enchantress Tank Top.jpg

I love the design on this tank top! I love that it takes the movie poster artwork and putting it on a tank top. It’s around 40 dollars so if I really love the movie, I’ll buy this.

Anyone else as pumped as I am for Suicide Squad!? 



5 Harry Potter Deaths that Broke Me

Potter Month

Sadly this is my only Harry Potter post in Harry Potter month. Harry Potter allowed me the chance to love so many different characters that when some of them passed, I was obviously super sad about it. Some deaths though really shook me to the core and I wanted to share the Harry Potter deaths that impacted me the most.

Professor Snape 

Professor Snape GIF

“Always” That word will always remind me of Snape and his tragic story into becoming a secret double agent. Imagine how he not only has to kill Dumbledore and be hated by everyone even though he was good all along. He betrays anyone at Hogwarts that he was even remotely close with. His story is so tragic because Harry finds out at the end of his life just how good Snape actually was. Plus the fact that Lily falls in love with the man who completely terrorized Snape is just heartbreaking. I get weepy every time Snape’s story is told in Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Sirius Black 

Sirius Black

Sirius Black’s death was actually something I predicted when reading the Order of the Phoenix. I remember J.K Rowling mentioning a major character was going to die and my family making a bet on who it would be. I predicted Sirius and I hated that I was right. The only bit of Harry’s family that he has left is just viciously taken from him. Sirius was the only chance Harry had to be removed from the Dursley’s abusive home. That dream ended thanks to Bellatrix.


Dobby Harry Potter.jpg

Dobby was such an adorable. . . menace. He made Harry’s life hell in the Chamber of Secrets, but deep down his intentions were sweet. Without Dobby, Hermione would have been killed by Bellatrix probably and Voldemort could have won the battle. Dobby plays such a great part in this series so his death *again Bellatrix, that evil witch* is more heart breaking. His soul was so innocent and it’s sad how mistreated he was when he belonged to the Malfoy’s. I think the movie played out this scene beautifully.

Professor Lupin

Remus Lupin gif

Professor Lupin was probably my favorite part of the Prisoner of Azkaban aside from the time turner necklace that Hermione owns. Lupin taught Harry in a way no other professor had. He called Harry out when he was reckless and became one of Harry’s closest allies. It always makes me sad to think that Teddy won’t have his parents. I know what it’s like to grow up without a father figure and it’s a hard thing to go through. Lupin’s story is so incredibly tragic. I wished he made it to the end.

Neville’s Parents

Neville's Parents.gif

So yes, technically Neville’s parents are alive. Are they really though? They were tortured into insanity and to me, they died that day. They stuck to the order and endured Bellatrix’s harsh cruelty *there really is no end to Bellatrix’s awful deeds* I think what makes this so sad is the fact that they are still living, but without the sanity to interact with Neville.

What deaths in the Harry Potter franchise impacted you the most?